Coaching Notes: Jets, Lewis, Bears, Daboll

The Adam GaseGregg Williams arranged marriage dissolved at the 11th hour, after the defensive coordinator’s bizarre final-seconds play call ended up keeping the Jets winless. To some degree, Gase had soured on the polarizing DC earlier this season. The second-year Gang Green head coach “fumed” after Williams’ indirect shot at the Jets’ offense, Rich Cimini of notes, adding that the soon-to-be-fired HC was upset Williams voiced frustration in that manner. In a split setup in which Gase ran the offense and Williams oversaw the defense, Cimini adds Gase would learn of Williams’ defensive lineup changes on Fridays before games on certain occasions. This regime’s issues may cause the Jets to re-evaluate how they pair coaches next year.

Here is the latest from the coaching circuit:

  • Josh Allen‘s rise could well push Bills OC Brian Daboll to a coaching job in 2021. The expectation around the league is that the third-year Bills coordinator will land an HC gig, Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano of note. Several jobs will be available, and the ESPN duo adds that the Chargers — given that Daboll and Bolts GM Tom Telesco went to high school together — may be the destination to monitor. While the Chargers have not fired Anthony Lynn, who is well-liked by Bolts players, the team is 3-9 after a 5-11 season. This would point to Lynn likely being ousted after his fourth season in Los Angeles.
  • Unlike the Texans, the Falcons and Lions will not be using a search firm as they look for new HCs, Ian Rapoport of tweets. Longtime front office exec Rich McKay will presumably lead Atlanta’s search, while team president Rod Wood remains in power in Detroit.
  • After two seasons out of the NFL, Marvin Lewis has resurfaced on coaching radars. The longtime Bengals HC’s name has continued to come up for possible 2021 gigs,’s Daniel Jeremiah tweets. He is expected to land interviews, according to ESPN. Lewis interviewed for the Cowboys post that went to Mike McCarthy and was connected to the Washington job that went to Ron Rivera. The Vikings also sought him for a defensive role in 2019. Lewis, 62, currently serves as Arizona State’s co-defensive coordinator under Herm Edwards.
  • While Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald would stand to be the Bearstop choice — were they to replace Matt Nagy — the prospect of the longtime Big Ten leader rising to the NFL is quiet, per Graziano and Fowler. After Northwestern’s 2018 season, Fitzgerald said he would not consider NFL jobs. But the pandemic may have made him more receptive to making the jump. The Bears figure to be the leading candidate, were Fitzgerald to express interest. And Bears minority owner Pat Ryan, also a Northwestern alum, is a big fan of the current Wildcats HC, per ESPN.
  • The Broncos will have their defensive coordinator back after his extensive bout with COVID-19, Mike Klis of 9News notes. Ed Donatell, 63, believed he was nearly recovered from the coronavirus, but on Day 9 of his battle with it, he experienced symptoms severe enough he needed to be hospitalized. The second-year Denver DC, who had never previously missed a game in his coaching career, missed six games. He will coach from the press box Sunday against the Panthers.
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24 comments on “Coaching Notes: Jets, Lewis, Bears, Daboll

  1. JJB0811

    Sam D’s last 200+ passing yard game was Oct 1st against Den. So why is it the DC is blamed for a last play blitz? I’m not a G Williams fan, but my god, that P Manning endorsed coach SUCKS!

    • dave frost nhlpa

      How about who reads a blitz and doesn’t drop back? And bites on the 35 years line WHEN THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS HES HEADED TO THE HOUSE?

    • Why does it have to be one or the other? Gase is an absolutely horrendous coach *and* Williams was rightfully fired for running an all-out blitz on a hail mary two straight plays, both of which they got burned on.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Never understood why “Peyton Manning’s coach” was a ticket to a head coaching job when everyone knew that Manning was his own coach, his own OC, etc.

      • Michael Chaney

        I’ve always wondered the same thing. Even at the time, it was pretty clear that Gase had nothing to do with Peyton’s success.

  2. jawinks

    Fitz turned down a HC offer from Green Bay, he loves coaching for NU and I can’t imagine him leaving for the Bears

    • JJB0811

      Agreed. NW is fine with winning seasons and bowl games. Pros want playoffs or else results. Plus he’s getting paid now.

  3. BuckarooBanzai

    Have the Jets reached out to Ray Handley yet?

    oh stop shaking your heads!
    It’s possible … it IS the JETS ffs

  4. wagner13

    Daboll is arguably the most desirable coaching candidate. He helped Allen reach his potential and did some fantastic work with a talented but incredibly raw passer.

    Arthur Smith of the Titans is another name to keep an eye on. He’s instituted a similar scheme to successful offensive minds like Shanahan and LaFleur, adding some creativity to a previously bland offensive attack.

