Lions Trade Matthew Stafford To Rams For Jared Goff

The Lions have agreed to trade Matthew Stafford to the Rams, as Adam Schefter of tweets. The deal will send the Lions’ longtime star to L.A. in exchange for fellow QB Jared Goff, plus a slew of draft picks. The exact terms of the trade could evolve in the coming weeks, but here’s what the trade currently looks like: 

Rams receive:

  • QB Matthew Stafford

Lions receive:

  • QB Jared Goff
  • 2021 third-round pick
  • 2022 first-round pick
  • 2023 first-round pick

The deal cannot become official until March 17th, though Stafford will surely be in contact with his new bosses much sooner. Stafford, soon to be 33, had spent all 12 of his NFL seasons in Detroit. When Stafford and the Lions agreed to go their separate ways, the Colts, Patriots, Broncos, and Washington TBDs were quickly connected to him. Ultimately, the Rams pounced on their chance to upgrade at the QB position and unload Goff’s contract in a historic swap of former No. 1 overall picks.

Goff earned Pro Bowl nods in Year 2 and Year 3 of his pro career, including a 2018 campaign where was under center for a Super Bowl appearance. Things have tailed off over the past two years, despite his high-priced extension. In 2019, he threw a career-high 16 interceptions. He followed that up with just 20 passing touchdowns in 2020 — the lowest total since his rookie year, when he started in just seven games.

Stafford, meanwhile, has fallen short of the 20-TD mark just once since 2011. Aside from his injury-filled 2019 campaign with just 19 passing touchdowns, he’s been an absolute rock for the Lions. The Rams are now set to add one of the game’s top quarterbacks to one of the league’s most talented rosters.

The Lions, meanwhile, will try their hand with Goff, who won’t turn 27 until October. Not long removed from his NFC title — or his No. 1 overall selection, for that matter — there’s reason to believe that Goff can get back on track. Even if he can’t, the Lions have tons of draft ammunition to work with in their rebuild.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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110 comments on “Lions Trade Matthew Stafford To Rams For Jared Goff

  1. lambeau gang

    I believe the 2022 and 2023 picks the Lions are receiving are first-rounders, not third-rounders.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Indeed. It completely changes the dynamic. The way it’s written, Detroit would have gotten ripped off.

      The actual trade though isn’t awful. Goff is mediocre, but it’s a nice haul of picks.

      • Chief Two Hands

        The picks are the gain for the Lions. Goff is just a liability all around and taking him in the deal was a price they had to pay. He is good for one thing, and that is filling a roster spot while they rebuild. I assume the Rams not only wanted an upgrade at QB, but they also just wanted Goff and his contract gone. My guess is that the deal was contingent on the Lions taking Goff, rather than the Lions really wanting him. For a rebuilding team, a guy like Goff, with his contract, isn’t really a bonus.

        • the kutch

          Lions should flip Goff for more draft picks, but, it’s still the Lions…

          • Chief Two Hands

            I assume they would be all over that if they could find a taker. You are right, though…they are still the Lions.

        • letmeclearmythroat74

          A lot to give up for the Rams for a player that’s slightly better but is 6 or 7 years older. On a scale of 1-10 , I’d have Goff at 5.5 and Stafford at 7 max. That’s considering Mahomes , Allen , Rodgers are 9,10 ish. Stafford does not come across to me as a winner… I know it’s a team sport but I don’t see that edge like other winners. Maybe he was just so demoralized in Detroit … this will revive him. If I’m the Rams though , I could not have given up that much for an older QB who is only marginally better

          • larkraxm

            When you have the number one defense in the NFL maybe going from a 5 to a 7 at the QB position is enough? Goff was really bad last year.

          • Sportsfantatic

            Just think they couldve kept goff and tho picks drafted maybe Trey Lance than trade Goff in 2022 when Lance is ready… I think Goff is alot better than they think they just not using him right.. Than again with the weapons he has he should be producing probowl numbers…

        • Sportsfantatic

          Goff has an opt out i believe in 2 yrs well see what happend he only making 20-25mil thats really not much for QBs.. Right now QBs are goin for 30+mil/yr soo unless Goff gets hott and does well most likely he will opt out Iff det is smart they rework his contract and build that OL up make Goff a franchise QB.. Reality the 2 1st rounders they grabbed will by draft picks in the 20s.. Unless Stafford cant stay healthy in LA..

