Deshaun Watson Wants To Be Traded Regardless Of Who Head Coach Is

The Texans are seeking second interviews with Leslie Frazier and Eric Bieniemy for their head coaching vacancy, and both men would seem to be good bets to smooth things over with disgruntled quarterback Deshaun Watson. Frazier, who has previous HC experience, is seen as a strong leader and stabilizing influence, and his background as a defensive-minded coach would probably allow the team to keep Watson favorite Tim Kelly as OC. Meanwhile, Bieniemy was endorsed by Watson early on in the process and is widely regarded as a top offensive mind.

However, it appears that the situation is no longer salvageable. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Watson wants out of Houston and will not change his mind regardless of whom the team hires as its next HC (via Adam Schefter of on Twitter).

Assuming that’s true, that could obviously make the Texans’ job considerably less attractive. On the other hand, a Watson trade would net a bounty of much-needed draft picks, one of which could be used on a top rookie signal-caller. It does not presently appear as though Watson’s discontent is dissuading either Frazier or Bieniemy, as both men are said to be assembling potential staffs in case they should be hired. Though the loss of Watson would obviously sting, a power structure comprised of Frazier or Bieniemy as HC and Nick Caserio as GM has a lot of potential.

As of now, Watson — who would have to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a deal — is reportedly interested in joining either the Dolphins or Jets, and the Panthers have been mentioned as a potential suitor as well. Both AFC East clubs have ample draft capital to get a deal done, and some sources believe Watson prefers the Jets.

However, Matt Miller of says Gang Green is not Watson’s preferred destination at this point (Twitter link). Still, it would not be surprising to see the Jets enter the bidding, especially since Woody Johnson is returning from his post as former president Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdom and will resume his role as principal owner with final say on all matters. Although Rich Cimini of says Johnson will presumably allow his football people make the decision, Johnson’s love of splashy acquisitions at quarterback could add another layer of intrigue to the Watson matter.

With Matthew Stafford also requesting a trade, it figures to be a fascinating offseason of quarterback rumors.

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64 comments on “Deshaun Watson Wants To Be Traded Regardless Of Who Head Coach Is

  1. CamFrost

    Cal McNair is an absolute moron and this city doesn’t deserve the nonsense that he’s created.

    • jjd002

      I honestly feel bad for Cal because he gets taken advantage of and is amazingly gullible.

  2. joshmorris

    Daniel Jones, #11 overall pick, 2022 1st rounder and Evan Engram for Watson?

    • Instead of simply trashing you, here is my opinion, as a Giants fan: Jones is practically worthless, maybe equivalent to a 6th rounder at best. Engram is sort of equivalent to a 4th rounder. The two first rounders are the prize here, but a Giants team with Watson in 2021 (and a healthy Saquon) instead of Jones wins the NFC East and pushes the 2022 pick to a late first rounder.

      So your overall deal is something like:

      2021 #11 pick
      2022 #15-20ish pick
      4th round pick
      6th round pick

      Not nearly enough, imo.

    • joeyrocafella

      LMAO that might b the worst trade offer I’ve heard. No one wants Daniel Jones. Engram is always hurt… And the Dolphons ad Jets would both offer much better first rounders, including addngeither Tua or Darnold… The Fiants wouldn’t need to add a LOT more into that deal to even be part of the discussion

      • Ak185

        Jones is hardly worthless, but that is not sufficient. It might work for a QB on his second contract or a lower end starter for a team looking for a bridge starter in anticipation of a rebuild. It would not work for Watson. Engram also is a above average at best as a pure receiver, who could draw interest for a team set on adding a pass catcher there, but he will need a new contract soon and is not a generational enough talent to net a big return.

        I’d say that Jones would be worth a fourth to a team who liked him, and a fifth for most. Engram is probably in the same general area. Watson would need more than a pair of fifths and pair of firsts to get traded away.

