Eagles Aren’t “Talking About” Carson Wentz Trade

Carson Wentz wants out, but the Eagles aren’t in any rush. Trading the quarterback is “not anything we’re talking about right now,” GM Howie Roseman says (Twitter link via Mike Garafolo of NFL.com). 

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Even after getting the hook for rookie Jalen Hurts, the Eagles are said to still have faith in Wentz. Wentz, meanwhile, is frustrated. That’s been brewing for a while — he was annoyed with the surprise second-round selection of Hurts back in the spring.

It’s quite possible that Roseman is simply looking to maintain leverage. Major changes are coming to the Eagles no matter what, and the shakeup could include the departure of Zach Ertz. Meanwhile, head coach Doug Pederson will stay on board, according to a recent report. The two have butted heads, so Philly might not be big enough for both of them.

Trading Wentz before the third day of the league year would result in a dead cap charge of ~$34MM. Cutting Wentz would dead cap hit of nearly $60MM. Even if it’s spread out over two years, that’s a cap killer. Frank Reich — the former Eagles OC who could lose Philip Rivers to retirement — may look to reunite with his one-time protege.

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29 comments on “Eagles Aren’t “Talking About” Carson Wentz Trade

  1. 13Morgs13

    It’s pretty easy to see a route we’re the starting QB for 2021 isn’t on the current roster. Pederson doesn’t seem to like Hurts and Wentz seems to rather be traded then fight for job back. A lot of drama around the eagles this off season.

      • The only thing I can think of is him pulling Hurts last night, but you’re right, there’s not much to indicate that he dislikes Hurts. Presumably he had some kind of say in drafting him, and he did bench the franchises most expensive, recognizable player (Wentz) to play him. It would seem like he actually likes Hurts a lot.

        • phillyballers

          Hurts was pulled so that they didn’t win the game. They threw the game for draft position.

          • Polish Hammer

            Really? He was 7-20 with 72 yards and an INT. His final series he was given the ball in the red zone and couldn’t score. Seems they weren’t winning with him in there.

          • JNolan 2

            Well he stunk, since the Cards game hes done nothing. He had 72 pass yards and 34 rush yards last night, WTF are you talking about? He should have been pulled earlier if “they needed a spark” was suffice for Wentz, WHO BTW, HAD NO ERTZ, HAD NO DJAX, ALSHON, NO GOEDDERT, NOREAGOR OR MILES EITHER SOMETIMES, AND HE PLAYED WITH A LINE THAT WAS ALL HURT, A NEW LINE EVERY GAME. At least Hurts had a group who had gotten a year under their belt, and 2 TE’s who are veterans. Hurts had the better hand in 2020. And if Wentz aint the starter next year, Ill be laughing, youll see why. I see it already. Hes gonna be an average QB, never mentioned in MVP, never playing in SB, who Carson ‘SPARKED THAT TEAM TO BELIEVING THIS IS OUR YEAR in 2017″ So if Hurts sparked in GB, then Carson sparked the entire 2017 season. THE ONLY YEAR THAT HIS TEAM WAS HEALTHY ON OFFENSE.

      • 13Morgs13

        It’s easy. He benched him in a 1 scorer winnable game for a guy who wasn’t even active since game 1 and really has no future with the team(Sudfeld). Also Pederson never really praised him at all during his 4 game Starting QB stint

        • crb15

          Praise him for what, going 1-3? He can like the guy and not praise him to the media.

            • JNolan 2

              Wentz has proven he can play, bad year with all, ALLLLLLLLL his skill players hurt, and they ALLLLLLLLLL came back for Hurts and he went 1-3. Djax came back for Hurts, Ertz came back, Miles came back Goeddert got healthy, Reagor got healthy and Miles got healthy, ALL WERE HURT, AND WENTZ HAD TO DEAL WITH THE LINE GETTING HURT AND PUTTING GUM TO FILL THE HOLES, WHILE HURTS GOT THE LINE WHEN THEY HAD ALMOST A FULL SEASON UNDER THEIR BELT. Either you know the game, or you dont. Sounds to me youre either a wentz hater, AFTER INJURY RIDDLED SEASON, or dont know the sport. 7-20, 72 yds passing, 3 rushing. 0 TD and an int. He did run for 2. WITH DJAX, ERTZ ALSHON GOEDDERT Miles AND REAGOR ALL THERE. WENTZ HAD NONE OF THEM, Oh he had Djax in game , and threw another 75 yard bomb TD. Like he seems to whenever theyre on the field together. Get out Hurts ass. Learn the game. All youll hear is ppl bitching, bc they dont know . Its funny 1 season and you hear this NOT EVEN 3 years after they won the SB, Feb 2018. This sh*t is too much. Im tired of picking up for QBS Randall, Donavan, Foles, now UNBELIEVABLY CARSON WENTZ. Go play the sport or something.

