Nick Foles Back At Practice; Mitchell Trubisky Remains Bears’ Starter

Mitchell Trubisky appears to officially have regained his job, for now. Nick Foles returned to Bears practice Wednesday, but Matt Nagy said Trubisky will start Sunday against the Lions.

The Bears started Trubisky in Week 12, but Foles was inactive due to the hip injury that knocked him out of Chicago’s previous game. Foles practicing but being set to play behind Trubisky is a course change for the Bears, who have seen their season take a wrong turn.

Nagy yanked Trubisky in Week 3, and Foles provided a spark in a comeback win in Atlanta. Chicago then improved to 5-1 after two more Foles-directed victories. But the Bears have since become the first post-merger team to follow a 5-1 start with five straight losses. While the 5-6 team remains in the playoff race, it enters Week 13 ranked 31st in total offense. Foles is 29th in QBR.

Trubisky did not play well against the Packers but did guide a comeback win over the Lions in Week 1. Against Detroit in his career, Trubisky has a 14-4 TD-INT ratio. He has not lost to the Lions since 2017. This certainly might not be the final quarterback change of Chicago’s season, but for now, the Bears are giving the former No. 2 overall pick and 2021 free agent-to-be another shot.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Nick Foles Back At Practice; Mitchell Trubisky Remains Bears’ Starter

  1. markdavisbarber

    You have to wonder if Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace have figured out yet that if they had traded for Derek Carr instead of Khaili Mack they would have a ring by now.

    • One of the most untrue comments ever typed, the bears will never win because they are the Cleveland browns disguised as an 8-8 team, it doesn’t matter who they have personnel wise, the organization is a joke masquerading as a linebackers quickest way to the hall of fame

      • markdavisbarber

        Jim McMahon just called and relaid a message to parx to get “outrageousness” because if The Bears has a QB they would be doing the “Super Bowl Schuffle”…

      • ‘the bears will never win because they are the Cleveland browns disguised as an 8-8 team,’

        Best description for the Bears I’ve ever seen.

    • qbert1996

      Based on what exactly? Carr is a good qb sure but how does putting him on the Bears make them a Super Bowl winner? He would lose to Rogers just like he loses to Mahomes.

      • markdavisbarber

        The Bears at the time of the trade were a more complete team, just as they have been… even maybe entering into this year? …

        The trade was in 2018 and The Bears had just moved up in the draft for Trubisky…. I will just let that sit and you can think about that.

        • Trubisky arguably put up better numbers than Carr in 2018. But even still, I don’t see how Carr helps them beat the Eagles, then the Saints, then the Rams, then the Patriots to win a ring. Especially *without* Khalil Mack.

          In 2019, the Bears were 8-8 *with* Khalil Mack. Take Mack off that team and add Carr and you do not have a Super Bowl winner.

          Your assertion is crazy.

          • rondon

            What you had to take “off that team” was Trubisky. Pace drafting Watson or Mahomes instead would’ve absolutely got them past the Eagles and made them a super bowl contender.

      • JoeBrady

        He would lose to Rogers just like he loses to Mahomes.
        Technically, Carr is the only QB to have beaten Mahomes this year, and should’ve beaten him twice, except for three 4th quarter drops.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Pace: “Any idea on how we can get interviews for those open positions Quinn and Patricia held?”
    Nagy: “I’ll start Trubisky again and that should help”.

  3. Ak185

    This figures to be the final nail in the coffin for Nagy and Pace, doesn’t it? Unless ownership was ironclad in its commitment to keep them after this year no matter what, you’d think that the third QB exchange this year (between the same two starters) while they were both healthy should do it. The indecision really looks worse than the actual production-we all knew that neither Foles nor Trubisky would end up saving the Bears, but switching them constantly makes it seem as if the coaching staff is helpless, which is an awful look for the future.

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