West Notes: 49ers, Dissly, Raiders

With DeForest Buckner‘s asking price starting at $20MM per year, the 49ers gave the Pro Bowl defensive tackle’s agent permission to seek a trade at the Combine, Albert Breer of SI.com notes. Lynch told Joel Segal, Buckner’s agent, that the four-year San Francisco starter had earned a megadeal. But in order for the 49ers to sign off on a trade, a first-round pick had to be involved. Segal found a taker in the Colts before the Combine’s conclusion.

Not only did he bring back a first-round pick, he brought back the 13th pick,” Lynch said. “And then, it’s like, ‘Whoa, I didn’t think he’d do that.’ By that point, you start looking at how we can keep our team together. And I guess a long story short, it’s not something we wanted to do, but at a certain point, we felt like that was the best decision.”

The 49ers opted to extend Arik Armstead at $17MM per year, instead trading Buckner to the Colts and drafting defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw 14th overall. Buckner signed a $21MM-AAV deal with Indianapolis. Here is more from San Francisco as well as some news from the AFC West:

  • Lynch called Ron Rivera before the draft, hoping to finalize a Trent Williams trade before the virtual event began, Breer adds. The Redskins HC informed the 49ers GM “too much interest” was coming Washington’s way for the long-disgruntled tackle to have a trade done before the draft. While the 49ers rated Iowa tackle Tristan Wirfs rated “incredibly high,” they preferred Kinlaw in an effort to keep their defensive line as one of the NFL’s deepest position groups. Allowing the Buccaneers to draft Wirfs at No. 13, via one-slot trade-down, preceded the 49ers winning the Williams sweepstakes. Rivera called Lynch Saturday morning to inform that San Francisco’s Friday offer of third- and fifth-round picks was enough to close a deal, according to the 49ers GM.
  • Will Dissly has suffered season-ending injuries early in each of his two NFL campaigns. The Seahawks are not ready to give up on him, however. Despite Seattle signing Greg Olsen and drafting Colby Parkinson in Round 4, Dissly is a roster lock — as long as he’s healthy — according to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. Regarding Dissly’s health, he fully expects to be ready for training camp, per Omar Ruiz of NFL.com (video link). A 2018 fourth-rounder who has played in just 10 NFL games, Dissly suffered an Achilles tear in October of last year.
  • The Raiders are not looking to move Lamarcus Joyner back to safety. They hope to keep the ex-Rams safety as a slot corner, to the point it affected the team’s pursuit of All-Decade defender Chris Harris, Vic Tafur of The Athletic writes (subscription required). The Raiders were in on Harris, but the ex-Broncos slot standout preferred the Chargers to the Raiders.
  • The Seahawks, whose top two running backs are recovering from injuries, are not closing the door on another Marshawn Lynch contract.
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17 comments on “West Notes: 49ers, Dissly, Raiders

  1. Simmons>Russ

    49ers have a good offseason.
    That got stronger on the o line with Williams, replaced Bucktner with Kinlaw to keep the defence strong. They released Goodwin and drafted Aiyuk.

    Overall I think the offence will be better and the defence remains strong. They will need to replace Sherman very soon and should look more at how to stop the throw but I think they still remain a top 3 team easy

    • mrshyguy99

      actually we traded goodwin for a 6th round pick they didnt cut him and nothing against the wr we drafted in the first. but i really like the 7th round WR we got

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah I know didn’t cut him they did get back a very low pick. Ayiuk plus Samuel Pettis and Hurd is a nice young groul of WRers, and yes I also like Jennings in the seventh round.

        However I think the Eagles were overall winners now having Jeffery Jackson Reagor Goodwin and Whiteside as its top 5 receivers. That’s a good mix of experience, youth and speed. Last year Wentz had terrible receivers and now he’s got some real talent.

  2. mrshyguy99

    losing buckner hurts but they did what was best for the future not just the now. they cant sign buckner at that price and keep kittles and armstead. plus they did really well replacing joe. we went from one good OT to another and good thing he played for kyle before

  3. Dodgethis

    This is going to be how the 49ers operate moving forward. As these guys get super expensive you trade them and draft a replacement. You do it in waves to maintain competitiveness long term. Outside of a few guys like kittle I expect turnover every year, even if they win a Superbowl.

    • Afk711

      Have to hit on the picks. Its a lot more likely to get a Solomon Thomas than a Nick Bosa.

      • Ak185

        That’s true, but Thomas isn’t a complete bust. He’s more at home inside, but his size caused him to get moved to EDGE where he doesn’t excel. Now they’re getting some production out of him rotating him inside, albeit less than expected from a top 5 pick, as you pointed out. Even if you draft a great player, you’ve got to know how to use him. Your point stands, don’t get me wrong, but I just wanted to add that. Any player can help if the team uses him right, so there’s usually-USUALLY-a decent chance for some kind of value.

        • bravesfan88

          Correct, and this is why Lynch and Kyle have shifted their draft strategy significantly. Now, that they have a complete and total understanding of their weaknesses and needs, they are drafting to fit players into their schemes.

          In doing so, they’ve significantly increased their hit% on their prospects. Now, they’re evaluating guys differently, and instead of just taking the most talented player, they’re taking the most talented player that fits what they do..

          They have been taking the BillB, Patriots approach, of taking what a player does well, and seeing if it fits and helps their system..

          They’ve also changed their approach on the “type” of offensive players they’ve been drafting. The past few drafts they have focused more on drafting team-first, dawgs!! Guys that are tough, willing to lay it all out, and guys that will always out the team before themselves..This is why I love the picks of Deebo, Hurd, Jennings, Aiyuk, and Woerner the past two seasons..

          Lynch and Shanny definitely have a plan their following, and so far their plan is being executed to a t. I just hope it continues to work out, because this is a dang fun team to watch!!!

    • Simmons>Russ

      Not always going to hit but if you keep a couple stars like Kittle Williams Armstead Ford and so on then get some young guys fresh in every year like Ayiuk and Kinlaw I think you will maintain a very solid team.
      I think Dee Ford might actually be the next one likely to leave

    • mrshyguy99

      well they either try to stand pat and have what happen to the rams happen to them or like people said we do what we can to stay on top.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Rams went wrong giving Gurley a insane bag, no doubt he played incredible but RBs can be replaced and teams can find production in having good depth.
        9ers and Chiefs both don’t have great RBs but still get good production.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    “Not only did he bring back a first-round pick, he brought back the 13th pick,” Lynch said. “And then, it’s like, ‘Whoa, I didn’t think he’d do that.’

    So basically we have a GM here that doesn’t even know the value of players and admits it. Good luck Niner fans.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      …or he’s admitting that the Colts’ GM doesn’t know the value of players and he’s quietly chuckling about it.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The Colts have won the last 4 meetings but don’t let that keep Lynch from having himself a good chuckle.

        • JJB0811

          The trade was good for the Colts. They got a young d lineman which they needed & showed their current rosters, that they’re willing to spend.

          As for SF, I get why they made the trade; save costs on an expensive payroll. But their biggest issue is still Grap.

  5. Royalrooter

    Niners have a good team but the biggest question is still the QB who urinated on himself in the 4th quarter of the SB with a 10 point lead.

    • Ak185

      Not the coach who still doesn’t understand in game adjustments to his game plan, using timeouts to manage clock, or the risks of pass versus run in critical short yardage situations after losing two Superbowls because of it? No? Maybe it is the quarterback who mostly played well then…

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