    Bieniemy is the flashy name, but it remains to be seen how he fares without Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce in his back pocket. I believe he would be a nice match with Houston, as he would still work with an elite and mobile passer in Watson.

    For teams seeking stability, someone like Raheem Morris or Robert Saleh could make sense as potential options. Both coaches seem to get the most out of their players and would unite the lockerroom.

    I don’t believe Marvin Lewis is a very high upside head coach, but I think he could operate as a sufficient defensive coordinator

    • jay13

      Another guy is Indy’s Nick Sirianni. Has done some good things in Indy with Frank Reich. Offense is starting to heat up with Rivers now.

      Detroit really needs to get this one right. I personally love Saleh but have a feeling Rod Wood will drop the ball.

      • wagner13

        He’s definitely one to watch. I believe Detroit should pursue either Saleh, Eberflus, or Morris if possible. They certainly aren’t lacking in talent, but could use someone to round up the troops and improve team chemistry

        • jay13

          I think Patricia’s biggest issue was he alienated the locker room way too early. Quinn built a nice core early on but his last couple of drafts have been off balance. The fact they thought the trenches were irrelevant(at least I felt that way) has always baffled me. I just want to get some consistency on both sides of the ball.

          Personally, I want nothing to do with Daboll in Detroit. I would want Bieniemy more out of the 2. He has learned from a master of offense and I am sure Reid has brought him in on more HC duties.

          • wagner13

            I can respect that. Maybe I have been too traumatized by recent members of the Reid coaching tree in Nagy and Pederson.

            I actually think Detroit has an underrated offensive line, although paying Haitai over Glasgow made absolutely no sense. However, Ragnow and Decker are pieces to build around. Cosby and Oday aren’t lighting it up, but they’re not weaknesses either.

            My real gripe is their lack of emphasis on the defensive line, which is too oriented on run prevention in a pass-first league. The Flowers contract was an obvious overpay and they could really use some pressure from the interior

            • jay13

              Pederson is still a damn good coach IMO. I can agree on Nagy being a hesistant feeling toward the Reid tree.

              The Hal Vaitai contract is a albatross. The only lineman the Lions should keep is Decker, Ragnow and Jonah Jackson. Tyrell Crosby might be a nice keeper as a swing lineman. He has shown he can play Guard and Tackle.

              The defensive line is a shambles. They need to change back to a attacking 4-3 defense. Flowers needs to move around the line, inside and out. I think if the Lions use Flowers more like Chris Jones in KC, that contract will be fine. Too many things on defense need to be fixed.

    • cka2nd

      I would’t mind seeing Todd Bowles get another shot, but it’ll probably be another year as TB’s DC before that happens.

  5. Yep it is

    Funny how Daboll is the most desirable when it took 3 years to make Josh Allen into an above QB who came out as the top of the draft selection, but Bienemy is flashy after taking another raw talent and after 1 year wins the MVP. Couldn’t be because one is Black? What a joke to say Daboll is the most desireable.

    • wagner13

      I really cannot stand people like you. I still think Bieniemy is the second best candidate, it’s simply my opinion that he may have benefited from both Mahomes’ talent and Reid’s guidance. I only called him “flashy” because most people perceive him as the consensus best coaching prospect and my viewpoint happens to differ a bit. I’m sorry I happen to disagree; it doesn’t mean I’m just straight up wrong. If I were actually racist, why would I recommend the likes of Saleh and Morris?

      • Yep it is

        Wagner13 could care less who you can stand. Maybe you should think before you write. Daboll shouldn’t be a candidate at all. Funny how you bring up Reid after you were busted by your remarks. We knew what you meant.

        • wagner13

          Yup. You caught me. I’m totally a racist. Guess I should go join the KKK now. I really hope you’re trolling, because this is just utterly ridiculous

    • Allen was drafted 7th. Mayfield (1) and Darnold (3) were ahead of him, Rosen (10) behind him. ‘Top of the draft selection’ does not ensure success and QBs still need a good coach. Daboll should get plenty of credit, especially since Allen was viewed as the rawest talent of the four taken that early in that draft.

      Dude could barely complete 50% of his passes when he came in the league, now he’s completing 70% and will surpass 4,000 yards and 30 TDs this year.

    • cka2nd

      Just going by their respective college stats, Allen seems to have been a lot rawer than Mahomes was when they entered the league. I hated the Allen pick myself, and compared him to Christian Hackenberg more than once.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Not certain how I feel about search firms being hired to make GM and HC recommendations. I suppose one advantage is that they eliminate the “cronyism” factor that often gets someone a job when other candidates are actually more qualified.

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