Jaguars’ Shad Khan To Control Roster, No. 1 Pick

The Jaguars’ next GM will have a tremendous opportunity to help rebuild the franchise. However, owner Shad Khan says that he will continue to have final say over the roster, draft, and all personnel matters.

I kept the roster control and…the general manager candidates, I’ve been talking to them, that for the immediate future I’m going to keep the roster control,” Khan said (via Michael Lombardi of The Athletic). “And I want the coach to know that also. What’s evaded the history of the Jags, really, has been a franchise quarterback. We have the ability now to make a choice, and it’s going to define the franchise moving forward.”

Of course, Khan probably won’t have to think too hard about the No. 1 overall pick. The Jaguars are almost certain to select Clemson superstar Trevor Lawrence, who may be the best draft-eligible quarterback since Andrew Luck. Lawrence, to the surprise of no one, officially declared earlier this week.

Khan may keep control, but he’s not expected to be an all-out babysitter of his next GM. So far, their candidate pool includes former Browns general manager Ray Farmer, Saints assistant GM Terry Fontenot, former Giants GM Jerry Reese, ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, and former Texans general manager Rick Smith. For the latest on the Jags and other GM-less teams, check out our 2021 NFL GM Search Tracker.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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43 comments on “Jaguars’ Shad Khan To Control Roster, No. 1 Pick

  1. theeterps

    Khan seems like a genuinely good guy, just hope for the Jags’ sake that he backs off of this. It hasn’t worked out very well for Jerry Jones. That’s what you hire a GM for.

      • Superbear29

        He won 3 as an owner nothing as a GM. He’s actually a pretty bad GM.

        • 276 wins to 236 losses. Jones hasn’t done that badly as GM. On the other hand, he has to stop babying and overpaying his stars and favourites if he ever hopes to be a top seed in the playoffs or hold up a Lombardi ever gain (probably couldn’t lift it at this point).

          PS. As a Redskins fan who can’t stand the Cowboys organisation, I can’t believe I’ve written a paragraph defending that vainglorious old codger.

          • JoeBrady

            Johnson did a lot of that. Over the past 24 years, the Cowboys have basically .500, while not even sniffing the SB, with only 3 playoffs wins in 24 years.

    • seth3120

      What kind of gm does he expect to attract? A yes man? A consultant at best it seems. Obviously if I were him and a gm went anyway other than Lawrence with the first pick I’d step in but after that let him do his job. How can you hold a gm accountable when you have final say?

  2. j_butte

    I think this is more, I’m not trading this guy or releasing him because he’s unhappy situation rather than digging into scouting reports for the draft. Probably have a say so in bringing in questionable free agents as well. I doubt he’s making trades in the 6th round of the draft for a kicker.

  3. MoneyBallJustWorks

    sounds like more of a “i will identify the aspects we need to address and the GM and scouting department will run the final decision by me for approval. I mean if he says he wants the team to get a franchise QB and address the dline in the draft, I’m sure he isn’t going to be scouting every player

  4. bumpy93

    now we know the reason that Urban Meyer hasn’t signed to be the head coach of the jags yet. he is slowly becoming the next Daniel Snyder Jerry Jones Peter angelos of the Orioles and baseball they got to have their hands on everything just cuz they own it that means they know just as much as everybody this worked in football forever but I don’t see absolutely anyway in hell that he blows the number one overall pick it’s got to be the easiest number one overall pick in 30 years maybe. he needs to get a GM it’s going to do what’s the best for the franchise winning games not trying to put butts in a seat to get a new stadium or threaten to move to London let your football people run the football aspects of the team do you just sit back sign checks and attend games that’s what good owners do

    • tjbarnaba

      He hasn’t signed yet because it isn’t happening, and every jags fan alive should be hoping they don’t waste the first two years of Lawrence’s career on a pit stop coach. He’s already retired twice, and you want him running your show? Dumb

      • bumpy93

        first off I never said I wanted him to be hired as a new head coach of the jags that’s all I’ve been hearing and reading about for the last week I’m not sure who should be there head coach cuz I don’t follow the franchise too much I’m an Eagles fan I have a lot more crap to worry about than the jags but the way everybody was talking it seemed like Urban Meyer was going to sign to be the head coach there a half hour after my run was fired and it hasn’t happened yet and it seems like this might be the reason

    • riffraff

      I’m thinking he looks like a combo of RJ and Ernie Kovacs… sadly most of you will have to google image Ernie Kovacs.. I’m old.

  5. jay13

    Well the first pick seems to be a no brainer. His roster configuration has not been terrible. What he said is true, they have never had a franchise QB.

    That being said, Mr Khan, let Urban Meyer walk away.

  6. larkraxm

    It’s his money/team/business. Why wouldn’t he want he say, if not “the” say. Then at least if your team stinks you know who to blame!

    • Superbear29

      If you want to be a GM, do you want to have final say on who you draft and sign since you know much more about football then the owner.

    • martevious

      Except if the team doesn’t do well, he won’t sell…he’ll fire the coach and general manager.

  7. bosox2004

    Another Jerry Jones, and we’ve all seen how good that worked out in Dallas!

  8. GiantsX3

    Seems like he’s more qualified to run a barber shop than an NFL franchise.

  9. JoeBrady

    You have to look at the bright side-the team is unlikely to get any worse. Nothing more I enjoy than rich men thinking they are experts in FB, and the always fabulous, rich daddies giving their sons a sports team for their birthday. Jones’ son, Wilpon’s son, and the gold standard, Dolan’s son running the Knicks.

    • Ak185

      Stephen Jones has proven to be alright. Jerry is an easy target, but the Cowboys have been more average than awful during his time. It’s not like we’re talking the Lions or the Browns…both of whom have had “real” GMs for years.

  10. Yep it is

    Maybe Ole Shad should ask Jerra “ Nose Picker “ Jones how making all the decisions has turned out.

  11. martevious

    Owners acting as GM’s has almost always been terrible…I feel sorry for Jag’s fans.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Owners as GMs worked quite well decades ago when the owners were football people. Now all the owners are simply businessmen.

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