Bears Bench Mitchell Trubisky For Nick Foles

The move many predicted would inevitably happen came in Week 3, as the Bears benched Mitchell Trubisky in favor of Nick Foles. Even though the thought coming into the season was that Trubisky would be on a short leash, it was still a bit of a surprise considering Chicago had started 2-0.

Foles promptly led the team on a huge comeback, as the Bears beat the Falcons 30-26 after trailing 26-10 late in the fourth quarter. He finished his 2020 debut 16/29 for 188 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. Trubisky was 13/21 for 128 yards and a touchdown and no turnovers, so it’s not like there was any one specific moment that led to his benching.

After Trubisky led his own furious rally in Week 1 against the Lions there was a lot of talk that he had made a fourth-year leap, but obviously head coach Matt Nagy didn’t feel that way internally. Nagy insisted after the game that he just wanted to enjoy the win and didn’t know who his quarterback would be in Week 4, but it would be pretty shocking to see them go back to Trubisky now after making the switch.

It’s not too often you see a 3-0 team with quarterback drama, and it’ll be very interesting to see what happens moving forward. Chicago of course traded for Foles from Jacksonville this offseason, but Trubs won the training camp battle. The Bears declined his fifth-year option back in May, so Trubisky will be a free agent at the end of the year.

If Foles takes the job and runs with it, it’s possible we’ve seen the former second overall pick throw his last pass with Chicago. That being said, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Foles is banged up or ineffective and Trubisky is back out there within a couple of weeks. Buckle up.

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27 comments on “Bears Bench Mitchell Trubisky For Nick Foles

  1. The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

    The Bears racism really screwed them up when choosing a QB!

      • crosseyedlemon

        If the Bears were racist wouldn’t they have a polar bear as their mascot?

    • MileHighFan

      Career W/L records

      Deshaun Watson: 24-16-0
      Mitch Trubiskey: 26-18-0

      One is flashier than the other, but no better at winning games.

      • Yeah, let’s just completely ignore everyone else on either team and look at W-L record.

        Watson is so much better than Trubisky it isn’t funny. By the way, Trubisky is listed at 3-0 this year. Two of those games were against the Lions (which he almost lost because of how bad he played) and the Giants (came down to the last possession even though the Giants are terrible) and the third game was this one which Nick Foles won.

        So yeah, W-L is a really dumb way to evaluate a QB.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    I think the plan was to start Trubisky for a couple of games and hope he was consistent enough to draw trade interest. The Bears didn’t pick up his option so it’s obvious they have decided he won’t be part of their long term plans.

    • wordonthestreet

      So you think the plan was for him to play well then trade the starting quarterback who would be playing well? Hahaha ok.

      • crosseyedlemon

        A lot of QBs can play well for a couple of games but if your not consistent then your probably not going to be part of a team’s long term plan. Trubisky has never shown the consistency to earn a long term commitment from the Bears.

      • rondon

        Just because they won 2 games with Trubisky doesn’t mean he was consistent. He was far from it. And btw, the stats in this article are wrong- Trubisky threw an interception right before he was removed.

        • whitesoxfan24

          An interception no QB should have ever made I might add, especially one starting in the NFL. He was throwing to Graham, who was already pulling up because he saw the zone playing DB jumping the route and Mitch threw it right to the defense. Glad Nagy made the move. It was time to pull the plug. Foles came in and instantly the ball looked different out of his hand. Tight spirals and had some zip on his passes. None of those wobblers Mitch throws. I just hope Foles is able to be a competent QB and move the chains while giving our defense a rest.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m anxiously awaiting Dan Quinn’s version of “the Bears are who we thought they were”.

  3. bumpy93

    it looks like all the people that said the eagle should have trade it went instead of foals looks like they’re right and I’m still an eagle fan currently

  4. Bdd1967

    Hey Vikings fans…maybe it’s time to get all over Zimmers case to do the same…this Cousins guy is AWFUL!!!!

  5. illowa

    Trubisky threw that awful interception and then was promptly replaced on the next series bro.

  6. DarkSide830

    Eagles should have kept Foles. he’ll lead Chicago to the playoffs like he did with the Eagles and probably look good in the playoffs too. terrible choice keeping Wentz. should have traded him and resigned Foles.

  7. fightinfisch

    Trey Lance here we come. If management has a brain cell left.

    Early prediction after week 10. Bears record 4-6

  8. catonfarm

    @Andrew Ortenberg you wrote: “… Trubisky was 13/21 for 128 yards and a touchdown and no turnovers, so it’s not like there was any one specific moment that led to his benching.”

    Did you watch the game?
    Trubisky threw an interception. On the next series he was replaced by Foles.

    • krazyhair

      Literally scrolled through the comments to see if anyone else noticed that.

  9. hoosierhysteria

    Bears are stupid….Mitch should have never been drafted there. Foles just wins. Bears fans have to be fired up.

  10. MickNaize

    Trubisky isn’t the guy, I hoped as much as anyone but that sailed pass over Miller was the final straw for me. He simply can’t hit the deep ball. The Bears have won a lot of games with bad QB play in the past so if Foles can be average we’re probably making the playoffs. Long term who knows, maybe Nagy sticks around and drafts someone he actually wants while Foles keeps us in contention for the next 2 years.

  11. Dtownwarrior78

    EXACTLY! OMFG is there anything in the world today that isn’t race related? God forbid they simply made a mistake and drafted the wrong QB?!!? That absolutely NEVER happens! Nope, it was just that the Bears and the McCaskeys saw that Watson and Mahomes were black and said they couldn’t have that! Not to liberal at all? Ughhhhh…

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