      • Tommy

        Stafford isnt worth what Rams gave. He isnt even in the top 10 of QBs anymore

    • kevin

      that’s what I said lol . I also said its like the dolphins and texans trade the dolphins won big n it looks like Det really won here . looks like rams r betting the farm that they ONLY need a better qb but sadly that’s not even close to true

      • implant

        @kevin I disagree. With a better QB the Rams would have finished 13-3 and had a first round bye. Three of their defeats can be directly pinned to Goff. Every team has personnel change in the offseason but if Stafford was calling signals for the Rams last season they would have been Super Bowl contenders. Short term this is good for them. Long term this will hurt them big time
        The thing that’s not being mentioned is the horrible decision the Rams made in trading up to take Goff at #1. I watched many of his college games. Never beat a team better than his. And quite frankly not too smart. Didn’t know the sun rise in the East. Took three draft picks for the Rams to get rid of a 26 year old friend first pick for a 32 year old former first.

        • larkraxm

          No the big mistake was extending him. They went to a SB with Goff on rookie deal so it can’t be the big mistake. The extension made him impossible to trade without including draft picks to the lions to take him off their hands

          • letmeclearmythroat74

            He was referring to the movie Draft Day when he they were talking about the Jacksonville GM in the movie …

        • letmeclearmythroat74

          YELLO…. no disrespect but that makes no sense. “ Rams won that trade but Stafford not worth 2 1st rounders” how did they win that trade then?

          I think this had as much to do with salary dump as anything. I don’t see a whole lot of difference in the 2 QBS. Stafford a little better but Stafford is still. I thing close to Wilson, Murray, Mahomes, Allen, Rodgers, Watson, Brady… hell , I’ll go out on a limb and say Burrow and Herbert also … Stafford is marginally better but still not enough to go to the dance.

          • Chief Two Hands

            Stafford is considerably better than Goff. Quite frankly, Goff is just bad. There is a reason why several teams were interested in Stafford and there were no reports about anyone inquiring about Goff after it was made clear the Rams wanted to move on from him. The Lions traded for the picks, not Goff. I think Goff was just a piece they had to take in order to get the picks. I highly doubt they see him as a long-term solution at QB.

            • halos2017

              The Rams have bad management when both coach and gm publicly bad mouth their QB. How to you try to sell value when you do that.

    • whiplash

      Exactly what I was thinking. Watson should be worth at least a young qb and 4 first rounders. But we do have Cal running the team so it’ll be 4 4th rounders and an old qb.

  2. kevin

    I heard is was this yrs 1 and next yrs 1 as well as a third rd pick I think this yr plus they get Goff

  3. yellow_data

    Wow. Rams totally won that trade tho Stafford ain’t worth 2 1st and a 3rd

  4. Thomar

    From ESPN: The Lions will receive a third-round pick in 2021, a first-round pick in 2022 and a first-round pick in 2023 in what is the first exchange for Goff

  5. Steezy

    Pad Statford had one of his best seasons last year, and was the 15th ranked qb. Rams gonna regret this real quick.

    • Chief Two Hands

      All reports I have seen say the Texans have no interest in trading Watson, regardless of his preference. I doubt the Rams would be able to to meet an asking price for him, though, anyway. My guess is that the Rams felt the need to move quickly, and I am glad they did. Other teams seemed ready to pounce on the opportunity to obtain Stafford, and I don’t think he was going to be available for long. Also, Goff just had to go. He has been awful and, personally, I have been saying the Rams needed to get rid of him all season. The guy simply has very limited awareness in general and almost no mobility. He is also not a very good passer. I think Stafford will do well with the Rams. I do not think Goff will be a starting QB in the NFL for more than one or two seasons going forward.

  6. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Did something change in the deal or are draft picks listed above incorrect? It should be a 3rd this year and then a 1st in 2022 and a 1st in 2023 correct? If so, this really sets the Lions up nicely. If the Jets are going to stick with Darnold, Detroit can use some of their newly acquired draft capital to move up to #2 overall and select their QB of the future. It would probably cost them this year’s 1st & 3rd along with a 2022 1st & 3rd to do so. I’m not sure if NY will get a better offer than that. Then Detroit can release Goff once most of his guaranteed money has been paid out and turn the team over to their new QB. Who knows, maybe Goff has a great year in Detroit this coming season. It’s hard to find any downside to this deal for Detroit. Stafford wanted out and the Lions certainly maximized the return for him much sooner than expected. Good for them! Rams become much more dangerous too with Stafford under center. Hard to believe that they had to pay more for Stafford than the did for Ramsey but they were at least able to move Goff’s albatross contract.

