Chargers Interested In Urban Meyer

The Chargers are exploring Urban Meyer as a candidate, according to sources who spoke with Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo of (on Twitter). Meyer has been non-committal in talks with the Jaguars, and that’s partially due to the Bolts’ interest.

Meyer hasn’t had a formal interview with the Chargers yet, but that conversation could be just around the corner. So far, the Chargers’ search has been mostly focused on candidates with NFL experience, as shown in PFR’s 2021 Head Coaching Search Tracker:

The Jaguars have the No. 1 overall pick, but the Chargers may be a more attractive destination for Meyer. They already have a promising young quarterback in Justin Herbert, plus a ton of talent on the other side of the ball. In L.A., Meyer could have safety Derwin James, defensive tackle Linval Joseph, cornerbacks Casey Hayward and Chris Harris, and edge rushers Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa at edge rusher.

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17 comments on “Chargers Interested In Urban Meyer

  1. nutznboltz

    I’ve read that he is not sure if he really wants to get back into coaching or coaching at the pro level. If he isn’t 100% committed, then find someone else.

  2. kayjaygee626

    Meyer’s only legit legacy options are in LA. Chargers if he wants to try the pros or USC if he wants to remain in college. As a fan of both USC is where he can make the bigger impact on the football program

    • king beas

      I’m not a USC fan but college football needs them to be legit again. Bama Ohio State Clemson LSU and Oklahoma are making the CFP too often it would be nice to have a pac12 school be good again

    • Yep it is

      I don’t understand why any fan base would want him. He is a QUITTER. He comes to a program, cheats, goes after questionable character players, and suddenly has health issues when the heat gets turned up.

      • phillyballers

        Yea… comes to a program wins a couple national championships makes them relevant every year hes there puts everything he has into a program to build it up at the expense of his own health and then when he gets burnt out or the clown posse that is the NCAA gives him too much grief he walks away. Bad coach.

      • kayjaygee626

        Meyer brings a aura of CFB greatness to any recruits living room. All of Cali 5* recruits are leaving to the confederate south why? Because of names like Saban, Dabo and Orgeron. He immediately would upgrade the team on recruitment alone

        • Ak185

          Yeah, the confederate South, that sounds relevant and not like an unnecessary potshot. It’s okay because of who you’re insulting I suppose. You know, actually, Meyer might be a good fit, you’re right.

          Ooooh crap, forgot, he actually won a championship in the confederate south. That’s basically half his resume. Should we count it? Ah, it’s not like Southern Cal hasn’t had a coach bolt at the first sign of sanctions before…it shouldn’t be unexplored territory when they hire a self-preserver like Meyer to do it.

          Maybe you should focus on getting a better coach instead of a bigger name. Kids go to the SEC to get drafted, and because those schools win. The PAC12 is wide open right now, there’s no established dominant power directing the conference. Now is the time to hire a coach you believe in, instead of a has-been with questionable morality at a school that already has the eye of regulators as is. Besides, it’s not like Southern Cal has trouble recruiting. But that’s just me.

  3. sn33

    I could be way off base here. But I kind of get the feeling he regrets not taking the Cowboys job last year and isn’t overly enthralled with the current options.

    • Tatsumaki

      Cowboys are trash, chargers and Jaguars (with lawerence) both have much brighter futures than cowboys ever will.

      • sn33

        You might be right. I’m just saying that’s kind of the feeling I get. The Cowboys are always relevant and arguably the most popular franchise even when they stink. I would go with the Chargers personally. For whatever reason they aren’t calling me for interviews though haha

  4. padres19

    You guys keep saying Ingram is there. That’s not true. Contract expired and almost certainly won’t be resigned.

  5. Kwflanne

    meyer will want control of the team…. that’s not happening with the chargers, where the Spanos family still wants to dictate football operations

    • mlbnyyfan

      Meyer going to the highest bidder. Who’s willing to pay the most?

  6. Ak185

    I can’t for the life of me understand why any team would want someone who has been out of football for several years to come coach their team without a resume. At least, no resume at a professional level. On the top of that, there are possibly questions about this candidate’s character, and definitely about his commitment. Lastly, he’s going to be extremely expensive. Why?

    I understand that this is possibly a smokescreen to force the hand of the Chargers, but recruiting is by far and away Meyer’s most proficient area, and it’s barely a part of football, minus free agency. And even that is not what it was like in college.

    If you want someone with college experience, recent experience at that, why not Brian Daboll? He has college championship pedigree (I believe two rings, as many as Meyer), a much more proven NFL body of work, a better reputation, and will certainly be cheaper. He has worked for more NFL teams, and is a much more recently experienced coach. Meyer’s draw is his college experience with big time, first round players. At Alabama, Daboll was surrounded by those players in a more pro-modeled environment. 2016 was Meyer’s career high I first round selections, when he had five. The next year, with Daboll coordinating at Alabama, they had four. And, again, Daboll has NFL experience, and experience with a young possible franchise QB, at that.

    I’m really only making the case for Daboll as a comparison to an established NFL candidate, but the question stands-why beg Meyer to come in when you have so many other candidates with more relevant (read: professional level) bodies of work? And pay him double figures, on top of that? If you’re insistent on a coach with questionable commitment, interview Josh McDaniels.

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