NFC East Notes: Cowboys, Elliott, Eagles, Hyde

Ezekiel Elliott is not experiencing any complications after testing positive for COVID-19 (via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News). Assuming Elliott stays healthy and largely symptom-free, that should bode well for the Cowboys‘ star running back in the long haul.

Earlier this week, Elliott was one of four players (two from the Cowboys, two from the Texans) to test positive for the coronavirus. Other players are being tested as a precaution, but no additional positive cases have emerged from either club. Furthermore, quarterback Dak Prescott did not test positive, despite hosting a widely-criticized birthday party earlier this year.

Here’s more from the NFC East:

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3 comments on “NFC East Notes: Cowboys, Elliott, Eagles, Hyde

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Is it possible that Zeke got covid from wrestling so much with Jimmy Junior?

  2. Ak185

    Kerrigan unfortunately is not likely to get his wish. I questioned the decision for Washington, with a loaded front seven chalk full of early round talent, to use their number two pick on their only area of strength with so many holes.

    Okudah was an equivalent prospect who would have filled an obvious need, but with so many teams clamoring to move up, and so many needs, Washington certainly would have gotten multiple top picks for moving down. A quick overview of recent trades to move up in the first round-especially the top ten, let alone top five-always net several high picks, always including future first rounders as well (Falcons for Jones, Redskins for Griffin, Bears for Trubisky, etc). In a draft as deep as this, especially at WR (a definite area of need for Washington), the Redskins would have addressed many needs and netted future picks to allow Rivera to build his team better.

    Now, however, they will be forced to relegate Kerrigan, Sweat, or their number two overall pick to rotational pass rush duties, which would be wasteful of someone’s talents-even if it would be a truly potent combination. They will likely instead unload Kerrigan for a day two or three pick, much less than the haul they would have gotten for the second overall pick, and still in the situation of having a great front seven with numerous other holes on the team.

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