Eagles To Hire Nick Sirianni As Head Coach

The Eagles have found their new head coach. On Thursday, the Birds agreed to hire Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni, as Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets

Sirianni is a logical candidate for the Eagles, who are looking to get Carson Wentz get back on track. Sirianni spent three seasons as a Chiefs assistant, five seasons with the Chargers, and the past three with the Colts. After working with Philip Rivers in 2020, the 39-year-old will try to work his magic with Wentz and understudy Jalen Hurts.

Under Sirianni’s watch, Rivers completed 68% of his throws for 4,169 yards with 24 touchdowns against eleven interceptions. The Colts went on to make the playoffs, though they fell to the Bills in the Wild Card round.

Sirianni isn’t just a quarterback specialist — he’s coached multiple positions with a proven track record of cultivating young talent. Wide receivers Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, and Zach Pascal all excelled under his watch. Sirianni also figures to hit it off with Wentz, since his ex-boss Frank Reich got the best out of the QB when he was in Philly.

Sirianni beat out a number of well-established candidates and rumored named for the job, as shown in PFR’s 2021 Head Coaching Search Tracker:

  • Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs offensive coordinator
  • Todd Bowles, Buccaneers defensive coordinator
  • Joe Brady, Panthers offensive coordinator
  • Mike Kafka, Chiefs quarterbacks coach
  • Jerod Mayo, Patriots inside linebackers coach
  • Josh McDaniels, Patriots offensive coordinator
  • Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma head coach
  • Robert Saleh, 49ers defensive coordinator
  • Arthur Smith, Titans offensive coordinator
  • Brandon Staley, Rams defensive coordinator
  • Duce Staley, Eagles running backs coach

McDaniels, who famously spurned the Colts a few years ago, was believed to be the other finalist.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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44 comments on “Eagles To Hire Nick Sirianni As Head Coach

  1. bumpy93

    I guess you know they figured hey if we can’t get Frank right back here to help figure Carson out it’ll just bring him Frank reich’s number two down here to figure it out. This seems like we 100% an eagle next year. God I hope I’m wrong but this is gonna blow up in our face. It’s seems until Lurie and Howie is gone, this is going to turn into dan snyder, jerry jones type mess here

    • DarkSide830

      when did Snyder and Jones win their last Super Bowls? I can tell you none as recently as 3 years ago. I dont like the Wentz thing as much as anyone else does, but we also assume they could unload him without having to cut him, which isn’t a given. assuming anyone wants to take on that money for a potentially washed up QB very well could ask for a sweetener in a salery dump rather then actuallt give you an asset.

      • bumpy93

        we looked into that super bowl I know it sounds stupid but you know regardless we did win it so you can’t take it away from us but just think about that year now look at every other year in the last seven years granted we made the playoffs in 18 we made it to playoffs in 19. 2016 and we had a losing record 2015 losing record 2014 we went 10 and 6 and in 2013 we wanted division with chip kelly. 2 years prior to that with Andy Reid you know dream team one dream team too, we won 8 and 8 and 4 and 12 of those years. so it’s not like we’ve been the best franchise like we were in the early 2000s with Andy it seems like we have too much drama going on all the time and we can’t get out of our own way now. it seems like Jeffrey lurie you know wants to be the GM and the reason he don’t want to fire Haley roseman is because how he roseman will make a pic if Lori tells him to when any other reputable GM would say no you hire me to do a job and I’m going to do it this is why I’m taking so that’s why instead of getting rid of a GM that sucked the last few years other than one super bowl winning season you know pick after pick had been failures in the draft but no we get rid of the coach that wants to super bowl and is ready to troops and to his last three years to make the playoffs.

        • DarkSide830

          you dont luck into a super bowl. you can get lucky on the way, but the fact is the coaching and the play by basically everyone on the team was what did it. those players and coaches were hired by the FO. yes, the Chip era sucked but even those years weren’t terrible record wise. I get we’ve only won one Super Bowl, but the team has been relatively successful since the turn of the 21st century. sure its not all been good, but the reality is there have been more good years then bad while the other two teams have floundered mostly.

      • Patrick N.

        Howie Roseman deserves as much credit for assembling a SB team as Jerry Jones did with Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    The Eagles could have done worse. I suspect the first thing Nick will do is try to talk Anthony Castonzo out of retirement.

  3. GoLandCrabs

    I think we can come to the conclusion Bieniemy is a bad interviewee

    • BG99

      Being able to effectively communicate is a pretty big part of being a head coach. Some guys naturally have it, some don’t, and some don’t but have an aptitude to work on it and become effective communicators.

