Minor NFL Transactions: 8/16/20

Here are today’s minor moves. We will update this list as necessary throughout the day:

Buffalo Bills

Carolina Panthers

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Kansas City Chiefs

New York Giants

New York Jets

Seattle Seahawks

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6 comments on “Minor NFL Transactions: 8/16/20

  1. nentwigs

    Seahawks waive Marcus Webb. We don’t know what position he played; perhaps the Seahawks didn’t either and that’s why he was waived !!
    Did Mike make a call to Buffalo from Minnesota and get DT Justin a job with the Bills??
    Buffalo Bills GET SMART !!
    Bills decision to waive WR was EASLEY !!
    After Bills waive Niles SCOTT, the injured DT will now join Drew and Jonathan on “Property Brothers”.
    Panthers sign new WR !!
    Welcome aboard Tommy Lee Bass
    OOPS, Just a minute….
    Welcome aboard Tommy Lee Jones
    OOPS, Hold on….
    Welcome aboard Jerry Lee Lewis
    OOPS, Oh Yea, It’s…
    Welcome aboard Tommylee Lewis
    NOW I got it…
    Panthers waive White WR !!
    Carolina Panthers waiving of LB Jason FERRIS shows the team has spun WHEEL in a different direction.
    With the recent signing, the Brown’s pursuit of an additional Center are DUNN !!
    Although just waived, the Browns claim the team gave the Guard Jovahn, FAIR treatment !!
    Giants waive White WR !!

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