Jets’ Jamal Adams Has Bucs On Trade Destination List

Jamal Adams wants out. The Jets Pro Bowl safety has a few preferred spots in mind and he tells ex-NFL safety Ryan Clark that the Buccaneers are among the teams on his list (Twitter link via’s Field Yates). 

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A trade to the Buccaneers would reunite Adams with Todd Bowles, his former head coach with the Jets. Bowles currently serves as the Bucs’ defensive coordinator and he’d surely love to add Adams to his secondary. And, even though they’re on the other side of the ball, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski would likely love to welcome their old divisional foe to Tampa Bay.

Adams is also said to have the Cowboys, Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Eagles, 49ers, and Seahawks on his not-so-short list. And, depending on where he lands, he’d reportedly be willing to wait on a contract extension. Still, teams taking the long view may be warded off by the sticker price. Ultimately, Adams is seeking a deal worth about $20MM/year – far beyond the ~$15MM/year it would take to make him the NFL’s all-time highest-paid safety.

The Jets, for now, are sticking to their position – they want to keep Adams for the long haul. But, in order to do that, they’ll have to pony up some serious cash, and get that offer in front of him quickly.

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28 comments on “Jets’ Jamal Adams Has Bucs On Trade Destination List

  1. Kevskins

    Crazy he’s asking for money when he’s on a rookie contract and a football season is in question. These guys just don’t get that it’s not all about them, their job is to play football if they wanna play agent maybe that should have been their career. This goes for baseball, basketball, hockey whatever. Just crazy that other countries got their sports up and going and we can’t cause they’re all spoiled brats

    • chieflove42

      imagine being one of less than a thousand people with enough skill to perform a job where you generate billions of dollars in revenue for companies. now imagine the average career in that field is less than 5 years and has the potential to shorten your life span. how much would you demand as payment.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Your family and the next 5-10 generations can live comfortably on 20 mill if you spend it wisely.

        Buy a decent home (300k-600k), send the kids to college (50-70k per kid) to get a bachelor’s even a masters, maybe buy a decent car (40k).

        • chieflove42

          so basically your argument is the billionaire should keep all the money and maximizing your career earnings is only for the business men not the workers

      • rocky7

        Just imagine that you went to college for free, didn’t worry about going to class because you really didn’t go to college to learn just to ball, and probably can’t make a dinner reservation yourself, yet you have a contract to play for a team that gave you that opportunity and that you willingly signed, and are paid more than any of us commenting will make in our lifetime…..and you’re complaining that you should and want to make $20 Million a year just to be happy!
        That 5 year lifespan doesn’t look so bad now does it!

        • chieflove42

          just imagine being so jealous of another man’s earnings potential that you can’t fathom how a man can turn a rare skill set into maximized earnings

  2. Crycket

    Lol of course he is interested in the Bucs.

    This guy is ruining his credibility. Its becoming more and more clear that he wants out not because of money, but because he wants to quit on his team and get an easy ride to a title.

      • Crycket

        And just about everyone s*** on Durant for doing so, and rightfully so. Just like LeBron with the Heat.

      • Crycket

        Yeah? Then wait until free agency and get your agent to call whatever super team you want.

  3. Cosmodogs

    Unless there are major stipulations in the contract, with very little to no $ upfront(signing bonus), I have no idea how any of the teams could, presently, sign a player(s) to these big long term contracts. I have always been on the side that this Covid virus thing would work itself out, but as of right now, nobody knows:
    – if there will even be a ‘20 season
    – how many, for how long(?), or if any fans will be allowed in the stadiums
    – if we even have a season whether it will be suspended or canceled at some point
    – what the salary cap, which is tied to revenues, will be over the next 2-3 seasons, depending on what happens with all this Covid concern
    – how the new CBA agreement, that is up in ‘21, will look like after all the potential lost revenue. I mean it could be a fight to the death on both sides due to both of their loses, perceived or otherwise.
    – heck, at this point, these teams have absolutely no idea if all this could be the same case in ‘21.

  4. bradthebluefish

    Except Durant got paid top dollar w/ hard cap (like everyone else) and plays the QB position of basketball.

  5. padam

    That much for a safety – pass. Unless the Jets get a trade they like, play him at the current contract or let him sit if he pulls a Bell. Oddly, they have Bell. Go figure.

  6. nentwigs

    I saw the posts concerning his contract expectations.
    It certainly seems he is interested in Bucs !!

  7. Mich Man

    Is he willing to wait to get his money? The Bucs don’t have that kind of coin under the salary cap. This year, anyway.

  8. Brownsfan83

    Come to Cleveland we can offer a first round pick plus Olivier Vernon and a second round pick

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