  3. Tatsumaki

    Why the jets over miami???? Miami has nice weather and has a solid built defense. Jets have nothing and are amidst a rebuild…

    • bigeasye

      Not to mention 4 million in state income taxes in NY. From one dysfunctional franchise to another

      • andremets

        The Jets are not dis functional because of tax laws. Plus they play in NJ, not NY. Texas doesn’t have state income taxes either, so a trade to Miami would be neutral cash wise but I think he would get a lot more endorsements in NY than Miami.

    • joeyrocafella

      Robert Saleh is one reason… Another reason would be that the Jets have close to $70M in cap space and can build a team around Watson much faster. Its a nice better situation than Miami

      • Yep it is

        Robert Saleh? The same coach who along with Kyle Shanashouldnt choked away a 10 point Super Bowl lead with 8 minutes to go? Bahahahaha

    • bradthebluefish

      If Watson goes to the Jets, he may significant say in who they sign with all of that cap space.

      • rondon

        I fail to see how any player with Watson’s ability and potential would ever choose the eternally re-building Jets.

        • Technically correct

          I think the pitch is something like –
          Imagine if you were the guy to return to glory in this major international media market? Joe Namath wasn’t even that good and look at all those fur coats and women he got. So just think what would happen to you because you’re actually good!! Suzy Kolber would probably try to kiss YOU.

  4. puddles

    Tbh, will be really hard to watch them as a fan for the next couple years after this disaster. Even if they get an absolute haul (which they should), will be tough to convince myself I should get sucked back into this trainwreck of an organization

    • CamFrost

      I hope Cal is happy with Easterby and Caserio considering how much he has to have them over their franchise player. Who’s to say they will even get a haul for him? This is the same team that accepted David Johnson and a 2nd for Hopkins and a 4th. They GAVE a pick on top of Hopkins. The same man is signing off of this trade too.

      • puddles

        Smh and watched Diggs get traded the same i
        offseason for a 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th. brutal stuff. If Watson wants out they should tear it all down.

    • jjd002

      It might be the last straw for me. This isn’t like Harden’s cap. Watson has not been selfish and a douche. This one would actually hurt as a fan. The Easter Bunny needs to be gone

  5. whiplash

    At this point idc what he wants. You don’t get to decide to sign a huge contract then go somewhere else. You don’t show up you don’t get paid. Your contract doesn’t say you get to make coaching and GM decisions. Make suggestions, sure, but don’t think you’re entitled to big decisions.

    • They *asked* him for his opinion and told him it would be considered. His opinion: please interview Bienemy and Saleh. They then went on to be the only team with an opening who did not interview Saleh and only set up an interview with Bienemy (who has also been interviewed by every team with an opening) after they got publicly called out on it.

      In order to show they were listening to him, all they had to do was interview two guys that every other team in the league with an opening interviewed. And they didn’t (at least initially with Bienemy).

      It’s a slap in the face and appears deliberate. Watson has every right to be annoyed. Not only was he lied to, the Texans also seemed to spite him as well. He’s the best player on the team and a top five QB. Why treat him like this? Tremendous unforced error.

      • Jimbobroy

        I ask for my wife’s opinion all the time, doesn’t mean I have to agree with it or even consider it!

    • Stat_head

      He’s already been paid $40 million. He can sit out as long as he wants. It’s not like he’ll starve. This has happened with other players, but most teams don’t let it get that far.

      • whiplash

        He’ll get fined then an lose paychecks. He’ll look stupid if he claims, or of Watt claims, the team wasted a year of his prime and he sits out a year. He’s just sounding like a diva throwing a tantrum because things aren’t going his way.

  6. Greg M

    He better be willing to waive his no trade clause if he want’s to be traded. I’m pretty sure his contract doesn’t have any language in it that allows him to be traded on demand to his team of choice. It seems Watson want’s to renegotiate his contract without giving up anything on his end. Tough *bleep*…

    • DarkSide830

      im pretty sure if you have a NTC you can waive it for who you wish. he doesnt have to waive it entirely.

      • Greg M

        Absolutely…I’m just saying he should waive it if he want’s to be traded. A little compromise would be refreshing in this day and age.

        • Stat_head

          He doesn’t have to compromise, he simply waives at the end when the team he wants to go to negotiates a deal for him that Houston accepts. That is the entire benefit of an NTC, you only get traded to a team you want accept when you’re willing to be traded.

