Bengals Trade Carlos Dunlap To Seahawks

First, the Bengals told Carlos Dunlap to stay home. Now, they’re shipping him across the country. The Bengals have agreed to trade defensive end Carlos Dunlap to the Seahawks, according to’s Ian Rapoport (on Twitter). In exchange for the former Pro Bowler, the Seahawks will send offensive lineman B.J. Finney and an undisclosed draft pick to the Bengals. The Bengals announced the trade.

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The Seahawks have been in the market for help on the edge, having pursued Cowboys notable Everson Griffen last week. Instead, the Lions beat them to the punch, leading them to talks with Dunlap. The 5-1 Seahawks have been flying high so far this year, but their pressure has been lacking. Now, they have some big-time support to address their weakest unit.

Dunlap has been unhappy with his role in Cincinnati, to say the least. In recent weeks, he’s ripped the Bengals on social media and he’s been seen yelling at his coaches on the sidelines. Dunlap, 32, has been with the Bengals since 2010, making 148 starts between his debut year and 2019. This year, he’s been bumped from the starting lineup with his playing time dropping week after week.

The Bengals probably should have started their rebuild in earnest last year. Instead, they held on to pricey vets like Dunlap and watched their trade value dip significantly. Dunlap likely won’t be the only player traded this week — longtime D-Line partner Geno Atkins also wants a fresh start. On the other side of the ball, speedy wide receiver John Ross continues to push for a trade.

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25 comments on “Bengals Trade Carlos Dunlap To Seahawks

  1. Brownsfan83

    Wow Dunlap gone to Seattle now

    Atkins to Cleveland browns

    John Ross to Cleveland browns as well

    • joeshmoe11

      Bengals’ fan here- why would you want Ross? He needs a fresh start but I don’t think he’s going to be useful midseason. Needs a complete break.

    • Dtownwarrior78

      Yeah let’s get a prima-Donna princess of a WR who can’t run a single correct route and has a rotten attitude! Yep, it’s a Cleveland fan alright! Lmao

  2. Brownsfan83

    We need a new defensive tackle and a wide receiver now that Odell is lost for the season

  3. M Haworth

    So in week nine the Seahawks will have Harrison, Adams, and Dunlop in the defensive lineup. Talk about a shot in the arm at a needed position. On top of that, moved a guy that wasn’t playing and didn’t fit the scheme.

    • ayrbhoy

      Haworth- don’t forget we should have last years sack leader (not saying much, but) Rasheem Green. RG is def an upgrade to Collier and Robinson. Great news!!!!

    • wagner13

      I still think the Buccaneers are the NFC favorites, but I believe Seattle should be considered a close second.

      Unlike the Packers, the Seahawks are actually addressing their weaknesses. They drafted a stud run blocker in Lewis, traded for an elite defensive leader in Adams, and bolstered their pass rush with Dunlap to top it off. Meanwhile, the Packers seem to be content with only Adams and maybe Lazard as viable receivers for Rodgers. The Packers have a ton of frontline talent, but their depth is lacking. Unlike Green Bay, when Seattle falls behind, they do not panic. Rodgers is amazing, but he immediately transitions to “comeback mode” when losing by double digits and the offense loses its rhythm.

      I would ordinarily say the 49ers would be a legitimate threat, but I am not sure they have enough to overcome the Bosa injury. San Fransisco might be more talented overall with the exception of quarterback, which is huge. Russell Wilson always gives his team a chance to win and it is difficult to say the same about Garoppolo

      • HailRodgers12$

        I doubt GB will do anything. They sorta tipped their hand on this season with their draft approach, and limited fa moves. They’re planning for the post-Rodgers era. But maybe Seth Roberts will turn into 2010 Greg Jennings, and the d-line will suddenly become 1996-level good (spoiler alert: neither are likely to happen).

  4. deanejr64

    “Geno Atkins also wants a fresh start.” Can you explain or link an article to what this is based on?

    • M Haworth

      I’ve read that somewhere myself, don’t recall where. I’d trade him if I was the Bengals but I’d want a real return.

      • joeshmoe11

        There’s been absolutely nothing said. Geno never EVER speaks to media so even if that may be the case it’ll never make it out to public. People are assuming he wants out because his role has been diminished, never mind it’s a matter of coming back from a shoulder injury

    • natsfan3437

      Atkins doesn’t like his role but doesn’t want a trade. Dunlap was the one shah wanted a trade they have been linking them together even tho Geno has refuted it.

  5. Brownsfan83

    So he wants to be traded too because he is unhappy about the culture in Cincinnati

    • Dev0

      it is nothing to do with culture, they were getting less playing time because of scheme change. Veterans don’t like to be replaced, news at 11.

  6. Oooof

    Nice little trade for both teams. One has no pass rush, one has no pass blocking.

    • ayrbhoy

      If anyone knew the true value of BJ Finney (whatever that is!) it would be CIN: his NFL experience comes from playing in PIT. Seems like a good trade indeed. We’ll see….

    • mlbnyyfan

      Seattle should of gone after Yannick instead. Dunlap is good but not a difference maker

      • marinersblue96

        Hawks didn’t have the draft capital or salary space for Yannick.

      • M Haworth

        Nope. Hawks have no 1st or 3rd this year and they also don’t have a lot of cap space. YN is a pass rusher but not a fit when considering draft capital and future. I could have seen Kerrigan though.

  7. Hanjag

    I believe Dunlap makes the Hawks the NFC favorite. The defense is giving up record breaking yards but is loaded: Adams and Diggs at safety, Dunbar and Shaq Griffen is not the LOB but very very good in their own right. LBs both Wagner and KJ Wright are in the 80’s PFF adding 1st Rd Brooks with his 240# 4.5/40 to that mix? The line has not got pressure but you add Snacks who is not far removed from 90 PFFs, and Dunlap who was an 89.7PFF last year? I could not be happier with the deal or the player. Go Hawks!

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