Jets Aren’t Interested In Jadeveon Clowney

The Giants aren’t pursuing Jadeveon Clowney and the same goes for the other tenants of MetLife Stadium. The Jets spoke with the edge rusher’s agent, but they do not have serious interest in signing him, Rich Cimini of hears. Furthermore, Cimini hears that the Jets were never serious about him at any point this offseason. 

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Clowney did his best to drum up interest from the Jets earlier this year, signaling a desire to join up with Gang Green. The Jets could use some help in the pressure department, but they’ve only got so much cap room to work with and bigger fish to fry. Specifically, they’re on the lookout for help at cornerback and they’ve got their sights set on former Titans standout Logan Ryan. As of this writing, they’ve got about $25MM to spend.

A confluence of factors have led to an unexpectedly long free agency spell for the former No. 1 pick. Beyond the pandemic and the ongoing unrest, Clowney’s asking price has proven to be a major hurdle. At the outset of free agency, Clowney was reportedly looking for $20MM/year. Then, he dropped it to about $17MM or $18MM. So far, it sounds like his best offer came from the Browns at around $12MM, a deal that Clowney’s camp rejected.

The Browns are still interested in Clowney, but the list gets murky after Cleveland. The two New York/New Jersey teams are out and the Eagles don’t want to approach his asking price either.

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17 comments on “Jets Aren’t Interested In Jadeveon Clowney

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Still see Indy as waiting in the wings waiting for his price to drop to their offer.

  2. nentwigs

    If Jadeveon would just quit wearing the CLOWNEY make-up, he may find more of a market !!

    • parx

      I write some pretty ridiculous things on these comments, mainly to vent irrational thoughts so I don’t say them in real life…but this is probably the worst post I’ve seen here, and I’ve been through the bigpapi4ever days

  3. DarkSide830

    whoever snatches him up in the end will get a great deal. he may not be the #1 overall talent he was thought to be, but is still a very talented player whose ability to bring pressure on an offense is rivaled by only a handfull of other guys in the league.

    • LordShade

      He’s never even gotten to double digit sacks in his career. He had 3 last year, in 13 games. Extremely overrated with an inflated price tag…no thanks.

      • Ak185

        His value is not in sacks. If anything, the low sack numbers might end up being helpful in a roundabout way, because if his sacks matched his production in pressure and in run defense then he would easily get a top end deal. As of now, the low sack numbers and the virus shutdowns (meaning no in house physical for an oft injured player) have driven his value down to the point where any team who gets him will get his production for a much lower price than a similar player of that ability.

        If you think that Clowney’s only value is on one or two splash plays a game, you need to pay closer attention to him. Every play he is on the field he either has attention drawn to him or is affecting the play directly. He may not get sacks because he doesn’t have a developed set of moves (which, granted, is mind boggling at this point) but he affects the pocket on nearly every play.

  4. Neil5611

    I’m hoping the Seahawks sign him or Griffin but to reasonably good deals.
    Clowney isn’t worth 18 mill

  5. skrockij89

    Either Cleveland ups their offer or he’ll just sign back with Seattle for a one year deal.

      • jb19

        Great comment Wagner. No one wants to go above $12MM it seems. Sooo why go higher? He’s probably worth around $12MM/year anyway. Throw in some incentives, make him produce to earn more. Have a 10 sack season and you get $3 million more? Even that doesn’t seem necessary at this point.

      • Ak185

        It’s more of a “pay more to get him to play for you” thing. For whatever reason, Clowney doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. They have to offer more at the start than other teams just for that reason. In every free agent’s case, there are certain teams who’d have to pay more just to be considered because of his personal preferences.

        Clowney won’t take less than 15, if he started at 20 plus. 12 would likely, smart move or not, be well below what he’d accept. It’s not a significant upgrade over his previous salary and he clearly wants an upgrade (and in some sense has earned some form of an upgrade, maybe not as much as he would like, in all areas but availability and sack production). Unless he signs a one year deal, this could be his final contract so it’s doubtful that he accepts being locked in for a price that he is unhappy with.

  6. washington_bonercats

    Message to Burrow is a bust: I will not stop until I get your racist ass off this site.

  7. mlbnyyfan

    He’s going back to Seattle just waiting for either him or team reduce the demands

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