    • Chief Two Hands

      Yeah, unloading that contract is a key point. I see the picks as the cost of unloading that contract and obtaining Goff is not really a gain for the Lions. He is more of a liability than an asset, and I don’t see him getting better on a much worse team. Stafford, on the other hand, will likely improve finally playing with a good team. The Rams paid a steep price, but it was not just about improving at QB, it was about unloading that liability, both financially and on the field.

      • Tatsumaki

        Here’s the point of view for lions. They got an extra 1st, and Goff whom if he stinks he further tanks the lions and there chances to get top picks go up or he plays well and they sell him off for additional assets. Great deal for both teams imo, Rams draft well late so late 1st early 2nds are worthless when you are trying to win

  7. foreverseahawk

    In 2016 the rams traded their 2016 1st round 2, 2nd round and a 3rd round picks plus 2017 1st round and 3rd round picks, to the titans for the right to draft goff. Now 5 years later they are trading their 2021 3rd round 2022 1st round and 2023 1st round picks to get rid of him haha.

    • Chief Two Hands

      Uhhhh…trust the process?

      Or how about this…Goff works in mysterious ways…

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      It could only be better if they trade a 3rd in ’27 and a 1st in ’28 and ’29 to reacquire Goff in a few years.

      • Chief Two Hands

        Be realistic. The Rams won’t give up more than one 1st round pick to reacquire Goff.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    3 third round picks plus Goff would be near enough close enough a fair trade. But I’m pretty sure it’s 2 firsts and a third which is a huge win for the Lions.

    Yes Goff is a downgrade but he’s much younger and someone you can build around. As for the Rams you guys gave up a lot but it was a good upgrade. Your now going to have a great defence and a pretty nice offence. Really going to need to get some cheap role players and depth by being smart in FA but I think they could be a super bowl contender.

    I’d suggest upgrading the o line, grabbing a vet WR as a 3/4 option, then just looking for bargain depth. Maybe Mo Sanu for the WR he did decent with Stafford towards the end of the season. Austin Reiter to come in as a new starting centre and then just depth would be nice.

    • Chief Two Hands

      I wouldn’t describe Goff as someone a team can build around by any means, but I do not think that is Detroit’s plan. My guess is that they they simply view him as filler until they get their QB for the future in place. As I indicated before, I think Goff’s days as a starting QB in the NFL are numbered. Certainly numbered for the Lions, who are looking to rebuild.

      • rondon

        They now have the draft capital to move up for the future QB they want (except for maybe Lawrence), or whoever it is, may just fall to them. Either way, if they don’t mismanage this like the franchise has for years, this could be a real chance to get their arrow pointing up.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I wouldn’t classify Goff as a building block. If he was the Rams wouldn’t have given up 3 picks to acquire Stafford, and move Goff. I think the deal made with the two 1sts and a 3rd is fair. Goff is mediocre, but he can be a stopgap if they need. The Rams got their QB and Detroit got draft capital, which is the essence of the deal.

    • jabraaten13

      Bad Trade for the Rams. Stafford and Goff are close in talent. Huge Mistake Rams!

  9. Yep it is

    Doesn’t matter who or when the picks are with the Clown Head Coach they just hired it will still be a circus.Some things never change especially in Detroit.

  10. foreverseahawk

    It will be interesting to see how this all works out. Pre june first trade or post june first trade , Goff will still cost the rams dead cap money for the next 2 years because of the guaranteed money.

  11. elmont14

    If I were the new GM of the lions. I’ll package a 2nd and a 3rd in consecutive years and go get Hurts from the eagles or Love from the packers. Hurts mainly and see where Goff gets you. If he sucks you have your future on the roster on a rookie deal. Then see what you can get for Goff after that

  12. crosseyedlemon

    Bears fan but I’m happy for Matt. He’s been a true warrior for Detroit and finally gets to play for a team committed to winning in the present. Looks like this could be a win/win for both teams and those are always the best trades.

  13. petersdylan36

    So I think this is a win win trade. However, i believe the lions got the better end of the deal.

