NFC North Notes: Packers, Rodgers, Vikings

Let’s take a quick spin around the NFC North:

  • Appearing on a recent episode of “10 Questions with Kyle Brandt,” Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed he was surprised Green Bay didn’t select a wide receiver in the 2020 draft, and also admitted he’s likely to be traded in the future due to the Packers’ addition of first-round signal-caller Jordan Love (Twitter link via Kevin Clark of The Ringer). The entire clip is well-worth a watch, as Rodgers doesn’t indicate any anger at the Love pick — instead, he comes off as pragmatic and realistic regarding his future in Green Bay. The Packers could most likely move on from Rodgers — whether via trade or release — after the 2021 season.
  • Incumbent Vikings left tackle Riley Reiff is likely to stay put on the blindside, so second-round pick Ezra Cleveland has been working at guard, offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak told reporters, including Courtney Cronin of (Twitter link). Cleveland, who played tackle at Boise State, hasn’t seen much action at guard, but it’s possible he could compete with Pat Elflein and Dru Samia for a starting role at either left or right guard. Minnesota ranked in the top-half of the league in Football Outsiders‘ offensive line metrics in 2019.
  • Packers kicker Mason Crosby and tight end Jace Sternberger, as well as Bears defensive tackle John Jenkins, were among the NFL players recently placed on the COVID reserve list, tweets Ian Rapoport of
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27 comments on “NFC North Notes: Packers, Rodgers, Vikings

  1. JJB0811

    Rogers needs to pull a Ramsey/Adams and talk his way out now. They don’t want him, why should he help their finances?

    • twentyforty

      Realizing you’ve lost your fastball is hard. Rodgers can’t admit it yet. Look up the accuracy stats from last year. His will alarm you and change your perception of where he is at in his career.

      • JJB0811

        Could be true. My point is he shouldn’t allow GB to dictate his future. Arron should be vocal and talk his way out next offseason.

        • crosseyedlemon

          So he should leave GB to embarrass himself like Joe Flacco with some bottom feeder? Not the way to end a stellar career. Following Drew Brees to the broadcast booth would be the better approach.

      • Ak185

        Maybe so, but that doesn’t change the fact that the majority of Rodgers’ career has either been wasted by a lackadaisical and half asleep front office or one that made the decision to move on from him as soon as it got situated at the helm. If I were a Packers fan, I would be legitimately disgusted at how the front office has wasted the majority of the careers of two of the best QBs to play and only delivered two Superbowl wins between them. We can make all the excuses that we want, but the fact remains that the Packers were too lazy under Ted Thompson in free agency and too blindly stubborn under Gutekunst to put teams around Favre and Rodgers to help them as much as they helped the Packers in contention. As mercurial as Rodgers is, Gutekunst and LaFleur delivered a full slap in the face to him not by the selection of Love, but by intentionally ignoring the biggest area of need for Rodgers and sacrificing the final years of his career to plan for a hypothetical future where Love is a useful NFL player and not a reach that they ignored their defense and receiving corps to trade up for.

      • Tankittothelimit

        You spout this crap every time Rodgers’ name comes up… He’s dropped right off no doubt, and he knows it-everyone knows it, but egos are hard to overcome. I don’t like the guy any more than most, but why would he do anything but pursue what’s best for him?
        AR’s current level is still in the top tier of QB’s and I’d be confident in saying 25 odd teams would still sell the farm to get him in a heartbeat. Your repetitiveness screams of jealousy.

        • ar fan

          Guys like you have been dissing Rogers since he became the Packers starter, fact is that people who feel as you do have nothing better to do than criticize. My guess is that you have nothing good to say about anyone or anything.

  2. wagner13

    Just because the Vikings ranked in the top half of FO’s offensive line metrics doesn’t necessarily mean the interior is any good. I’ll give Bradbury a pass, as he’s still young, but Elflein’s abysmal and Samia has barely seen the field.

    Surprised the Packers haven’t inquired on the trade market for an upgrade at wideout or tight end. They could use someone like Kenny Stills or Will Fuller if Houston’s willing to deal from a position of surplus

    • nentwigs

      What’s the story on Elflein anyway?
      One of the top Centers coming out of college.
      Drafted by the Vikings in round 3 in 2017.
      Started at Center for the Vikings.
      Vikings draft an additional Center in round 1 in 2019
      New guy starts at Center
      Elflein moves to Guard
      What’s next?
      Elflein cleans out locker and is out the door?

