Raiders Waive QB DeShone Kizer

The Raiders will cut quarterback DeShone Kizer, according to Field Yates of (on Twitter). With that, Kizer will hit the waiver wire, where the Bengals hold the top priority. 

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A second-round selection in 2017, Kizer was pegged as a green talent that had high upside. Unfortunately for him, he was taken by the Browns, who proceeded to lose every game that season. At year’s end, he was shipped to Green Bay. Last year, the Packers dropped him before the final cut to 53, leading him to the Raiders. Unless he circles back to the Packers or Browns, he’ll join the fourth team of his NFL career.

Kizer is still only 24, but Jon Gruden & Co. didn’t see a place for him on the roster with Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota, and Nathan Peterman already in the QB room. Mariota, who joined on a two-year, $17.6MM deal, will be one freak or blown play away from taking the field in Las Vegas. Peterman, who was retained with a $2MM+ tender as a restricted free agent, figures to be the QB3.

Kizer has made 18 appearances over the course of his NFL career, most of which came during the Browns’ winless season. All in all, he’s got eleven touchdowns against 24 interceptions.

In addition to Kizer, the Raiders have also waived tight end Paul Butler, defensive end Kendall Donnerson, offensive lineman Kyle Kalis, and linebackers Te’Von Coney and Quentin Poling.

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27 comments on “Raiders Waive QB DeShone Kizer

  1. mrshyguy99

    goes to show you , sometimes you ovevaule a player or he just goes to a shity team.

    • heartbrokentexassportsfan

      Did you have a stroke while trying to type “overvalue?”

  2. cant_teach_speed

    Bad news when you aren’t seen as competition with Peterman for that QB3 spot before camp

  3. crosseyedlemon

    The Bears will see Kizer as a Glennon type savior and pay him $25M for 5 games.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It’s amazing the Raiders didn’t build a dynasty with QB depth chart that once included Peterman, Glennon, Kizer and Landry Jones.

  4. partyatnapolis

    what they fail to mention is how many fumbles he lost in addition to the interceptions. he was horrible. pretty bad when you can’t even beat out nathan peterman

  5. Hey Zach, you realize a big reason the browns were so bad was bc of Kizer? The bigger reason of all the losing was bc of Hue Jackson, but Kizer can’t even beat out Nathan Peterman for the 3rd string spot on a team that doesn’t have a very good QB position to begin with… but yea, browns are the real ones to blame.

    • TJECK109

      Kizer had no business starting that season. The Steelers won games with a guy named duck as their starting QB. Yet you want to say it was all on Kizer?? Lame, just lame. Was last year all mayfield’s fault?

      • forwhomjoshbelltolls

        Peak Joe Montana couldn’t have won with Hue Jackson’s Browns, asking Kizer to do it is a tall order.

        That said, if the Steelers are going to scrape the bottom of the QB barrel, take a chance on Blake Bortles over Kizer.

        “Duck” should be working at Kurt Warner’s old grocery store bagging job.

      • TJECK, “the bigger reason of all the losing was bc of Hue Jackson…” literally a quote from my first comment… Kizer has no business starting any season. And apparently no business being on a NFL roster at this point… anyway, read before you comment.

  6. If he’s done, what a career line. 0-15 record, 11 TDs to 24 INT. 53% completion percentage, 59 QB rating. One of the worst of the modern era.

  7. 7kjmiller

    Seattle only has a UDFA behind Russell Wilson right now, wouldn’t be surprised to see him signed there.

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