    I think the rams are going to fall off a cliff fast in maybe two years. They are going to be an old and expensive team really quick. With no first rounders between 2017-2024, they will not have young cheap talent on their team. I think they can be good for two years but it will eventually catch up to them

  14. midway_monster85

    Ohhh maaan I bet Goff hates his life right now! The Lions are terrible.

  15. tigersfan1320

    So many mistakes in this article. Lions getting ‘22 and 23 FIRST round picks. Plus Brad Holmes is the new GM of the Lions, not the Rams… it took you guys like 4 hours to actually write an article about this trade and you can’t even get the major details right.

  16. The Rams’ initial cost of Stafford is 2 firsts and a third.

    However when you dig deeper it is actually a trade of Stanford for Goff, 4 firsts, 2 seconds, 3 thirds and otherworldly dead cap space. How does a GM not get fired over that?

    I’m not saying that Stafford won’t make them better because he clearly does but the Rams are still behind TB and GB in the NFC plus Seattle and Dallas have both got the potential to be really good too.

    As a Lions fan I hope that Goff sees a Tannehill type turnaround and the Lions place their focus on getting better as a team. Taking a QB now will be the consensus move but that won’t spark tear 1 improvement. Reality is this they will be picking top 10 next year and probably top 3. Let’s keep options open and look at BPA because they have needs across the board.

    • rondon

      Yes, they have holes to fill, but QB is always the number 1 priority. Goff is either a placeholder or who knows, maybe blossoms- either way, the Lions took a big step forward. And having 2 firsts in each of the next 2 years is huge.

    • padam

      The Lions saw a Rainbow in the Dark and took it, as opposed to being the Last in Line.

    • Patrick N.

      When you dig deeper? Um, no? Lions don’t actually get those extra picks you listed, so what happened 3 years ago is inconsequential.

    • Eric Cartman

      This hippy can’t even do math. How do you figure 4 firsts. You people are hella weak

  17. jay13

    Taking on Goff’s massive mistake was a little disheartening. Getting 2 first round picks is nice. The 3rd this year should be a quality player with the depth in this draft. Overall Lion fans can not be mad at all.

    Sucks to see Stafford go but can’t be mad with him leaving.

    • Perksy

      It’s really only 2 more years of Goff guaranteed money, they can cut him after the 22 season with no dead cap hit.

  18. hoosierhysteria

    Goff finished with broken thumb! Lions need time. And a smart GM.

  19. stymeedone

    At least he didn’t walk away, as is the norm. They got something for him.

  20. Pokeli

    Ballard would never have made that trade so I’m glad the Colts weren’t duped into a deal like this. Stafford is an absolute stud but not worth all that. I can only wonder now, if he goes for two firsts, then Watson is worth like 5 firsts, 5 seconds, and some thirds so it feels like he’s becoming almost unattainable for anyone

    • dan55

      Watson won’t get traded for 5 firsts and 5 seconds. That’s too much for any single player in the NFL, with a possible exception for Mahomes because he is special. The reason Stafford got 2 firsts and a third is because the Lions were willing to take on the Goff contract, and because the Rams don’t have a 2021 first.

      If Watson does end up getting traded, I can guarantee you that he will get a high end 2021 first, like the Jets or Dolphins pick. That will limit the overall number of picks that get traded for him.

  21. seaver41

    It cost the Rams two #1 picks cuz they didn’t have their 2021 first (Jags got it in Ramsey deal)to deal them. Rams are gonna feel the pain of these picks in about two years

    • petersdylan36

      That’s what I’ve been thinking! They are going to be an old and expensive team fast

  22. Perksy

    2021 will be the year of the musical chairs at QB. This was the first move. Lots more to go.

  23. Dtownwarrior78

    Love how it’s more important to be first out with the info rather than be a little bit later and get it right?!!? Looks correct now though, and WHAT A GET for three brand new GM Holmes for DET! Absolutely LOVE this trade for the Lions, and this rebuild is off to a great start! Now we must get these picks correct!

  24. Dtownwarrior78

    Love how it’s more important to be first out with the info rather than be a little bit later and get it right?!!? Looks correct now though, and WHAT A GET for three brand new GM Holmes for DET! Absolutely LOVE this trade for the Lions, and this rebuild is off to a great start! Now we must get these picks correct! Stafford is still a great QB and he’ll have a decent amount of success in LA, but with no draft picks for the next 3 years is going to really hurt the Rams! You can’t keep paying veterans and not have affordable young talent and stay competitive. They’ll be in awful shape really soon, so you better win a SB in the small window they got!

