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Jets safety Jamal Adams formally requested a trade last week, and since then, the already lengthy saga took another couple of turns. For instance, we learned that Adams may be seeking an extension worth upwards of $20MM per year, and that his relationship with head coach Adam Gase is one of the reasons why he wants out.

Adams, among other Jets players, reportedly do not “trust” Gase and are skeptical of his leadership abilities. Offensive lineman Alex Lewis, however, took to Instagram to defend his HC.

“I have mad respect for Coach Gase,” Lewis wrote. “We are building a winning culture and mentality from the top down. I believe in this staff, this organization, and most importantly my teammates.” 

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News was the one who reported the animosity that Adams and his teammates feel towards Gase, and Lewis addressed Mehta directly.

“I felt like all of this needed to be said on the heels of reading Manish Mehta’s article lumping all players in one mindset disparaging the head coach,” Lewis continued. “You (Mehta) don’t speak for the locker room or myself. You got no place in the locker room if you are going to overgeneralize all players. Manish you are a poison to this team.” 

Regardless of how he is perceived by his team, plenty of folks outside of the Jets’ locker room are also unsure about Gase’s viability as a head coach, but he remains at the helm for now. Gase was asked today about his relationship with Adams, and he had nothing but good things to say.

“My relationship with Jamal has been good since the time I’ve gotten here,” Gase said (via Brian Costello of the New York Post). … “To me, we’ve always gotten along well. There’s been a lot of dialogue between us, especially about on and off the field type topics.”

Gase confirmed that he wants Adams to stay with the Jets, though he did not say whether the team is amenable to giving him the extension he wants before the season starts. He did, however, talk about Adams as a player.

“He’s been one of our best players and most consistent guys that we had last year,” the 42-year-old HC said. “I covered a lot of this at the end of the season, the value that he brings to this team and what he does on not only game day but in practice. This is the tough part of the business. It’s something that we’ve got to keep working through.”

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35 comments on “Latest On Adam Gase, Jamal Adams

  1. natsfan3437

    I hope manish losses his team access. He lies way to much and uses the “sources” even though he has been caught multiple times being his own source.

  2. goldenmisfit

    Here is the problem with the Jets and this is something I was on this forum predicting the day he was hired. Does anyone remember how the players in Miami responded when the news broke that the Miami Dolphins had fired Adam? A video went viral online on Miami dolphin players smiles across your face is clinking champagne glasses in celebration. Now the only guy sticking up for his head coach is a back up basically kissing ass to get a starting job. From what I have heard from multiple sources when they say several players do not trust the head coach that means about 80% of the 53 man roster. Has anyone ever heard the phrase “Defense wins championships“? A guy like Jamal Adams can transform a defense. So, the best safety in all the football wants to be paid like it and the offense of minded head coach has a problem with this wow what a surprise! Does anyone think Adam would have a problem recommending to Joe Douglas that if he had a wide receiver like Julio Jones giving him 20 million a year? He would be jumping up and down on his desk screaming to Douglas “pay him! Give him whatever he wants!“. Just like if Rex Ryan was still the head coach he would be more than willing to recommend to Joe Douglas to pay Jamal Adams but might not be as inclined for a wide receiver. The bottom line is the head coach of the Jets is a whole a simpleton if you will the same guy who refused to use Le’Veon Bell the way the Pittsburgh Steelers dead just to try and improve to the organization that he was right when he said not to give bell all of that money. This guy will cut his nose off to spite his face and I really think the Jets will have even a worse year this year than they did last year even though their roster seems improved but the one spot they did not improve the head coach!

    • Kevskins

      In Miami they never had a good roster when Miami went to the playoffs a few years ago I seriously had no idea how. Gase gets a lot of flack but I don’t think he’s a bad as everyone says, I mean the jets played pretty good football in the second half last season. the jets two best offensive skill players right now are Le’Veon bell and Jamison crowder that’s not gonna carry a big load on offense. Jamal Adams though is on a rookie contract which use to be the norm that you don’t get an extension with two years left especially while he’s being paid generously right now. If he was smart he would worry about his character and endorsements cause that’s where the money will keep rolling even after his career but if he acts like many sports players have in their careers he’ll be broke soon after he retires

      • TrollHunter

        This is all just false! Just look at what Tannehill and Drake did after escaping Gase! Gase is only an average coordinator and a horrendous HC.