      • 19Sharksfan

        Yeah, much the same way one player is an “athlete” or “gifted” and another player is “gritty” or “mentally tough” correct?

      • DarkSide830

        And im assuming you’re reason is a certain other one with just as little justification.

      • GoLandCrabs

        Teams are not wilfully passing on the better candidate. Believe it or not winning takes all priority in the NFL.

    • 19Sharksfan

      I think we can come to the conclusion that most NFL owners aren’t comfortable hiring a Head Coach who looks like a vast majority of the players on his team!

  4. BG99

    Deadman walkin’. Howie found someone to be the fall guy if the team spirals down the toilet again next season.

    This team is stuck in neutral, and now the transmission is shot and the brake pads are worn.

    This won’t end well.

  5. Black Ace57

    I like the hire. He was in my top 4 favorite options. I just hope Duce Staley gets a shot at OC since he really deserves a promotion.

    • DarkSide830

      yeah I prefer that to making the jump from RBs to HC. if this guy doesn’t work out and you like Duce’s OC work then you promote him.

  6. BG99

    Coordinators who need to be considered for hire:
    O: Dirk Koetter
    O: Mike Kafka
    O: Jim Caldwell
    D: Jerod Mayo
    D: Dan Quinn
    D: Teryl Austin

      • BG99

        Why does that matter? Eagles need a guy to run the offense and a guy to run the defense. And both need to work effectively with the new HC.

        Like it or not, this is a rebuild.

    • bumpy93

      if cats could didn’t want to come here as the head coach and declined an interview he ain’t coming here as offensive coordinator

  7. jgus828

    This years head coaching hires looks like your typical Midwest winter……white!

    • bumpy93

      is there a problem with that? I hate the whole deal that we even need to worry about if a head coach or GM is white or black I want the best person for the job for my team I don’t care if he’s white if he’s black Chinese, Russian whatever. you know we might be able to get over this racial BS all the time if we stop worrying about everyone’s color

      • jgus828

        So white coaches who are assistants who do not make calls get picked over those with a different skin color who are coordinators, involved with play calling. Don’t see anything wrong with this huh?

      • 19Sharksfan

        I think we can come to the conclusion that most NFL owners aren’t comfortable hiring a Head Coach who looks like a vast majority of the players on his team!
        Normally that’s called hiring discrimination!

  8. htbnm57

    I guess this is an OK hire, but Lurie got rid of the wrong guy. Bowie’s been a disaster the last three years +, resigning old players past their prime to overly long contracts and drafting guys a round or two early because he thought he was the smartest guy in the room. Now that he’s ruined the Eagles he gets to draft higher but unless he finally learns to draft the actual best player available he will insure that Soriano has a short tenure.

  9. AndyMeyer

    Sounds to me like a Lurie and Roseman hire. They want to pamper Wentz and enable him. They don’t want a coach to get in his face. This could turn out well and Wentz somehow gets out of his own head and ego and figures it out, or this could turn really ugly
    The players didn’t want to play for him anymore this year. That says a lot. They were 1-3 with Hurts but you could see the team played hard for him.
    Sirriani can’t make the same mistake Doug made and keep trotting him out there if he’s terrible. You’ll lose the locker room really quick. For a first head coach, it’s a recipe for disaster. It’ll be interesting

    • crosseyedlemon

      It was the drafting of Hurts that irritated Wentz so how do Lurie and Howie solve that? They were right in adding insurance at the QB position but they were wrong in making Pederson the fall guy for a QB controversy they created.

  10. DadsInDaniaBeach

    Just my opinion, but to me it appears like the Eagles went thru the perfect storm.
    What started out as an above average offensive line became barely a as decent college line. I mean 4th tier players. Add to that Wentz inability to get rid of the ball faster and make good decisions.
    I also think coaching was abysmal.
    I heard some talk about the failure of the receivers. I’m not so sure the blame is there. Although Ertz (sp) really did take a dump.
    One thing Andy always did was draft very large people to man the lines. Both offensive and defensive lines must get better.
    $.02c spent. ✔️

  11. flagsrup

    Sirianni has his work cut out for him or as much as Jeff and Howie allow him to handle. Understand he is a developer of talent in both the WR and QB areas, a talent sorely lacking around here. Glad it wasn’t McDaniels as he appears to be a tyrant and goes around commanding respect rather than earning it.

    IMO, Sirianni appears to be an interesting hire and seems to bring talent to the table. To me it’s not a concern if he hasn’t called plays. Just choose a good OC. Mike Tomlin doesn’t call plays and believe he’s been pretty successful.

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