Cowboys Not Interested In Trading For Jets’ Jamal Adams?

The Cowboys aren’t currently interested in trading for Jets star Jamal Adams, Calvin Watkins of the Dallas News tweets. The Cowboys have long been connected to Adams, but it sounds like they’re skittish about coughing up significant draft capital and a market-resetting extension for the standout safety.

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The Jets and Adams have had a drama-filled year, but things have mellowed between the two sides. They’ve been discussing an extension for the last few months and GM Joe Douglas has gone out of his way to publicly praixse the two-time Pro Bowler.

“[Adams] was a big reason I was excited about coming here,” Douglas said in April. “I feel this guy is a core player. The main goal that I’m trying to do right now is to surround him with like-minded players, because we know Jamal is a dog.”

There’s no “animosity” between Adams and Gang Green, but the 24-year-old (25 in October) remains “open” to a trade, Watkins hears. That’s not a huge surprise – Adams is currently set to earn $7.1MM in 2020 and $9.86MM in 2021, via the fifth-year option. After that, the Jets could cuff him via the franchise tag at least once, possibly twice, and, theoretically (but not realistically) three times. As one of the league’s premier safeties with youth on his side, Adams is understandably antsy to get his payday.

Adams’ camp is likely eyeing a contract that would push him ahead of Eddie Jackson‘s recent deal with the Bears, a four-year, $58.4MM pact to lead the league in average annual value at safety. Jackson also landed $33MM in guarantees, representing more than 50% of the deal’s total value.

From a football perspective, the Cowboys would obviously love to have Adams, but that would require a breakdown in talks and a serious slashing of the Jets’ asking price. At one point, Douglas was reportedly seeking a first round pick, plus two second-round picks in exchange.

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36 comments on “Cowboys Not Interested In Trading For Jets’ Jamal Adams?

  1. phenomenalajs

    I want to see the Jets sign him long term but there really is no urgency to do anything. They have all the leverage. Basically, they could have him through the 2024 season for a lower AAV than Jackson, but you do want to maintain good will.

  2. wagner13

    I don’t think the Cowboys should pursue him. They already have significant capital tied to Elliott, Cooper, Lawrence, Smith, and potentially Dak. Another massive contract is the last thing they need

    • justinkm19

      Cowboys can get out of Coopers contract with no cap hit. You have to pay good players that are established. He’s a back end game changer. I would trade a 1st for him and not even bat an eye.

      • mcmillankmm

        How so? He’s got a signing bonus spread over his 5 year deal so there would be a cap hit if he was ever traded or cut over those 5 years…granted after 2 years the cap hit would significantly decrease.

        • justinkm19

          Escape Season: 2022

          All of Cooper’s fully guaranteed money is tied into his first two seasons of the new deal ($10 million signing bonus, $10 million and $20 million base salaries), and his 2022 guarantees don’t trigger until a few days into the 2022 free agency period.

          Coming in with the exact contract predicted here on Cowboys Wire, Cooper’s deal is a perfect marriage. The deal is escapable after just two seasons, so the team can theoretically choose between him and Michael Gallup, who will be a free agent in 2022. It’s one of the reasons why Dallas will likely look for a big receiver in the draft instead of just a slot guy. There’s only $6 million of dead money remaining after 2021, and it can be split 33/66 over the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

          • mcmillankmm

            Right so there is still a $6M hit after 2021 so that’s a cap hit when they release him from his contract

            • justinkm19

              6 million spread out is nothing. My opinion remains the same. I would give up a first without thinking twice. He’s better than you pick in the 20s-30s in next years draft.

    • heartbrokentexassportsfan

      I’d rather pay him and draft another QB. A typical 3rd round QB could step in and win the 8 games Dak won last year.

  3. mlbnyyfan

    Adam’s is basically doing what Zeke forced the Cowboys to do well before he reaches free agency

  4. cant_teach_speed

    The hit for elite safeties doesn’t seem that high for considering the on field impact a really good one can make. Now that they have Lamb they should just trade Cooper straight up and incest in Adams

  5. DarkSide830

    they likes his resume, but not the fact that he didnt have a criminal record

  6. crosseyedlemon

    “The main goal that I’m trying to do right now is to surround him with like-minded players, because we know Jamal is a dog.”

    LOL. Is Joe Douglas getting interview tips from Rex Ryan now?

