Patriots Explored Cam Newton Deal?

Weeks after Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton agreed to deals, Cam Newton remains unattached. Not much known interest has come Newton’s way since the Panthers released him, and’s Jeremy Fowler indicated the former MVP’s market has even cooled over the past month.

But the team with the most noticeable quarterback need may well have spoken with Newton at some point this offseason. The Patriots are believed to have talked with Newton early in free agency, Fowler notes, but nothing came out of those discussions. Newton has been a free agent since Carolina released him a week into free agency.

After losing one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, the Patriots did not make an impact move to replace him. Their Tom Brady succession plan exiting May: a competition featuring 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham and the recently re-signed Brian Hoyer. New England added two UDFA quarterbacks but passed on several free agent arms since Brady’s Buccaneers defection.

Patriots OC Josh McDaniels interviewed for the Panthers job that ended up going to Matt Rhule, and the veteran play-caller was not believed to be high on Newton during his pitch for the Carolina role. Newton is obviously a more proven passer than Stidham or Hoyer and has achieved far more than many teams’ starting quarterbacks. But the 31-year-old QB’s wait continues. And the former No. 1 overall pick is willing to continue waiting, Fowler adds. At this point, Newton may be waiting to see if a training camp injury or before opens a starting job somewhere.

Reports have created an inconclusive picture of Newton’s desire to accept a backup role, and Fowler notes some around the league are not sure if the nine-year Panthers starter would be willing to do so. Newton has not been a backup since his short stay at Florida in the late 2000s.

The Chargers considered Newton, and ex-Panthers HC Ron Rivera discussed his former charge as well. The injuries Newton suffered in recent years — from his 2018 shoulder relapse to last year’s Lisfranc setback, which required surgery — have worked against Newton in this COVID-19-marred offseason. Although coronavirus restrictions are slowly loosening, free agents remain unable to visit teams’ facilities. Before a franchise goes forward with a Newton offer, it would almost certainly want its medical staff to examine him. This has kept Newton in limbo as he rehabs from the December foot surgery.

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41 comments on “Patriots Explored Cam Newton Deal?

  1. louwhitakerisahofer

    There’s a typo in the second paragraph. It lists Brady as “one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.”

  2. JJB0811

    A Cam & BB pairing goes together about as well as tequila and jager night out.

  3. playicy

    I still see him in Washington w/ Rivera, because he’s a big upgrade over Haskins

  4. mgrap84

    If he dropped his price and signed a 1 year prove it deal, he would probably sign faster

  5. nemsports

    Oh yeah you’re right. It should list Brady as the greatest quarterback ever. Thanks for pointing the typo out.

  6. inkstainedscribe

    No one will sign Cam before they can schedule an in-house physical and workout. If he can’t run or throw at 90% or better, he’s not worth a roster slot.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Newton was on the Patriots interview list right after Greg, Peter and Bobby Brady.

  8. gibba192471

    You Mofo’s want this to happen so badly. Wishing it out into the universe will not make it happen. They don’t (we fans don’t either) want him and his Drama queen ways!

  9. DarkSide830

    Cam is a much more proven commodity than Stidham. give Cam a multi year deal and trade him in a year if you still want Stidham. Cam will rebound if given the shot to.

    • Dtownwarrior78

      This may in fact be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I truly feel dumber for reading it! For one, if you sign CN to a multi-year deal and he blows, then why would ANYONE want to trade for him next off season? And number 2 (which is exactly what your comment was) it don’t matter how decent he does BB won’t put up with prissy diva ways and woulda cut him b4 the preseason was even over! The Pats are gonna have the most money BY FAR next year. Id play Stidham and see whatcha got. If he stinks it up keep letting him play. Trevor Lawrence next Patriot starter!

  10. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Cam to the Patriots is a fit, in terms of need. It’s an awful fit though in terms of personality and team culture. I’m just not sure it serves the player or team well to partner up.

  11. driftcat28

    Clearly just due diligence. This is Stidhams team going forward (after 3 or 4 weeks of Hoyer)

  12. kpak

    You want pizza? Call manning
    You want nice rags and towels on your head? Call newton

  13. hoosierhysteria

    Sam: Newton is not a proven passer! What is your data??? Terrible article. Thanks for wasting our time. He is not an accurate thrower of the football. He should go design hats. Ego too big to be backup.

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