East Notes: Cowboys, Prescott, Patriots, Sanu

Dak Prescott is discussing a long-term deal with the Cowboys, but the patient approach could also pay off for the quarterback. As Field Yates of ESPN.com (on Twitter) notes, Kirk Cousins is in great shape after playing on back-to-back franchise tags with his former club. From 2018-2022, Cousins’ $150MM cash value ranks second overall in the NFL, behind only Aaron Rodgers ($150.95MM). Meanwhile, he tops the chart with his guarantees ($150MM, 100% locked in).

That fact isn’t lost on Prescott, who has rejected offers from the Cowboys in the past. His camp is currently seeking a four-year deal that would make him the league’s highest-paid player on an annual basis with upwards of $35MM per year. The Cowboys, meanwhile, are pushing for a five-year pact.

Here’s more from the East divisions (and, by that, we mean some Pats items):

  •  Mohamed Sanu is “way ahead” of the curve as he returns from ankle surgery, trainer Hilton Alexander tells Mike Reiss of ESPN.com. “I would tell you he’s probably faster, quicker, leaner and in better shape now than prior to the surgery,” Alexander said. “I would say he’s way ahead of any doctor’s knowledge or prediction where he would have been at this point. Way ahead of the curve.” With a healthy Sanu – plus Julian Edelman, N’Keal Harry, and a solid supporting cast – the Pats can stand pat at WR.
  • If the NFL salary cap is reduced next year due to a revenue decrease, it could work to the Patriots‘ advantage. As Tom Curran of NBC Sports explains, the Pats currently have $124MM committed to 55 players in 2021. If the cap falls from $198MM, most teams will be left scrambling to shed expensive contracts. The Patriots, on the other hand, would be in good shape and able to scoop up those available vets.
  • Jamal Adams wants out, but it remains to be seen whether the Jets will trade him. In a recent poll, PFR readers were split on whether Adams will stay or go.
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27 comments on “East Notes: Cowboys, Prescott, Patriots, Sanu

  1. afsooner02

    Question is will the cowboys be as stupid as the queens were in respect to overpaying an average QB?

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Dak is definitely better than average, he’s slightly above average.

      • angels24

        The problem for me is that he is asking for top of the line money even though I would put him just outside my top 10 qbs. This reminds me of the Kirk Cousins situation. Both first rounders that had winning records but little playoff success. Put up good stats but still seem like a good not great qb. They both get franchise tagged at least once (twice with cousins). I don’t think the cowboys sign him, let him walk, and watch him sign a big deal but not anything too crazy. Probably 30-32 mil per year for 3-4 yrs

    • Ak185

      While Vikings are likely overpaying for him, Cousins is certainly a better than average QB.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Aha!!! So the whole COVID-19 thing was engineered by those crafty Patriots! Start the investigation into…


  3. doug.daniel243

    Interesting question: does anyone really think Dak is worth more on a year to year basis than Russell Wilson?

      • DTD_ATL

        Dak and his agent are reading the market and know it’s about to take off. That’s how negotiations work. You shoot for the moon and meet in the middle.

    • earmbrister

      It’s called inflation. If Wilson signed now, he’d make more also. By the time Wilson’s deal is done, a number of quarterbacks will have passed him, some better, some worse.

  4. mlbnyyfan

    I would of traded Dak already and taken a chance on Dalton. No way he’s even in the same league as Wilson. Dak is just taking advantage of Jerry Jones desperation of winning another Super Bowl. The Cowboys made a HUGE mistake signing Zeke to an extension long before it was time. It’s setting a bad precedent because now Adams is demanding the same. Not every team has an owner like Jerry Jones going above and beyond. What Jerry has done could be good or bad for the league and other teams.

    • bradthebluefish

      I would have taken my chances on Dalton too and look to add more veterans to the team. Paying your QB $3 million (Andy Dalton) than $31 million (Dak Prescott) is a huge difference.

  5. wagner13

    I feel as though Belichick is purposely going to tank throughout 2020 and hope to discover some diamonds in the rough before capitalizing on the 2021 free agency period. He already has a premium offensive line and secondary. He can try to develop Stidham, but if that doesn’t work, he could always opt to snag someone with a presumably high pick in the ensuing draft (Lawrence, Fields, etc.). I hate to say this, but it seems New England always has a plan

  6. beantownfan

    I hate the cowboys but must admit i think dak is a top 10 qb in the league and if they really let him throw instead of relying on running so much he’d be top5 or better.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Zeke is the main reason that Dak is even close to being a top 10 QB.

  7. jjleavelle

    Uh…isn’t accepting a 4 year deal next year after playing on the franchise tag the same thing as accepting a 5 year deal this year….

    • Ak185

      Logically, yes, but the difference is that with the five year deal, the team has the option to tag him at the end for a total of six, instead of a total of five with the four year deal. If Prescott plays out the tag this year, however, it will get credited so if the Cowboys try again, his tag will go up. If the Cowboys use their tag now, and try to do it again at the end of year of the four year deal, the price will go up dramatically because they’re using it a second time, which makes it less likely to happen.

      If Prescott signs the deal this year, no matter what the contract length is, the Cowboys’ current tag won’t count and Dak will instead play under the contract terms. So Prescott and his agent likely want to get the tag out of the way this year and try for the shorter deal. Prescott’s agent is essentially saying that he wants the shorter deal and the possible tag this year instead of the longer deal with a possible tag later (which would add up to six years total).

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