Rams Sign Jalen Ramsey To Extension

The Rams have locked down their shutdown corner. On Wednesday, the Rams announced a brand new five-year deal for Jalen Ramsey. It’s a five-year add-on worth $105MM, making Ramsey the highest-paid cornerback in NFL history, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets.

The pact, which averages out to $21MM per year, also comes with $71.2MM guaranteed at signing, another new record for the position. The deal comes after months of talks between the two sides, though recent word was that the talks were not moving in the right direction. Ultimately, the Rams were motivated to find middle ground, especially since they sent a wealth of draft capital to the Jaguars to acquire him.

The Rams shipped two first-round picks and a fourth-rounder to the Jaguars for Ramsey last October. Between his three games with the Jaguars and nine games with the Rams, Ramsey recorded just 50 tackles and one interception. He didn’t play up to his usual standards in L.A., but the belief is that he’ll play up to his whopping new deal.

Ramsey’s contract vaults him ahead of Tre’Davious White, who grabbed the mantle of highest-paid corner just days ago with $17.5MM/year. He also passed Byron Jones on a rocket ship for the most guaranteed cash paid to a cornerback. Jones, who inked his own sizable deal with the Dolphins earlier this year, secured roughly $57MM in guarantees.

Ramsey told the club that he wouldn’t hold out in 2020 if he didn’t have a new deal in place, but there were no promised made regarding a potential franchise tag in 2021. Without that safety net in place, the Rams did not want to roll the dice.

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13 comments on “Rams Sign Jalen Ramsey To Extension

    • kylewait89

      Is he though? He had a slightly better 2019 while Ramsey had a much better 18 according to PFF. Both were killer in 2017 with Ramsey being a tick above White. I think they both got paid what they deserved. As for who is better, I don’t know that there is really much different between the two.

  1. JJB0811

    Guess the GM & HC didn’t learn their lesson with Gurley. ‘Let’s reset the positional market again!’

    Still is and will always be an offensive driven league to boot. Bad trade and signing.

    • GoLandCrabs

      Gurley is a RB. Ramsey plays one of the most important positions on the field. Ramsey is better than anyone you can draft with those picks. NFL fans are way too attached to draft picks over proven elite players.

      • JJB0811

        Gurley carried the Rams to the SB. That season, he was a monster.

        As for the position, I have read a few places that the Bills are lucky to have their shut down corner in consolation of not having Mahomes. Yeah…..but……its an offensive driven league. Last century, it was D wins championships. This century, it favors the O.

        • GoLandCrabs

          Gurley did not carry the Rams to the super bowl. He had old man knees by the playoffs. CJ Anderson made a much bigger impact on that super bowl run. You make this ridiculous comment on every post about offense. Of course trading the pick to draft the best QB in football was bad. Even drafting the best CB wouldn’t make up for that. The last 2 super bowls have been defensive battles but sure its all touchdown mania.

          • JJB0811

            2018 stats: Gurley had 1250 yards rushing. At 5 yards a clip & 17 TD’s. To go along with 380 yards receiving 9.8 yards per catch and 4 TD’s.

            What more else can you ask of a RB?

            31-20 KC (2019 season)
            13-3 (NE 2018)
            41-33 (Philly 2017)
            34-28 (NE 2016)

            What exactly is a defensive game to you? NE’s win over the Rams was D, but 3 out of the last 4 were shootouts. 51 points, 74 points, and 62 pints. That spells offense.

            • kylewait89

              Also, how is 51 points a shootout? 21 of those points came in the fourth. It’s not like it was a back and forth offensive game. The game was largely defensive and if not for timely defense in the fourth quarter, the winner is different.

    • kylewait89

      So I think it’s weird to shuck a bunch of money only to take more on. However, Ramsey doesn’t have arthritis in his knee that makes his decline a huge worry. That and towards the end of his career, Ramsey will be a safety. It’s not really a comparable ting between the two.

  2. UGA_Steve

    SMH. Two clear winners here.

    Congrats to Ramsey. He gets a good bit of guaranteed money.

    To me, this makes the Jaguars look even better. Not only did they get multiple first rounders, they saved having this kind of contract going against their cap. So they are clear winners.

    As for losers .. what in the world did the Rams see last year that caused them to think .. oh boy,. we have got to reset the market just to keep this guy, especially with two huge contracts already on their books.

    • Man I hear ya. I would have wanted to see some proof of his ability to “return to form” before committing this kind of money. Some players peak early and fade quickly…the Rams better hope that’s not the case here.

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