Raiders Trade RB Lynn Bowden Jr. To Dolphins

We’ve got a bit of an unusual trade to pass along. The Raiders are trading rookie running back Lynn Bowden Jr. and a sixth-round pick to the Dolphins in exchange for a fourth-round pick, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports (Twitter link).

It’s pretty rare for a third-round pick to get traded before ever playing a game for the team that drafted them, so the Raiders must not have liked something about Bowden. Especially to give him up for considerably less draft capital than they spent. The Kentucky product’s home was searched by the DEA back in June, although he was never arrested, and it’s unclear if that caused him to fall out of favor with the organization. As Rapoport points out, it’s the same fourth-round pick they’re getting back that they just traded to Miami last week in exchange for Raekwon McMillan.

As for Miami, it’s a nice low-risk pickup considering they have an unsettled backfield and could use all the young talent they could get. They’ve apparently had their eye on Bowden for a while, as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald tweets that the Dolphins “loved” him before the draft and had a top-30 visit with him scheduled before it was canceled due to COVID-19.

As of right now the Dolphins are set for a timeshare in their backfield with Jordan Howard and Matt Breida. Bowden should compete for snaps right away, and he also has value as a return specialist. He’s an elite athlete, as he even started at quarterback for a while for Kentucky after a couple of injuries. The Raiders had said they planned to use him in a versatile utility role, and it’ll be very interesting to see what Brian Flores’ staff comes up with for him.


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17 comments on “Raiders Trade RB Lynn Bowden Jr. To Dolphins

    • jjvot

      Lets get some things straight, it was his relatives house that was searched. Lynn didn’t live there he just happened to be there and staying when it was searched.

      link to

  1. Ak185

    This has got to be a locker room thing. Mayock, for better or for worse, has put a huge emphasis on building a good culture in Vegas. If Bowden was known to be guilty of something, the Raiders likely would have cut him instead of trading him to another team for them to find out later.

    The DEA bit likely contributed, but I think that Bowden did not make a good impression on the Raiders, which is ultimately what led to the trade.

    • Arnold Ziffel

      If Mayock wants to build a good culture there that will be a change from the previous 60 years.

  2. jwardrip99

    Probably looked at the QB room, called them bums and said I can do better.

  3. eyeofthebeholder13

    The Dolphins front office makes the dumbest calls sometimes. Went to his bowl game and while he has talent lacks self control and absolutely is a one trick pony. Passing skills lack big time.. Acted immaturely with comments and actions during games. And the brain trust of this franchise bought into this and gave away a 4th……. It just isn’t smart. Are the Dolphins hiring???

    • jjvot

      You do understand he was a Wide Reciever who was forced to play QB due to injuries right

      • eyeofthebeholder13

        The guy has so much baggage.. Runs his mouth all the time.. No self control.. Me first mentality.. And can’t learn an offensive playbook. Good luck with Gailey’s.. Another Miami Dolphins/ Chris Grier move. Hope he can stay out of trouble in a city like Miami……………..

  4. eyeofthebeholder13

    Mark it down. Guy won’t be on the Dolphins in 2 years…. Dumb trade!!!!!

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    So the trade, when you combine the deals as a whole, is essentially:

    To Vegas: Raekwon McMillan & a 5th
    To Miami: Lynn Bowden Jr. & a 6th

    Short-term, it looks like a win for LV. If McMillan walks after one season though, the Raiders gave up a 3rd and a 6th basically for 1 season of a two down LB.

  6. JoeBrady

    This was a heart-breaker, imho. I really wanted Jordan Elliot with the 3rd rounder. He’d have fit perfectly, and created a D-line that would’ve been together for a while.

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