NFL Players Have Until Tuesday, Or Later, To Opt Out

The deadline for players to opt out of the 2020 season will fall no earlier than Tuesday, Aug. 4, multiple sources tell Mike Florio of PFT. The deadline could also fall later, depending on how fast the NFL and the NFLPA complete their paperwork.

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The NFL and the NFLPA verbally agreed to the opt out provision, but they have yet to fully execute the side agreement. Per their deal, the deadline will fall seven days after everything is formally signed. If the deal is executed today, the deadline will be set for next Tuesday. If execution occurs on Wednesday, the deadline will be next Wednesday, Aug. 5 (and so on).

Upwards of 25 players have opted out, with many of those players making the call earlier today. Once the decision is submitted in writing, it is final and irrevocable, so other players on the fence may choose to wait a few more days.

Among the more notable opt outs: linebacker Dont’a Hightower (Patriots), safety Patrick Chung (Patriots), tackle Marcus Cannon (Patriots), guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (Chiefs), guard Larry Warford (free agent), nose tackle Michael Pierce (Vikings), defensive tackle Star Lotulelei (Bills), and defensive tackle Eddie Goldman (Bears).

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23 comments on “NFL Players Have Until Tuesday, Or Later, To Opt Out

    • M Haworth

      There will be a season. Most of the guys opting out were unlikely to make the team, were free agents, or older guys. If they opt out, it’s their right. The game will go on. I bet you don’t see a starting QB opt out

      • JJB0811

        I hope so. But MLB is close to re-closing down(? if that’s a phrase) again. Already postponing the Marlins games.

          • phenomenalajs

            I think he means if another team were to have a similar outbreak to the Marlins there would be a lot of pressure to stop the season.

      • sportsfan101

        Except the patriots Who lost 2 clear cut starters and a key defender. Other players will opt out but the patriots defense took a major hit today.

      • Ak185

        I don’t know. A lot of the guys opting out are decently high profiled free agent signings. That’s the only consistency I’ve noted so far; the players opting out have been free agent signings that mostly have been projected to contribute. Examples include Michael Pierce (expected to replace Linval Joseph), Devin Funchess (expected to be a redzone target to take pressure off Adams), Chance Warmack (expected to replace Fluker as a run blocking guard), Danny Vitale (Patriots need a FB following Devlin’s departure), and others. All these guys were expected to start, or at least contribute significantly, in their first year respectively with their new teams.

        • unbiasedmedia

          Pierce for one has asthma he is a high risk candidate and should sit out for safety reasons. My assumption is once the election is over and the political BS stops the corona will magically start to get better without Trump in office. Amazing how that is going to work.

          • Boston1897

            You mean when mask wearing is just required and we have a coherent national coronavirus response like every other country who’s managed to bring the virus under control?

          • phenomenalajs

            Do you think the virus cares about party affiliations or do you think a new administration and Congress (particularly Senate) would put together a better plan to deal with the mess?
            I saw a former NFL DB now medical doctor, Dr. Myron Rolle, on TV last night. He’s against the league playing this year due to the physicality of the game heightening the risk of infection spread. He said if people saw what he has seen in ERs a lot less people would be against playing this year.

          • forwhomjoshbelltolls

            So, EVERY single other country on planet Earth is just going along with a charade (that is crippling their own economies and health care systems) whose only purpose is rooted in American politics?

            That’s what you’ve come up with…?

  1. markdavisbarber

    Ever Opt Out is an UDFA shot…

    But no one is worried about UDFA anymore …..

  2. tedtheodorelogan

    It’s been like 3 hours and still no post about the Joey Bosa extension.

  3. cubsneedtomoveon

    If the NFL doesn’t do a bubble like the NBA then the season won’t survive. You can’t expose players to travel.

  4. Once the deadline is made clear, look for the Opt-Outs to continue up to that deadline. I won’t be surprised to see in excess of 100 players having opted out.

  5. Pats Fan Biff

    Gonna be a looooong season for us Pats fans. Kinda hoping the season is canceled lol

  6. crosseyedlemon

    The comments here seem to cheating on social distancing requirements so I probably should consider opting out.

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