        Adams wanting out and paid is not a character flaw. Also endorsements for defensive players are extremely hard to come by. There is also no shortage of “difficult” players working as analysts and broadcasters after their careers.

        • Kevskins

          Tannehill missed 8 combined in 16 and 18 while missing the whole 2017 season Tannehill didn’t do much different In Miami then how he played this year in Tennessee. The obvious difference in Tennessee is the talent they have. Kenyan drake was never the number 1 back in Miami while Gase was there and still put up good numbers and averages. The problem with Miami is ownership before they just hosted the super bowl all they cared about before then was hosting the super bowl they could careless what they were putting on the field. You can disagree all you’d like put the facts are right there in front of you if you look into the numbers instead of just reading the headline

        • Kevskins

          Also a guy wanting out of his contract he signed with 2 years left and demanding 20 mill a year is definitely a character Flaw especially when you look at the situation the world. Polamalu and Michael strahan are doing just fine with their careers after playing and that’s just to name two

          • TrollHunter

            Ok if wanting out of your contract because you have out-played it significantly is a character flaw, then you must feel the same way about every team and owner?

            Like the Rams who just cut Gurely, the Broncos with Flacco, and basically EVERY team!

            You can’t criticize players for wanting to re-negotiate when teams can cut players without paying the full contract.

            Baseball for example has fully guaranteed contracts and you don’t see players demanding to renegotiate!

            It’s a goose/gander thing!

          • If he signed as a free agent i would be with you on this, but the difference is he really had no choice who he signed with or what he is getting paid nor had any input into the collective bargaining agreement that he was thrown into.

            I will give a little more leeway to draft picks when it comes to holding out or asking for money early especially if they are top tier talent because of that.

            The only issue i have is how much he is asking for. We is going way above the next highest at his position. Yes it may be negotiations come in high but to go from 15 to 20 per year is a bit much. Even QBs dont have that big of a jump at the top of the market dollarwise or percent wise.

            17-18 feels about right to set the market at safety right now if the jets are willing to do it. I believe this matches out with the high end cornerbacks which is a much more valuable position at that. He deserves it and face it he is your talent. There is no one even close and he is using that to get the best deal he can. If he signed as a free agent i would not have the same tune because he had options his current deal he did not.

      • TrollHunter

        “Miami never had a good roster”

        Gase had Tannehill, Ajayi, Drake, Landry, Stills, Parker, Tunsil, Albert, Pouncey, Wake, Suh, Phillips, Alonzo, Howard, Jones, McCain.

        All were there for most of his tenure. Not exact the baron roster you make it out to be!

        • Troll hunter dont forget he also had his hand picked qb when tannehill went down in Cutler.

    • californiatribesman

      All facts. Gase was a terrible hire from jump. The real loser in the entire situation is Sam Darnold.

      • rocky7

        Regardless of how you feel about Gase…..the players don’t have the right to “feel” anything but allegiance to both the team and coaching staff…..more mob rule because Addams and “other teammates” don’t “TRUST” the head coach???? isn’t it pretty obvious that the only thing Addams will “trust” are more zero’s on the total line of the checks he is paid by whatever team pays him.

    • burrdeuces

      The defense wins championships theory has been debunked by a plethora of resources like Pro Football Focus, Sports Infol Solutions or anyone with a brain. Why do you think QBs always win the MVPs and get paid the most money? C’mon, coach.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Defense winning championships isn’t theory…it’s fact. The most efficient scoring offense has won just one championship this century (Saints 2009). The most efficient defense at preventing scoring has won 6 championships over the same time period.

        • TrollHunter

          2 common phrases I always hear are “defense wins championships” and “QBs win championships”

          My view is this: defense gets you to the Super Bowl and QBs win it!

    • Afk711

      Gase was 100 percent right about not giving big money to Bell and Mosley. Yeah he is a bad coach and I wouldn’t want him on my team but he’s not responsible for all things that go wrong. We get it. You hate the same group of teams (Jets, Redskins, Browns) because they historically have been bad so they can never improve. Your routine is tiring at this point.

