Jaguars’ Yannick Ngakoue Drawing Trade Interest

Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue is still drawing trade interest around the league as the deadline draws near, Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter) hears. There are also still many roadblocks to a potential deal, including the Jaguars’ lack of interest in actually parting ways with the young edge rusher. 

The Jags and Ngakoue are effectively playing a game of chicken at this point. Ngakoue wants out, and he’s reportedly prepared to sit out the entire 2020 season if he doesn’t get the trade he wants. Plenty of teams would like to add Ngakoue, but they’d have to cough up significant compensation and give him a payday to match, or at least approach, his free market value. That likely means a deal in excess of $100MM, with a large chunk paid up front, plus guarantees. That’s an especially tough sell in the current climate.

Teams may also be skittish about Ngakoue’s ability to reproduce his previous sack totals. The former third-round pick has posted at least eight sacks in four of his five pro seasons, but he finished just 25th in pressures last year (51), per Pro Football Focus. Other metrics like ESPN’s pass rush win rate and double-team rate also portrayed him as less-than-elite.

The Raiders gave the Jaguars a ring during the draft, but the talks didn’t get too far. The Eagles were eyeing Ngakoue earlier this year, but even before the pandemic, they were facing a 2021 cap crunch.

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16 comments on “Jaguars’ Yannick Ngakoue Drawing Trade Interest

  1. cant_teach_speed

    If he doesn’t want to be there he is only a distraction. Jacksonville would be stupid to hold him hostage. You aren’t going to get any high pick value for a disgruntled player who also wants to sign a massive extension. If you get offered a mid round pick, move on with your life…

  2. Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

    Should be a conditional pick based mostly off his success.

    4th round pick
    3rd round pick if he plays 10 games and registers 6+ sacks
    2nd round pick if he plays 16 and makes the pro bowl
    1st round pick if he plays 16, earns all pro, and team makes the playoffs

    • phenomenalajs

      No way in hell Jags would agree to that. Like a big FA contract signing, a trade is a bet on future production based on ability and previous results. Both sides are taking a chance.

    • Afk711

      Clown comment. He is an elite player, 25 years old and has missed 1 game in four seasons. He ain’t getting traded for a 4th or 3rd round pick LOL

      • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

        Let’s take a look at the situation

        He’s disgruntled and will not sign a new deal with the jaguars.

        Franchise tagged at 17.8 mill and will cost 21.4 mill if he’s franchise tagged again next year. Unlike previous players they traded, Ramsey and Fowler, Ngakoue has already been tagged meaning any team acquiring him either givers him a new deal or pays him 21.4 mill.

        Jaguars aren’t getting a 1st or 2nd outright. The best they can hope for is a conditional pick that can turn into a 2nd or 1st.

        Otherwise most they’re going to get is a 3rd. Texans recently tagged Clowney at 15 mill and were only able to get a 3rd despite him coming off a year where he posted 9 sacks in 2018 and 9.5 in 2017.

        For comparison sake
        Clowney was graded by PFF as
        89.2 in 2018
        75.4 in 2017

        2019 72.0
        2018 72.7
        2017 87.3

        But sure, he’s going to get a 2nd or 1st.

          • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

            2016- 14 games
            2017 – 16 games
            2018- 15 games

            At the time of his trade to Seattle Clowney was 26. Try again. Both your counterpoints were awful.

              • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

                You’ve done nothing to prove a 4th or 3rd is unrealistic except offer your own opinion, which doesn’t mean much considering the most recent example of a young, healthy, and productive pass rusher on a franchise tag netted the team a 3rd rounder.

  3. RootedInOakland

    I respect the Jags for their commitment to #TankingForTrevor as Lawrence is by far their best chance to get back to relevance since the Brunell era, and as much as a dope 25 yr old DE could be apart of the future if he doesn’t want to be there then get what u can from him like they did with Calais. I’d do the same with Fournette honestly but that’s prolly at best just a 5th round pick at this point, just wanna have a solid locker room to help Trevor easily transition into a leader.

    • TheChampIsHere

      Lol they were relevant in 2018 when they were up 10 in the 4th quarter of the AFC Championship game.

  4. rocky7

    No rush to do anything on the Jags part…and playing a game of chicken with a billionaire like Shah is a dangerous game for a player in todays NFL unless he’s ready to take a year off just to get what he wants. The salary Shah would save is probably worth much more than a mid round pick or whatever you guys commenting want to affix to this guys value.
    Better to wait until camps open, injuries happen, and hopes for a title by teams become a little more “rear view mirror”……very possible the offers in a trade will get substantially better at that point.

  5. JJB0811

    ‘That likely means a deal in excess of $100MM, with a large chunk paid up front, plus guarantees. That’s an especially tough sell in the current climate.”

    You may want to go through your recent threads. Just today, a new deal for Jones, one coming for M Garret and $1/2b for Mahomes last week. The NFL could care less about Corona panic are what those deals say.

    • crosseyedlemon

      There are a lot of things you don’t have to care about if you operate a monopoly free from competition and your customers are football addicts that crave a regular fix.

  6. tjbarnaba

    Considering they will get a 3rd round comp pick if he leaves in FA next year, I would say they hold him until then. Not many teams are itching to move draft capital on top of handing out a massive extension. If you can’t get a 3rd, let him hold out. And for the record, getting a 3rd at this point would be fair compensation. Anyone who thinks they can get a 1st is playing too much madden.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Very reasonable take. As a Raiders fan, I’d never want to see them pony up a 1st. There’s absolutely no reason to. I do realize it’d take a 3rd rounder, though. Jacksonville has no reason to take something lower than a comp pick. So the value on him probably becomes a 2nd or 3rd round selection in a trade.

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