  7. astrosfansince1974

    If they get Tua back from Miami in a deal that might make things tolerable in Houston.

    • RaysAllDay

      I can’t see Miami trading for Watson after having drafted Tua, unless Tua is heading elsewhere.

  8. dylan1g

    I doubt it since it’s the only HC job left, but I wonder if that’ll make Frazier/Bieniemy stay with their respective teams knowing that. If there were still other HC openings, I’m sure they’d take them over this one cause of that.

    • DarkSide830

      yeah id only go there if desperate. seems like a gig that will kill your career.

  9. jyosuckas

    Well Wentz just took a hit here, 2 much better QB’s can now be had. I can see the Colts interested in Stafford over Wentz

    • Superbear29

      Wentz isn’t going anywhere. They got rid of the HC to make him happy.

      • Ak185

        The HC also ran the team poorly and killed his locker room confidence, so I don’t think that it was too big a loss.

  10. Dev0

    Don’t get the coach for the Quarterback that doesn’t want to be there. Get the head coach you want long term, this is how you create a bad franchise maybe bad decisions hoping players will be happy.

    • I think the ship has sailed on ‘creating a bad franchise’, and it was skippered by Bill O’Brien and Cal McNair.

  11. I Beg To Differ

    Hire Brian Daboll

    Trade Watson to the Jets
    #2 pick this year
    Jets or Seattles first this next year. Which ever is more favorable.
    2 3rds (Jets 2021 this year, already determined)
    2 4ths (Jets 2021 this year, already determined).

    Sign Gus Edwards or Malcom Brown

    Sign Allen Robinson to pair with Cooks

    Trade the #2 overall pick and acquire more draft assets. Id trade back and look at 2nd tier qbs. Mac Jones, Kyle Trask, etc and let Daboll work with them.

    Rebuild through the draft.

    • Cosmodogs

      Would need both 1st rd picks the next year to make this work. I still think the Texans would be better off trading him to Miami for Tua, the 3rd overall pick this year, another 1st this year, and one next year. Just my opinion.

    • Ak185

      The only issue with this plan is that Daboll apparently is not interested in the Texans job. Otherwise I could see how this could help Houston.

    • Why would the Jets even consider trading away the franchise for one of the most expensive players in the NFL? Huge cap hit and no draft picks to soften the blow with rookies for other positions.

      Setting themselves up to lose. Something like the Texans now.

  12. bradthebluefish

    Any way the Texans can tell Watson to eat it and having it worked out? What could Watson do in retaliation? Not show up for early summer practice?

    • Stat_head

      He can sit out camp and into the season. Only thing the Texans can do is not pay him. They call his bluff & he sits out, his price plummets.

      • Contract won’t toll if Watson doesn’t play. If Watson doesn’t come in until week 8 (or is it week 11) and then plays badly who would want him? An empowered angry toddler. Interesting situation: both sides lose big in a showdown.

        Watson signed a contract – that means play and earn those dollars. NFL owners better stiffen their spines collectively or every years will bring Bell/Brown level meltdowns.

  13. Stat_head

    Good news for Stafford & the Lions since their demands will look mild compared to the Texans. Watson deserves a bigger haul based on his age alone, but based on the projections I’ve seen (multiple 1s & players) Stafford will look like a bargain in comparison.

  14. wrigleyhawkeye

    Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get a say, but Watson thinks he should? This sense of entitlement is a red flag.

    • phnxdark23

      It’s not a red flag to feel “entitled” to something you are personally promised from the owner himself.

  15. Pokeli

    I’m sti confused because even though everyone says he’s worth a haul of picks (and he certainly is), doesn’t his value dimish because he’s going to refuse to play for Houston? Is this similar to the Steelers and Bell where it doesn’t really work out for anyone? He wants to leave and everyone knows that so teams can negotiate a little better because he might just sit all next season if he has to.

  16. Jimbobroy

    Why did he sign an extension if the organization is so bad, greed? Just another spoiled whiney pro athlete.

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