Buccaneers Open To Antonio Brown?

In March, we heard that new Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady wants to reunite with Antonio Brown. Meanwhile, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians said that a Brown signing is “not going to happen.” Here in June, the Bucs are starting to open up to the idea of adding AB, according to Michael Lombardi of The Athletic (Twitter link via Barstool Sports’ Pat McAfee).

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From a football perspective, it would be a huge win for the Buccaneers. With Brown, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin at wide receiver, they’d be impossible to guard for opposing defenses.

Yeah, it’s not going to happen,” Arians said earlier this year. “It’s just not going to happen. There’s no room and probably not enough money. But it’s just not going to happen. It’s not a fit here.”

When pressed on whether he’d consider Brown on a minimum salary deal, Arians again demurred.

“No. I just know him and it’s not a fit in our locker room.”

Brown’s status with the league office remains under review, so it’s not a given that he’ll be cleared to play in 2020. Beyond that, there’s the matter of Brown’s fit in the locker room, as Arians noted. Even before all of the ugly accusations and disturbing social media videos, Brown clashed with coaches and teammates in Pittsburgh and Oakland.

Brady, meanwhile, is likely rooting for a change of heart in the front office.

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21 comments on “Buccaneers Open To Antonio Brown?

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Unless the plan is to never, under any circumstances, run the football, I just can’t see how there would be enough targets to go around?

    Beyond that, why would anyone want this clown?

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I said the Bucs. Brady seems to think he can work around Brown’s mental illness.

    It all comes down to whether his CTE set in before or after Arians left Pittsburgh.

    • Marner#16


      Likely was listening to Lev too much, hasn’t won a ring so why wouldnt he wanna play with Brady. If he can’t behave there with his best chance to win then hes done.

  3. fishy2022

    The title makes it sound like the Bucs are interested in him, but by the sounds of it Arians doesn’t want him. When the coach don’t want you then you aren’t going to be on the team.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I’m not sure sure that’s a certainty in this case. They have maybe a two to three year window at most with Brady at QB, and with the money they paid him and the expectations they have, Brady may well be able to get anything he wants/demands/strongly recommends.

  4. TJECK109

    If they sign AB it will be a clear sign that Brady has more say than Arians.

  5. Marner#16

    As much as I hate Brady and lost all respect for AB. I’d love to see it. Imagine a Patriots vs Bucs Superbowl with Brady getting the last laugh! Sure would make for some great TV.

    • TJECK109

      Patriots beating either KC or BAL would be enough of a last laugh for NE. After all Tom didn’t make it to the super bowl last year. If the Pats make it this year then I’d say they’d have the last laugh

  6. manos

    They already have an amazing duo in Evans and Godwin. Why potentially screw up the chemistry and add drama to the room? You know if Brown is not seeing as many targets as those other two guys he’s going to complain.

  7. mario crosby

    Don’t run out and buy any Tampa jersey with AB’s name on it.

  8. luvbeisbol

    For starters he’d have to voluntarily delete his Twitter account…..never happen

  9. hope15171

    Brady hitching his star to this clown is so stupid. You can’t trust him

    • crosseyedlemon

      Brady knows his star has become a feeble candle which explains why he’s so desperate to surround himself with players like Gronk and Brown.

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