Lions’ Robert Prince To Serve As Interim Interim HC

The Lions, technically speaking, are on to their third head coach of 2020. Wide receivers coach Robert Prince will man the sidelines on Saturday while interim head coach Darrell Bevell watches from afar, per the league’s COVID-19 protocols.

Bevell and nearly all of the Lions’ defensive staff were classified as close contacts to a COVID-positive assistant, putting the team in uncharted waters on a short week. Four other coaches will be keeping their distance too. The shuffle will see quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan call plays for the first time in his career. For his part, Prince previously served as Boise State’s offensive coordinator. He joined the Lions in 2014 under the Jim Caldwell administration and he stands as the team’s longest-tenured assistant.

While the Bucs make their playoff push, the Lions won’t be playing for much. If the season ended today, they’d be in line for the No. 11 overall pick.

In other Lions news, future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson says he wants to continue his career in 2021. So far this year, the 35-year-old has averaged 3.7 yards per carry and scored six touchdowns.

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20 comments on “Lions’ Robert Prince To Serve As Interim Interim HC

    • crosseyedlemon

      Don’t be so sure. The Bucs obviously have no idea what Prince & Ryan might attempt in the way of a game plan so that puts them at a disadvantage.

      • jawinks

        Lmao what? They’re probably not scheming up a storm, and even if they were the Lions’ defense has zero talent right now

        • crosseyedlemon

          How many times have we seen teams play down to the level of their opponents in these types of situations?

          • mcmillankmm

            Please, Lions really should be thinking draft position and resting their top players….Bucs fighting for 5th..

      • Sheep8

        I do think Stafford knows what he is doing, not saying they will be fine, but they will not be green.

      • barneyfifethelegend

        Nice jobe poyntng out and kerrekteng yer airer. Yoo dont want too leeve it two the gramer poleece to skure and rayk you ovur the hot coles.

  1. julyn82001

    Not a Tigers fan, but what is really going on over there? Is it ownership being too involved like Dallas’ Jerry? Gee it’s most unfortunate some leaders do not know how to run their sport franchises…

    • markdavisbarber

      I believe that the interim HC Darrell Bevell is unable to coach due to COVID Protocols. I don’t believe that he is the only Lion’s coach in this position, hence the WR coach getting the nod. Darrell has most likely been working with everyone remote, but due to game time communication restrictions Zoom is out of the question.

  2. tigersfan1320

    If this were the chiefs or ravens or pats having this problem, the league would definitely postpone the game. But the lions get no favors whatsoever

    • crosseyedlemon

      The NFL granted Detroit favors by letting them host two SBs. Ironically, the two most historic franchises (Chicago and Green Bay) have never been granted that opportunity.

      • bucsfan

        In fairness, the dome is the reason why. Now the Giants hosting a Super Bowl is a better complaint

      • thebluemeanie

        lemon loves to tell us how 2+2=5. As if the NFL not doing the Lions any favors has any correlation, or anything at all, to do with them hosting Super Bowls. Besides, like bucsfan said, it’s because they play in a dome. Not that complicated. Although, it is weird someone spends so much time commenting about a team they clearly don’t like. Dude bashes the Lions every chance he gets. It’s like someone who follows someone on Twitter simply because they hate them.

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