Minor NFL Transactions: 9/29/20

Here are Tuesday’s minor moves:

Chicago Bears

Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts

  • Signed off Cowboys’ practice squad: DT Ron’Dell Carter
  • Released from IR: RB Bruce Anderson

New York Giants

New York Jets

Philadelphia Eagles

San Francisco 49ers

  • Signed off Buccaneers’ practice squad: TE Daniel Helm

Seattle Seahawks

Washington Football Team

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6 comments on “Minor NFL Transactions: 9/29/20

  1. nentwigs

    Why, where and how do parents come up with with these first names?


    What’s wrong with: Bruce, Jeff, Daniel, Nate and Matt??

      • Polish Hammer

        “And I’m getting really sick of guys named Todd
        It’s just a goofy – it’s a goofy f&$#ing name, OK? Hi, what’s your name?
        Todd. I’m Todd. And this is Blake, and Blaire and Blaine and Brent. Where all these goofy f*&$ing boys names coming from?! Taylor, Tyler, Jordan, Flynn. These are not real names! You want to hear a real name? Eddie. Eddie is a real name, whatever happened to Eddie, he was here a minute ago. Joey and Jackie and Johnny and Phil. Bobby and Tommy and Danny and Bill, what happened? Todd. And Cody, and Dylan, and Cameron, and Tucker
        Hi Tucker, I’m Todd. Hi Todd, I’m Tucker. F#$& Tucker, Tucker sucks. And f$#@ Tucker’s friend, Kyle. that’s another soft name for a boy, Kyle. Soft names make soft people. I’ll bet you anything that ten times out of ten, Nicky, Vinnie, and Tony would beat the shiznit out of Todd, Kyle, and Tucker.”

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