Deshaun Watson Eyeing Jets Over Dolphins?

As the Texans progress on their slow-moving head coaching search, Deshaun Watson‘s discontent with the franchise appears to remain. The quarterback is eyeing destinations for a potential trade out of Houston.

The Texans have received calls on Watson, whose unhappiness surfaced more than two weeks ago, but have not budged yet. However, multiple AFC East teams look to be in play for the quarterback whose contract contains a no-trade clause. Watson is interested in playing for the Dolphins or Jets, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports, but at this point would prefer a Jets deal.

Watson is believed to have told people this week he would rank the Jets over the Dolphins among destinations, due largely to the latter’s Robert Saleh hire. Watson wanted the Texans to include the former 49ers DC in their coach search, per Salguero. The Texans did not interview Saleh.

Both teams make sense as prospective Watson suitors. Each has two first-round picks this year, with both teams holding top-three selections. Both teams have former top-five QBs on the roster already, but Saleh stopped short of committing to Sam Darnold for 2021. Dolphins GM Chris Grier did name Tua Tagovailoa the team’s 2021 starter. This is not the first time the Dolphins have surfaced in prospective Watson trade talks, however. Tagovailoa would likely be a Texans target if the teams discussed Watson.

The Jets and Dolphins reside on the low end as far as skill-position talent goes, joining the Texans in that sector. Each team has a need at wide receiver. As of now, the Jets far outflank the Dolphins in cap space ahead of what could be a robust receiver market. Gang Green is projected to hold more than $60MM in cap room; Miami is projected to possess just more than $20MM.

It is believed Watson could pry three first-round picks in a trade, though a top-three pick headlining the package could change that equation. As of now, the Texans view Watson as their cornerstone player. Both Cal McNair and Nick Caserio have pledged the 25-year-old Pro Bowler will be back in Houston next season. For now, however, Watson remains a disgruntled employee. Considering the rare trade value he possesses, speculation on destinations will continue.

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36 comments on “Deshaun Watson Eyeing Jets Over Dolphins?

  1. mcdusty49

    The Dolphins landing Watson would say a lot about their confidence in Tua long term

    • mcdusty49

      Heck with how emotion players get these days I wouldn’t be surprised if Tua’s camp isn’t already upset even about it being rumored

    • Mjm117

      Watson is a top 3 QB. He’s an upgrade almost anywhere. It’s not about lack of confidence in Tua(Fins already hired his old coach as the new QB coach) it’s that Watson is better than almost everyone.

      Doesn’t take a genius to realize that.

      • Mjm117

        Fins will build around Tua. Doesn’t look like they’ll be pursuing Watson

        • letmeclearmythroat74

          Agreed .. top 5 , not too 3. I would take Mahomes , Allen, Rodgers then I’d consider Watson and Lamar. Also, o would rank them differently from a fantasy perspective.

  2. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I can understand wanting out of dysfunctional Houston. Wanting to go to the Mess- I mean Jets- is liking looking for a lifeboat with a hole in it.

    • carlos15

      Which is what they said about the Browns and Bills for years. Things change.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        They do, but I can’t see the Jets being able to do enough heavy lifting in 2-3 years to compete without the picks they’ll be trading. They don’t have much to start with now.

      • phillyballers

        And…? No one wanted to go there. The Browns and Bill’s drafted QBs, they didn’t have a choice.

  3. bigeasye

    The jets wont/can’t contend until his contract is up. Especially if they trade all their picks.

  4. Greg M

    The crybaby wants out of Houston AND wants to choose what team he goes to? Anything else, Deshaun? Maybe the Texans can throw in round trip airfare to Mars…

    It disgusts me that Cal McNair and BOB forced him to sign that contract extension at gunpoint.

    • He negotiated a no trade clause in his extension. That’s the whole point of it. What’s he meant to do, give it up to make you feel better?

      • Greg M

        He should most definitely give it up if he wants to be traded. Otherwise he should shut his mouth and play football. We don’t always get to have our cake and eat it in the adult world.

        Want something? Then give something. It’s called compromise…

        • ron swanson

          You know who can have his cake and eat it Greg? A top 5 QB. Your boss can find anyone to take the mop outta your hands.

        • JT19

          I mean the compromise is him waiving his no trade clause. Luckily for the Texans, the two most mentioned teams (the Jets and Dolphins) have a high draft pick and a young QB that could be sent back so the haul going back shouldn’t be too bad on paper. If Watson wants out enough, he’ll waive his NTC regardless of who is trading for him. I don’t see the NTC being the metaphorical hoop in this situation, the more pressing issue is the dead cap that will accelerate onto the 2021 salary cap. Although I’m not sure how much could actually be done about that (i.e. if Watson were to give the signing bonus back, if the Texans would recoup some of the cap space).

      • seth3120

        I understand his frustration I’d want out too but in fairness to this argument he didn’t negotiate a must trade clause either.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I believe we’ve been joined by Cal McNair’s brother on this board. Lol. The M in the handle was my first clue, and the disdain for this being my second.

      Dude, the Texans gave him the NTC. He has to give nothing up. The Texans will get a King’s ransom for him if they move him. Why should Watson chip in? That’s not how it works.

    • ruckus727

      The gift of Bill O’Brien keeps on giving. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one man single-handedly derail a franchise as much as Bill O’Brien has. At least since Mike Ditka traded every single draft pick plus for Ricky Williams.

      • ruckus727

        Make no mistake the state of the franchise is playing a role in Watson wanting out of there. It’s not just his lack of input on coach/GM hires. It’s both. In the state of the franchise solely rests on Bill O’Brien.

    • weave

      I guess I am old. When did it become fashionable for Owners and GMs to have to consult their star players before hiring Coach’s and Front Office personnel?

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      Sorry I’m old school. I’d let his azz sit out. You sign a contract means you’re obligated to that. If he doesn’t play they don’t have to pay. Let him sit his prime years at home. I know may people will think differently but I’m tired of players thinking they are signed to play QB and also be the head coach and GM also. The guy is a great player but if he doesn’t want to play in Houston , I’m sure he could catch on up in Canada.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    The New York media are just drooling for a chance to eat Watson alive if (make that when) he fails with the Jets.

  6. ironcity341

    Seems it is more about race than situation. Nobody would say the Jets are better off the Miami. Not to mention the great disparity in tax obligations

  7. Tatsumaki

    Dolphins look great on defense under Flores get deshaun would be the first step in them becoming a force in the afc East.

    Would assume that jets would include there 1st rounder for Watson and would allow texans to draft fields unless of course they want darnold plus later round picks. Will be interesting to see where he goes if moved.

    • Lrtexasman

      Tarsumaki, The Texans would want both Jets #1 this year, plus a #1 next year, and a #2 this year or Darnold for starters.

  8. phillyballers

    I posed this last week or so… Jets do make sense as a landing spot. Darnold, #2, #23, and another 1st would be my asking price.

    • dejota

      Not enough.

      Anything less than the equivalent of 3 1sts, 3 2nds and icing hurts the Texans. Better to ride it out with Watson even if it means watching him retire early.

      • Not one football player is worth anything like that much, not even Mahomes. Every mega-trade has imploded the franchise who received Herschel Walker, RGIII, etc.

  9. George Ruth

    Sounds like Watson is a Diva & thinks he should be the one calling the shots for the Texans when he’s not

  10. dmarcus15

    The Jets have draft capital that can trade for Watson which is what the Texans need. Trade Darnold and the 2 first round picks plus next years I think it could be done.

  11. mdog

    Watson is good but if you give up three first round picks + you have to think your team is set to win now and that trade is selling out to go for it.

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