    • Chief Two Hands

      The article was posted hours after the story broke, so it was far from first, which makes it that much worse. Every time time I post that fact my comment is removed, which is just weak and juvenile. At least be mature enough to own up to your incompetence if you post a failure of an article.

  25. KingSall77

    The Rams are still disgruntled from there super bowl loss, and rightfully so. Unfortunately for them they haven’t been smart with there decisions of giving Goff a huge contract, giving up a first rounder for Brandon Cooks, then now getting Stafford but now you have no first round pick for 3 more years and he’s 33? What is management thinking? Sure you try to win now, but Rams management sounds incompetent. You offer the Lions Goff and 1 first round pick for Stafford not 3 picks and Goff, the Rams continue to rob themselves. If they don’t win SUperbowl then it’s all in vain.

    • dan55

      Stafford is not worth multiple first rounders, and this trade proves it. The Rams gave Detroit 2 first rounders so that they could dump the Goff contract in addition to getting Stafford. If they didn’t include Goff, this deal would’ve been done for 1 first round pick.

  26. Slater

    Lions and Rams trade was very suprise and shocked.The question is what can Stafford do in LA that Goff didnt do when he was in la last season Goff went to playoffs and loss to Packers was trade worth it or not thats question people are asking

  27. Slater

    General manager of rams quote and said Goff was their guy and hes not going nowhere cant always believe what these general managers or owners be saying 9 out of ten some of general managers be gassing up their players.This will be very interesting when 2021 season starts in fall

  28. Eric Cartman

    I guess the madden GM hippies really knew what they were talking about Stafford for Watson. Again don’t quit your day jobs.

    Goff >>>>>> Stafford rams got fleeced

  29. eagles1191

    Not a fan of either team. Stafford has been a solid QB, nothing special. The reason the draft picks were involved, was probably to soften the blow of the money owed to Goff. Stafford has 2 yrs left which total around 21 million, and Goff has 4yr and over 100 million owed. The 1st round picks won’t mean much if the Rams are winning and making the playoffs the next few seasons, the picks will be more like 2nd round picks. The Rams are getting out of the long term commitment to Goff. The Rams have no problems trading picks and players, to try and stay under the cap.

    • Eric Cartman

      Stafford is garbage. The rams just got worse. Elite qbs can elevate the talent around them, can’t think of one year Stafford did that. Even when he megatron he couldn’t make the playoffs. Rams just ruined their team for years to come

      • PatsFanBiff

        And that is an understatement. No way was Stafford worth a 1st round pick, let alone 2 and a starting QB

  30. PatsFanBiff

    2 1st round picks plus Goff?!?

    The Rams better hope Stafford outperforms Mahomes to justify that absurd pricetag

  31. Slater

    Lol its getting interesting topic on Stafford welp rams should pray in fall on stafford performance

  32. Slater

    its hard to believe that LA Rams would pick up Stafford im not fan of Stafford or Goff but both quarterback should do good in their new atomshere and home.Anything could happen in 2021

  33. Slater

    Someone they say that stafford is trash in other words garbage LOL hope stafford prove some of critics wrong i doubt it if Rams win games in 2021 tough division NFC West

  34. Slater

    Lol topic is hilarious Next topic come on down let it be better than one i be reading Pray for rams season to not be fluke

  35. Slater

    Seems like Houston isnt going to trade Deshaun since texans have new general manager and general manager already made it loud and clear that Watson asked to be traded.Houston isnt going to.Because they not gonna make same mistake like last year with deandre hopkins trade to arizona.New Gm said watson is the francise of that team

  36. Slater

    Jets could forget bout picking up watson or trade clause its not gonna even happen Jets should do since they are so desperate for quarterback they might as well do what other teams did its called drafting players but Jets are ones that seem to be always in mix of everything.Watson did had interest in miami dolphins

  37. Slater

    Few of my peoples told me somethin very interesting bout Stafford and Goff swap.Question was is stafford worth the money No hes not hes in his thirties and question can stafford perform better than he did in Detriot Can he be an elite quarterback yes or no Can stafford stay healthy.Was giving up draft picks just for a quarterback worth it Stafford is not in NFC North anymore hes in NFC West that getting tough and physical and agressive

  38. Dodadey

    I wonder if the Rams would have accepted a 7th rounder for Goff and two first rounders?

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