DeAndre Baker Facing Four Charges For Robbery; No Charges For Quinton Dunbar

Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker will be charged with four counts of robbery with a firearm, per an announcement from the Broward State Attorney’s office. Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar – who was previously alleged to be his accomplice – will not face charges, due to a lack of evidence.

Both players are currently on the commissioner’s exempt list, which bars them from playing or practicing. The Giants effectively beat the league to the punch on that front, having asked Baker to stay home shortly after the incident. The Seahawks, on the other hand, had Dunbar log in for virtual offseason activities.

Baker was originally facing eight felony charges while Dunbar was facing four. Recently, Baker was reported to be involved in an attempt to pay off witnesses to recant their statements related to the robbery. Dunbar’s former attorney, Michael Grieco, was allegedly involved in this scheme as well. Baker’s attorney denies this occurred and said his client has passed a lie detector test.

Baker, entering his second year as a pro, was a first-round pick of the Giants in 2019. He was their biggest draft investment at cornerback since Eli Apple, but he struggled in coverage as a rookie. The Giants were hoping to see him take a step forward as a starter this year, but it seems unlikely that he’ll take the field anytime soon.

Dunbar, meanwhile, was traded from the Washington Football Team to the Seahawks. Last year, Pro Football Focus graded him as one of the league’s best corners, and he finished out with four interceptions.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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16 comments on “DeAndre Baker Facing Four Charges For Robbery; No Charges For Quinton Dunbar

  1. Ak185

    The interesting question will be what league discipline Dunbar will face. As we know, a lack of criminal conviction is meaningless on that front, but embarrassing the league is always guaranteed to draw out punishment. Baker almost certainly will face punishment at this point, no matter how his case proceeds, and if I had to bet, Dunbar will as well. The question, again, is how significant it might be.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      And, of course, how long will the league’s investigation take?

    • kjt404

      It’s funny because Goodell no longer has disciplinary powers but in the past he was so inconsistent. Seattle’s Jarran Reed got a 6 game suspension despite charges being dropped due to no evidence while Tyreek Hill; who plead guilty to domestic assault, had no suspension at all.

      • lautrec

        Hill plead that while in college at Oklahoma State. That means he was in the NCAA and not in the NFL. Since he wasn’t a member of the NFL, then they really couldn’t punish him for something he did two years earlier. It would be similar to the DMV not allowing a person to get a drivers license after successfully completing the exam today because they failed it the first time 6 months ago. It’s like arguing that the Washington football team should be forced to never be allowed to play in the NFL because of their previous terrible ans insensitive nickname even though they changed it.

  2. CharlesConerly21

    DeAndre Baker did nothing wrong and never robbed anyone. The 4 “witnesses” made this entire story up and will be found out eventually. Only a matter of when not if.

  3. Lars MacDonald

    If Baker is convicted of 4 counts of armed robbery in the State of Florida, suspension is the least of his worries and a moot point. He will be going to jail for a minimum of ten years and likely a lot more. His career will be over.

      • compassrose

        Nah he will have enough money to buy protection. Something it seems he couldn’t do on the field.

  4. bobby cox

    What are we waiting for release him. We cut the drunk kicker, let’s get rid of pac man baker. Our secondary is in trouble. Baker gives up td in prison yard.

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