      • Ak185

        He’s been pretty bad, so possibly. They moved him to guard to try and salvage the pick, but it hasn’t been worth it yet.

      • Crycket

        IIRC, he had back surgery or something after his rookie season. His production and value fell off a cliff sharply after that. I don’t think he ever really regained form post surgery.

  3. afsooner02

    If we could trade ARod after the 21 season, I would be opposed to that if we can get some good value for him. (Maybe a 2nd or better from a desperate team.)

    Were gonna be tanking during the love years anyways so might as well get as many picks as possible.

  4. Sportsfantatic

    Rodgers is worth 2 1st round picks but a trade wont happen till 2022 the earliest by than he close to 38yrs old how much is a QB worth maybe 1 1st rounder and a 2nd and 4th round pick… Green Bay iss pulling a NE move surround Rodgers with very lil talent at WR like NE did with Brady.. Besides Elderman and big Gronk he had no one to throw there in his career yaa he had a few good ones but not many.. Alot of people think The Packers didnt add weapons forget they added that RB which means they run 2 RB offense with Jones in the Slot than they drafted a TE that was basically a WR in College… Also added a WR from the CFL he had over 10TDS 1,000 yrds last yr in the CFL.. They got the money to added a WR since Funchess opted out.. I think they will be fine Rodgers aint freaking out.. Iff anything he will love this offense LaFaure runs the old Shanahan offense which is Run heavy lots of motion etc soo unlike the McCarthy offense where he threw the ball 50+/ game..

    • tjbarnaba

      No one in their right mind would deal multiple 1st round picks for an aging QB who will need a new contract in 2022. Not a single GM in the NFL. Go play madden, the real world has passed you by.

      • fredziffel78

        G.B. fans fondly remember…in 1974, Dan Devine pulled the trigger on a trade Packers fans have never forgiven him for. To acquire 34-year-old John Hadl, Green Bay sent the Rams its first-, second-, and third-round picks in the 1975 NFL draft, and its first- and second-round picks in 1976.

    • rocky7

      Seems that what they forgot to add through many of the Rodgers years was a defense that didn’t necessarily force Rodgers and the offense to have to win most games that the defense just couldn’t stop the other team from scoring on. If anything, more that a wide receiver to pair with a 36 year old QB who is on the downside of his career….what did you expect the front office to do about the QB position wait until Rodgers retires either from a fall from elite status or from injury?

    • Ak185

      Where does this idea that Brady has never had anyone to throw to come from? It’s been around a while, and I’ve never understood it. Most QBs would kill for what Brady’s had.

    • Sportsfantatic

      lol Welll Kirk Cousins contract is up about just the same time when Rodgers is being traded bet you Minn would give up some to get him.. What did the packers get for Favre??? They got some picks.. You know any team thats desperate for A QB with multiple MVPs would pay up! Gaurentee even 2 late 1st rounders is worth his value.. Youd be surprised to see what teams doo when they are desperate..

      • Crycket

        You have some really, really terrible takes. Not only would the Packers not trade a HOF QB to a division rival, the Vikings wouldn’t trade draft picks for a QB in his late 30s. Nothing says “we want to be a good football team” like salvaging your future while strengthening your biggest rival’s future simultaneously.

  5. Sportsfantatic

    Soo they got a 3rd or 4th rounder for Favre but that was yrs ago and Favre was well much older well into his upper 30s 40s.. Was defiantly past his prime was in a shell of his former self.. Good QBs are hard to find these days especially with the skill mindset Rodgers has.. You can say he declining but could it really be the team overall especially with how they are built lack of top OL talent depth lack of WR targets.. Their offense has dropped

  6. thebfr21

    If the Packers put their eggs in the Jordan Love Basket just say hello to the 1980’s again!! He’s garbage!

  7. justme

    25 td’s and just 2 picks with lil help outside of adams at wr still damn good…is he the mvp he once was of course not but still good enough to get a team to the superbowl..the big picture Many arent getting with this draft is its the same ole bull crap from this org..he has had them in position so many times to contend for superbowls and had the team close so many times..with the same situation over and over they had glaring needs before seasons year after year after year and instead of getting help for him and those teams they chose to put the weight on him and just be content raking in the cash from being successfull without going for the big prize…which is why this draft has become the tipping point to years of wasted opportunities and fans screaming wth.

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