Minor NFL Transactions: 8/15/20

Today’s minor moves:

Cincinnati Bengals

Green Bay Packers

Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

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11 comments on “Minor NFL Transactions: 8/15/20

  1. nentwigs

    Packers release TE because he was LOONEY !!
    (BUT – You should have heard his Tunes)
    CB released by Packers, was only a DEQUOY !!
    Not only do Packers release Darrell Stewart, but they also release his brothers: Daryl Stewart & Larry Stewart
    Signing of new FB means it’s MILLER Time in Jacksonville !!
    Bengals fearlessly sign new DE; are unafraid that after
    injury he BLEDSOE !!
    Not only do they have 10,000 lakes in Minnesota (the actual number is much higher), but they have BROOKS there too!!
    Vikings release BRADY !!
    Patriots release WR Quincy Adeboyejo because no matter which way/how the Coaches called his name, they never got it right and so Quincy never responded.

  2. bravesfan88

    Wow, I never thought I would see Bruce Miller back in the league..

    He used to be a bulldozer for the 49ers..Was a pretty successful DE in college, switched to FB with the 49ers, and never looked back…Until he got in all that trouble and basically disappeared..

    First, Aldon comes back, and now Bruce..

    • wagner13

      Yeah, I’m surprised it was only considered a “minor” transaction. Miller was a pretty powerful blocker and really opened holes for Gore and Hyde. I’ve always had a soft spot for fullbacks, so it would be pretty awesome to see him reestablish his dominance and make a comeback

      • bravesfan88

        I completely agree bud!! I have no clue how Miller’s signing didn’t get his own article..

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