        • DarkSide830

          the Sudfeld thing is overplayed. they had good reason to lose. it would have been worse if he didnt bench him, meaning he didnt think he could win that game.

          • 13Morgs13

            Disagree 110%. Hurts was playing bad if not worst then Susfeld. He played Sudfeld because he wanted a spark

            • Ak185

              I mean, that’s he did with Hurts, right?

              Pederson is trying to see what he has. It was one of those “what do I really lose?” situations it seems. They’ll decide who they want to start over the offseason-and if they can trade Wentz in the event that they go with Hurts, they will.

          • JNolan 2

            Of course they did, ITS CALLED LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR ON TEAM. Take a 6th pick or drop multiple picks TO HELP THE GIANTS, HOWD THEY HELP US, EVERRRRRR??? HURTS AND HIS 7 completions outta 20 Att, 72 yards pass, 34 rushing 0 pass TDs, 1 Int, and he ran for 2, 35.4 passer rating, and 34% completion pctg. 52% ON THE YEAR. 6tds and 4 ints. Carson beat them numbers with NO SKILL PLAYERS PRETTY MUCH TOP TO BOTTOM. Hurts is young, but get off his di*k. He was bad except the N.O. game and Ok in the Cards game, which I think Carson wins, and wins the next few too, and gets us in the playoffs, you know why? Because he would have EVERY SINGLE SKILL PLAYER BACK. HE HAD NONE. ….They took a win away from Hurts I heard, FUCK HURTS PERSONAL STATS. This is about winning, AND THEY COULDNT WIN ANYTHING YESTERDAY BUT A MEANINGLESS GAME. BUT THEY CAN WIN A HIGH DRAFT PICK AND WIN FOR THE FUTURE. Id trade Hurts, Draft a linemen, Left tackle or Guard, BC Dillard IDK, but dpth is what carson needs.Taking Hurts over Wentz bc of his showing in 4 games that was mediocre and all based on the run, would be a laugh. . 2 scores in the past 6 quarters. and DEMOLISHED BY DALLAS. He played good game. The rest were mediocre, and heavily helped by the defense. Until they realized, this guy played nice in his 1st start vs NO, then hasnt done a thing since. If you wanna bench Carson to spark a team, YOU DAMN WELL BETTER BENCH A GUY WHO HAS UNDER 100 YARDS IN THE ENTIE GAME IN THE AIR AND THE GROUND, COMBINED AFTER SACKS. So you Hurts mongers, its gonna be Carson next year,

  2. Cokeman1959

    Got to move on from Wentz. You don’t want to play a guy who doesn’t want to be there.

    • JNolan 2

      No they dont,Maybe one of the dumbest comments and only would expect to hear this from Skip, Max Kellerman, and them types. Anyone in football, Ive never heard say Carson Wentz is done, in fact I hear them say, they gotta get his line straight, and his recievers healthy. They gotta move on from Hurts, stop withthis someone over Wentz shoulder EVERY SINGLE YEAR. He hasnt been hurt since 2017, and in 2018 he had a nagging back, not an injury. He could have played but they had Nick, and his statue, now Howie picking a QB in rd. If Carson goes. Im gonna laugh, because Doug, and his no off coor decision, shows he cant run an offense. He needs help. If Cason goes, go to Reich, Id love to see him get what he deserves. A few rings. 1 he had taken away, the year he had his MVP taken away, then 2019, and 2020, hes playing with ALL PRACTICE SQUAD PLAYERS AND ROOKIES. NEED I NAME THEM? Ward, Burnett, JJ,Boston, Fulgham, Reagor, Hightower.Richard Rogers, Josh Perkins. 2019 had a line, got them inthe playoffs. 2020, no line, no WR/TE, gets benched, Hurts goes 1-3 51.88 pass comp%, 10 sacks in 4 games, so how bout that Carson getting sacked, pfft AND THATS WITH A MORE STABLE LINE, 5 td passes in 4 starts, 3 ints IN 4 STARTS, 6 FUMBLES.

  3. I Beg To Differ

    New Orleans should take a flier on Wentz if Drew Brees actually retires this year.

    If anyone could bring out Wentz potential it’d be Sean Payton.

    • fathead0507

      Would be ideal, unfortunately Saints don’t have cap space and Philly neither to even take that dead cap hit..

