Texas To Allow Fans At Games

Earlier this month, Texas gave the greenlight for professional sports to return to the state, effective Monday. Today, Governor Greg Abbott updated his order to allow fans to attend games in outdoor stadiums, up to 25% capacity (Twitter link via Field Yates of ESPN.com).

While states like California have mostly kept restrictions in place, Texas has moved quickly in recent days to ease many of its rules and guidelines. The disparity has the Cowboys considering training camp in the Lone Star State, as opposed to their usual base in Oxnard, California.

As more states move to open up for business, optimism for the 2020 NFL season has increased. Still, there are major hurdles to clear and, perhaps, some negotiations needed between the NFLPA and the league office. Recently, union lead DeMaurice Smith pumped the breaks a bit, saying that he was less-than-certain about the season going on as planned.

Meanwhile, the NFL continues to eye minicamps in June with hopes of having regular season games at full fan capacity.

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34 comments on “Texas To Allow Fans At Games

  1. madmanTX

    Abbott should be right there in the open sitting on the 50 yard line too. With no mask.

  2. goldenmisfit

    I would gladly be in those stadiums without a mask. As someone who is highly educated in internal medicine I can say the virus is contracted by skin contact and masks accomplish nothing. All you are doing by wearing a mask is expelling as well as ingesting your own germs.

    • juanpursuit

      This is false. Masks are proven to slow the spread of the virus by blocking triplets from reaching other people. Stop spreading misinformation.

    • Ironman_4life

      Get your degree online? Masks help contain covid if your infected with it.

      • sufferfortribe

        Cloth/cotton masks stop droplets consistently……in only the 28-40% range.
        Do you even know just how microscopic the covid bug is?

    • yaketymac

      I wear a mask to protect others. It’s a shame selfish d-bags like you don’t have the guts to do likewise, goldenmisfit.

      • Ironman_4life

        So I got to be a douche bag because you feel the need to go out and go candle shopping and wear a tampon on your mouth.

  3. Miklo916

    No agreeing with any y’all cause l don’t what really works cause I’m not a doctor. But when they tell you that mask don’t work then go recommend it. Then something ain’t right

    • DarkSide830

      that’s what has put me off the most. im not out breaking these rules or protesting, but it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at such indecision.

      • dandan

        It’s a novel virus, which means we know absolutely nothing about it. Everything is subject to change the more you learn about how it spreads, which is why the mask indecision isn’t a surprise.

  4. DarkSide830

    fine enough. If public officials are fine with it and fans are willingly going, then the team shouldn’t need to say no.

  5. nutznboltz

    Here in California we have 39.51 million people. Exactly 2,247 have died due to the virus. I have more chance of dying from a car accident. We are losing almost as many people due to suicide. Yet, our frigging governor licks everyyhing down. I wish we had the leadership that Texas has. I would go to a game in a second.

  6. phillyballers

    You can look up the assigned protection factor for the type of respiratory protection your selecting. An APF of 10 means no more than 10% would leak. Because an air purifying respirator can let in 10% of a contaminant does it make sense to simply not wear a mask? No stop being a complete moron. Then you have to factor in the type of filter being used. N95 = 95% of particulates, N99 = 99%, N/P100 = 99.7%. Avg size of Covid is .12 microns. Then you have to think about fit. A surgical mask or cloth mask is not intended to pass a fit test, ipso facto it will never be close to a N95,99, or 100. Now manufacturers state the 95/99/100 masks block down to .3 micron, larger than the avg Covid particulate. However, they’ve been tested to effectively block down to .1 micron (22 yr old research) and .007 micron more recently. Then the protection is also compromised if you use some random brand that doesn’t perform testing to meet the standard (KN95s out there).

    Something else to consider is the mask manufacturers don’t have a reason to change their statement on .3 micron filtration regardless of research unless triggered to do so to meet NIOSH testing standard. The test states the mask must filter for the most penetrating aerosol .3 microns. So you change the standard and you’ll find 3M claiming they can achieve X micron.

    So there isnt a 100% guarantee that it will block every particulate of Covid. But YOU wearing a mask around me or my loved ones will guarantee I don’t shadow kick your “I googled internal medicine” “I’ve seen an episode of House” butt into next week.

    • ucat2006

      Sooooo….masks don’t work but you’ll kick my ass if I don’t wear one? Sounds logical. Thanks for adding so much to the conversation.

      • phillyballers

        You can’t read. “However, they’ve been tested to effectively block down to .1 micron (22 yr old research) and .007 micron more recently.”

        Which is smaller than the .120 micron avg size of COVID-19.

        The masks on the market simply state that they meet NIOSH standard, which is .3 micron. Which is what every one points to when they say “oh masks don’t work”, despite testing that would show otherwise.

        • nutznboltz

          The bottom line is that coughing or sneezing into the crook of my elbow protects you as much or more than me wearing a mask. Ask any medical professional. Also, the majority of the people that have died from the virus had stayed inside.

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