    • TrollHunter

      If only you were to contract Corona and die, then the entire pandemic would have been more than worth it!

      • Kevskins

        Sad they cant remove him cause he could just make another account. Must suck being him cause inside he knows he means nothing and this is how he gets his attention

        • crosseyedlemon

          Deny these people that attention they seek and they will remove themselves.

          • DarkSide830

            or they will just keep doing it and we all look like we are complacent. yeah, never been a fan of that approach.

  3. parkers

    When Mehta says something believe the opposite. He does his best to cause team unrest.

  4. seaver41

    A lot of people here believing the headlines. Adams needs to shut his pie hole. We’re in a pandemic with uncertain economic ramifications to the NFL. Joe Douglas would be stupid to give him what he wants. 2020 is a watershed season for Gase- his primary responsibility is getting Darnold to flourish. Adams needs to suck it up and play this year- then we’ll talk about a nice contract. Jets are doing the smartest thing in reaction to Adams’ attempt to provoke action – nothing. Let the immature player twist.

    • rocky7

      Disagree….first, by succumbing to mob rule over “trust” issues which is simply being fueled by a player who wants to disregard his current contract and be paid more, all you do is instill the opportunity for other players to follow suit.
      Secondly, in your opinion, changing not only the entire coaching staff (which would happen if there was a head coaching change), offensive and defensive philosophy, and the team makeup of the players chosen to play within a given system….the head coach is “more replaceable”?
      If you have Cancer, your doctor doesn’t recommend that you treat the healthy parts of your body rather than the cancer….you get rid of the cancer or try to!
      He’s a Safety for Christs sake….you’re not talking about a Lawrence Taylor type of defense maker!

      • DarkSide830

        i mean cmon, this is Adam Gase we are talking about. the guy is terrible at his job. if anything it should be a wake-up call for that team.

      • How many players were better before or after him as the head coach?

        Im sure someone will say drake and while it is a fair argument he never really got a chance at starter, but isnt it the coach’s job to recognize talent and put the best players on the field?

        Then the flip, lets compare how many players were better under Gase as a head coach.

        Im willing to be bet there will be more under the first than the 2nd.

        Gase is a supposed QB whisperer but the only qbs that did well under him was Peyton Manning (HoF) before he met Gase, and Cutler ( already on the mid to top tier qbs). Its like me saying i became an advisor to Steve Jobs after Ipad and Iphone blew up and now you should make me CEO of Samsung. He has yet to prove going into his 5th year he is worthy of a head coach job.

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Adams wants paid, which I understand. I don’t fault him for it, even though in the cap era, his ask is too much for a safety. He’s looking out for himself, however.

    The “friction” is a leverage play.

    The Jets simply need to decide if they’re going to pay Adams, or not; and if they fully believe in Gase. If it’s a “yes” to both, pay Adams, and this goes away. If they’re not going to pay Adams, but truly believe in Gase- you ship Adams somewhere he doesn’t want to go to send a message to your locker room that Gase has the FO support. If the answer is “no” to both, then you need to reassess what you’re doing.

  6. Like a lot of Jet fans, I’m not sold on Gase. But its beyond silly to suggest he’s responsible for Adams’ delusional (and barely coherent) contract position. This is the second time in less than year that Adams, knowing he has ZERO real leverage is trying to create some through the media. Last time it was by getting the Cowboys to contact Douglas, so he could then complain that Douglas was trying to trade him. Now, he’s playing to the weak minded ownership (and frankly a weak minded fanbase) through the media. No competent organization would ever pay Adams a dime more than his locked in contract figures the next two seasons, unless they get compensated for it in the out years of a contract. If the Jets even discuss that, then that’s a good reason to fire both Douglas and Gase. There isn’t a single instance in the salary cap era of a team giving up existing contract value merely to placate a player throwing a tantrum and having it work out well for the team.

    If the Jets (Douglas) did anything wrong it’s not explaining to Adams that more attempts to negotiate through the media will result in an end to negotiations. Personally, I would let his agent try and arrange a deal, but the price is going to be commensurate with the “market” salary he believes he’s entitled to negotiate from. 20 mm a year = two 1st round picks to start.

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