LeSean McCoy Has Spoken With Multiple Teams

Eyeing a 12th NFL season, LeSean McCoy said he has spoken to multiple teams. The former All-Pro running back indicated Friday the teams he’s referencing are some of his “favorite teams.”

As a member of the Chiefs, McCoy collected his first Super Bowl ring. Kansas City did not dress McCoy for Super Bowl LIV, however, and drafted Clyde Edwards-Helaire in Round 1. McCoy continuing his career will almost certainly mean leaving Missouri. He would prefer to do so with a contending team.

Right now, just talked to a couple of teams — some of my favorite teams — that I’d think would be a great fit for me,” McCoy said during an NFL Network interview with Mike Garafolo. “But I think the biggest thing is to find the right fit. Find the right fit for me. I think at the point in my career, not just playing football. I want to play for the right team.

“I want to be able to contribute. I want to be able to win another championship. You can’t go from playing with the Chiefs with all that talent and winning a championship to now just trying to play.”

McCoy has been connected to an Eagles return. They are open to that prospect, and multiple acclaimed Eagles have lobbied for this. Missing out on Carlos Hyde while also having pursued Devonta Freeman, the Eagles make sense as a McCoy suitor. The Eagles traded McCoy to the Bills in 2015. Although the Buccaneers have Ronald Jones and third-round pick Ke’Shawn Vaughn, their Freeman interest could make them a candidate to add McCoy as well. Not many contenders are in dire need at this position, however.

The former Eagles and Bills Pro Bowler said he wants to surpass 12,000 rushing yards. Currently sitting on 11,071, McCoy would likely need to play at least two more seasons to get there. The 14 retired 12,000-yard rushers are in the Hall of Fame. He ranks 22nd on the all-time rushing list. While the Chiefs went away from McCoy down the stretch, he upped his per-carry average from 3.2 in 2018 to 4.6 last season.

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16 comments on “LeSean McCoy Has Spoken With Multiple Teams

      • Wentz It Gonna be my Turn?

        In all seriousness , I’d love to have him back as our vet RB roster need since Hyde already signed elsewhere. Especially with the Eagles medical staff + Covid1984 on top

  1. crosseyedlemon

    I’d like to see Shady continue his career. Saying you want to contribute is much smarter than ranting on about how much you should be paid too.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Hopefully goes with the Eagles. Even if he has to play as RB2 he would still be handy on a team that wants to win

  3. illowa

    Shady carries the ball horribly. He thinks he’s to cool to secure it in case something might happen, like being hit, stripped, and fumble.

  4. IUFB Fan

    I still wonder how the last 8 years would have looked for the Eagles if they had kept Andy Reid and Chip Kelly hadn’t ruined them.

    • Polish Hammer

      I’m a huge Big Red fan but. Andy needed to move on, for him and the teams sake. And hitting rock bottom with Chip made the rebound all that much sweeter. Can’t live in the rear view mirror with the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves…

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Poor guy needs an NFL contract so he can tip more than 20¢ on a $61.56 check at his favorite burger joint in Philadelphia! What a loser…..

  6. Polish Hammer

    No thanks in Philly, his time in Philly has run its course. Him and DJax were run out of town for a reason, despite their talent. So to bring both back and throw them in the locker room with diminished abilities isn’t a good decision. Good luck wherever it is, just hoping it’s not Philly.

  7. justme

    He is not the back he thinks he is but in the right situation..maybe one the teams you expect to have a potent spread offense he could be a complimentry back get a few carries and catch a couple balls out of the back field he could be ok…tampa broncos the cowboys or a team like seatle where they feature three or more backs a game

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