    • No one is going to take a flyer on Wentz unless he restructures his contract. Unless there’s another team out there with a disgruntled and expensive player they could somewhat match salaries with.

    • htbnm57

      If Wentz is traded it would be to the Colts because of his history with their HC. It would all be predicated on Wentz giving back his signing bonus so the Eagles wouldn’t take such a huge cap hit.

    • JNolan 2

      Wentz should stay right here. Blaming Wentz after him and Kelce were the only 2 left on the field. At least Hurts had EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THE WR, TE’s, RB’s AND THEY ADDED JORDAN HOWARD, and a line that learned to play together while they were dropping before the season started and every game while Wentz played. No Djax. No Alshon Ertz Goeddert, Miles, Reagor the WHOLE OFFENSE, And no off coor, Doug calling the games like it was madden, Hurts comes in, and you think you got the future. If they go that way. Bookmark this link. I Wanna explain why you are all wrong. Carson is the future, IDC about haters and ppl on espn who gets highlights, when I watch every play, then break down each play. The line, and ZERO SKILL PLAYERS did the Eagles in,Not Carson or Hurts fault. But you cant turn your back on Carson based on 2020. You can ONLY turn your back on Roseman. Who should be stripped of his draft pick duties as far as who to pick, we need a director of FB personnel, an off coor, and a new QB coach. THATS IT, stay healthy, theyre fine. Anyone that thinks they need a rebuild, I question your knowledge of the sport. IDC how much you dislike Carson,or love Hurts. Hurts nearly had a completion % in the 40s. Hurts had 51.88 comp% he threw 5 TDs in 4 starts, 3 ints in 4 starts, 6 fumbles in starts, 10 sacks in 4 starts. Vs Wash, he was 7-20 34% comp for 72 yds. 0 TDs and an INT. He rushed for 2 but got the ball to NONE of his weapons. He ran for 34 yards, a total of under 100 yards after sacks. HE NEVER had a comp % higher than 56%. He was 1-3 did I say that? What are you people looking at? When you got a guy that proved he can do it. They let foles go in 2015. Bad/Great move,it gave us Wentz, who gave us 2017, homefield, 1st rd bye, and Foles luckily was able to finish it of. THAT SB DONT HAPPEN WITHOUT WENTZ. Anyone that disagrees, just stop watching FB.

  4. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Maintaing your leverage sorta goes out the window when you play Sudfield (or whomever that was) on a prime time Sunday night game to evaluate him, doesn’t it?

  5. DarkSide830

    id love to see them unload Eentz’s contract, but unless they can minimize the dead money hit and someone actually wants to take him rather then as a salery dump then its a no go.

  6. phillyballers

    I can see them trading Hurts if they can get a late 1st or high 2nd or a 2nd & 3rd. They money on Wentz’s deal is hard to work around. They can restructure his deal and still put together a somewhat competitive season for 21-22. Honestly I hope it all blows up in their faces it’s quite hilarious tho. Cap Genius is -70M in the hole for next year. -50ish when you push forward this seasons underspend.

  7. seth3120

    I think this whole ordeal is the Eagles fault. You have fully committed to Wentz after some extremely promising seasons then you draft Hurtz? Wentz should have been able to handle it but not all guys are the same. I’d have been a little upset if I’m trying to win now and instead of spending a high draft pick to get me help you draft a QB. With the commitment they have on him you let him work it out this season. They created this monster themselves. I think they are going to regret moving him if they do. Wentz looked way to good to be hot garbage all of a sudden

    • Ak185

      I agree with your argument. Wentz should have been able to work around Hurts’ acquisition, but I also doubt that his poor play was entirely due to his opinion of that. We have very observable evidence that injuries hurt this team more than most NFL teams (other than the 9ers or Broncos). Most importantly, Wentz was not the only one playing badly. Nobody really played well at all, really, and that goes back to the head coach. We cannot observe how he conducts team activities, but we can observe some of his awful playcalling.

      Pederson did not do well this year, even in the face of the injuries. I am less confident in his ability to rebound as a playcaller than I am of the ability of Wentz, Hurts, Ertz, Slay, or anyone else with Eagles to do so (in Philly or with another team). It’s easily observable how Wentz made some bad mistakes this year, but those were mistakes most QBs, including himself, do not tend to make at that frequency. Despite the roster deficiencies, Pederson should have been able to either address them or better protect his quarterback. He did not, and the mistakes got worse, along with Wentz’s confidence. The excitement over Hurts masked the fact that many of those deficiencies ended up returning later. Pederson really did not impress me-I did not expect the Eagles to shine necessarily with their injury trouble, but his failure to adapt at all was concerning.

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