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Browns should be very interested.

    Jamal Adams with Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams and Grant Delpit.

    Swap David Njoku, Karl Joseph and a 3rd round pick for Jamal Adams.

    Jets in return get a solid young TE a replacement Safety and a good pick

    • warwhatisitgoodfor

      A TE that hasn’t flashed, a league average safety signed for one year, and a third rounder for one of the premier safeties in football?!?! Jets are gonna be beating down the door for that offer Lololol

    • Simmons>Russ

      Njoku has done bits, and would be a great young addition to give to Darnold.
      Joseph is a average safety but replaces Adams so you don’t get destroyed and have to put a bum back their in safety. Then I though obviously they need draft compensation too and thought a second or a third rounder aswell.

      Maybe Njoku Joseph a second and a third for Adams

      Either way browns get the deal done they become a top threat young team.
      On offence they have Mayfield Chubb Janovich OBJ Landry Hopper and an improving o line with Conklin Bitonio and Wills. On defence they would have Richardson Garrett Adams Ward Williams and Delpit.

      • The Jets already have Griffin and Herndon (if healthy and Gase is infatuated with). I dont see Njoku really being a difference in this trade as it would be just added depth and might not even start.

        Ill be honest i know nothing on Karl Joseph but from how he is mentioned by you at best an average safety.

        2nd and 3rd and based on paper what the browns look like will be on the later side for picks is essentially an early 3rd and 4th.

        For an all pro and probably best player at his position along with being a face of the franchise. I wouldnt do that trade. Basically you are trading for a depth piece at te, a replacement player from the sound of it and lower end 2nd and 3rd rounders essentially a 3rd and 4th rounder.

        If they bumped it to 1st and 2nd instead it might be a conversation starter but with Douglas and Gases’s job on the line that might not even get it done.

      • rocky7

        Doing “bits” isn’t going to make any trade possible for that guy….if he’s so valuable…keep him!
        Besides, the Jets have already made it clear what they’re looking for in a return and right now do not have to budge one bit on that position.

        • i agree its almost like the yankees and mets doing a swap of gleybar for dom smith ahmed rosario and 2 AA players outside the mets top 15 prospects.

          You are getting a replacement for short, a guy with potential but is basically blocked by a better player and 1(or 2 if doing revised) guys that are more role players with possible potential.

      • The Human Rain Delay

        Jets would have no interest in Njoku or Karl joesph but Odell makes a lot of sense

        All of Odells money after this year is non guaranteed so you lose the risk if worst case scenario happens- At only 15 mill per theres a chance he could be a value again-

        I think Odell and a 3rd for Adams could work if the Jets are sold on Odell- They know they need a partner for Darnold, I just dont know if NY is the Spot of Odell

        Cle offense can take the hit still and I think they are better in the end turning that defense into a solid unit

    • king beas

      Browns wouldn’t hesitate to do that deal but I don’t see how the jets even consider it. That would be a worse return than the Texans got for hopkins

      • Simmons>Russ

        Njoku OBJ and a 4th for Adams and Perriman

        Browns maintain a strong offence with Mayfield Chubb Janovich Landry Perriman and Hopper.
        Jets get an elite WR in OBJ and a young TE with potentially Njoku to give Darnold some real help now he’s also got a better line.

        • The Jets dont need Njoku and really have no reason to have him in the deal. TE is not as valuable a position and they have 2 solid TEs just as good and locked up for just as long and cheaper. Also in the trade market there are better TE in TB that they are looking to unload and im sure for cheap.

          OBJ is interesting and if Perriman wasnt included might be enticing but OBJ is paid pretty heavily and also had a down year. Is he better than Perriman definitely but that increase is no where near the difference of an all pro Safety and 4th rounder definitely does not make up that difference.

          At min 1st rounder has to be in there for this deal or have to add another quality starter with or without Njoku who really has no value to the Jets.

  8. dmarcus15

    Ok this would be a crazy trade Dak and Gallup and 6th round for Darnold and Adams. Darnold is still on rookie contract until 2023 so still cheap and it makes the Defense better.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Dump Prescott to make room for Jamal Adams. So that Andy Dalton can throw to Jamal Adams.

    • goldenmisfit

      Would make the Cowboys defense a lot better but their offense a lot worse. I wish people would just realize Sam is a bust.

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