South Notes: Saints, Texans, Colts

Taysom Hill is expected to be “the guy” at quarterback for the Saints whenever Drew Brees decides to retire, as Jay Glazer of The Athletic writes. Brees has already signed a post-career deal with NBC Sports, and the 2020 season may or may not be his final year in the NFL, so Hill could be in line to become New Orleans’ starter as soon as next year. The drawbacks on Hill are apparent: he’ll be 31 years old when the 2021 campaign gets underway, and he’s only attempted 13 passes over the course of his career. But the Saints have nothing but shower with him praise in addition to extending him on a two-year pact that includes nearly $17.5MM in guaranteed money and a $16.1MM cap charge in 2021. Per Glazer, New Orleans isn’t attempting a “smokescreen” — the club is comfortable will Hill under center if Brees hangs up his cleats.

Here’s more from the NFL’s two South divisions:

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8 comments on “South Notes: Saints, Texans, Colts

  1. wagner13

    Watson should abbreviate the length of his contract if only to avoid getting stuck with Bill O’Brien for the entirety of his prime

  2. king beas

    If watson signs a short term extension can’t they still slap the franchise tag on him later once the short deal is done if he wants to hit free agency?

    • wagner13

      They could, but it’ll only inflate over time until it becomes an unmanageable financial burden

  3. phillyballers

    I think Tim Tebow only threw 13 passes too and they ran his bible thumping but to the Mets minor leagues.

    Basically if Tebow was a Sean Payton pupil, hed still be playing football.

    Hill is a nice gadget, going to be interesting to see him throw 13 passes in a quarter when Drew hangs them up.

  4. Ak185

    Given that Tunsil’s deal is already done and that Hopkins was traded to supposedly make cap room for this deal, Watson has the leverage in this situation.

    The only reason to accept a long term deal would be if he actually trusts O’Brien when he says that the Texans’ talent/dear capital exodus wasn’t just for anyone, but him specifically. The Texans can’t just act like another team and say, “Oh, we can plug in anybody at QB, even if you don’t take our contract offer.” They made those moves specifically for Watson. And Watson knows that. He has the leverage.

    And then, accepting that, he would have to believe and trust in O’Brien to deliver on building a winning team. The money question is not really a question. The Texans committed unwittingly to paying whatever he wants, same as they did with Tunsil, by how much they gave up for his sake. If Watson doesn’t take a long term deal, it’s because he’d rather try with a different team-or maybe more accurately a different GM/coach.

    It would be ironic if, after O’Brien gave up to set up this contract, he loses the guy that he pinned his hopes on.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Indy is hoping Hines becomes its version of Danny Woodhead, who caught 80 passes for the Chargers in 2015 with Reich as offensive coordinator.

    Uh, the Chargers went 4-12 that season so maybe the Colts should revise those hopes.

  6. Salary cap likely to go down after the massive revenue losses likely from the coronavirus, per recent media comments; don’t overplay your hands, players.

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