Packers CEO: Aaron Rodgers Will Be Back

The Packers would be crazy to let Aaron Rodgers leave. Or, to put it another way: 

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We’re not idiots,” Packers CEO Mark Murphy said (Twitter link via WNFL’s Mark Daniels). “Aaron Rodgers will be back, he’s our leader.”

After the Packers were eliminated in the NFC Championship Game, Rodgers told reporters that his future is “uncertain.” The latest word is that Rodgers wants the Packers to make a stronger commitment to him. That assurance, in part, would include a reworked contract.

Rodgers was reportedly irked by the Packers’ selection of Jordan Love last April. He responded with a phenomenal season that put them inches away from the Super Bowl. At the time of signing, Rodgers’ deal was a record breaker. Today, he ranks just fifth among quarterbacks in average annual salary, behind Patrick Mahomes ($45MM), Deshaun Watson ($39MM), Russell Wilson ($35MM), and Ben Roethlisberger ($34MM). Now, at ~$33.5MM/year, he’s on the same fiscal tier as Rams QB Jared Goff.

Rodgers, 37, is currently tied to the Packers through the 2023 season.

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36 comments on “Packers CEO: Aaron Rodgers Will Be Back

  1. arty!

    If I were in AR’s shoes, I’d tell them I want out or retire. He’s made plenty of cash. Clearly management isn’t as concerned with winning as he is.

    • CamFrost

      They’ve made it go back to back NFC championships. Give me a sizable break.

        • DarkSide830

          you mean the management that has brought in many of the players on the team that contributed to its success?

          • arty!

            Or the management that drafted a QB in the 1st and another RB in the 2nd round last year? Heck even D Adams said everyone thought they were going for WR help.

  2. xpackyank

    Do people realize this new contract BS stems from a Mike Florio article? The guy has a history of shady reporting/articles in regard to Rodgers…take this all with a grain of salt folks.

    • Alexander Jones

      True, but Rodgers also has his own history of temper tantrums about any number of things (some justified, some not IMO), so keep that in mind as well.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I’m rather disappointed that an Irishman like Murphy doesn’t realize the word should be “eejit”.

  4. metsie1

    LOL. This is a surprise to no one. Well to maybe Florio (he’s a Vikings fan) and a bunch of sites trying to drum up some clicks.

    • Ak185

      Florio’s a fan of whatever team is currently good. Then, when they lose, he writes snarky articles blaming them for poor draft decisions, lack of foresight, climate change, enabling Antonio Brown’s ego, and the Iran/Contra affair.

  5. dschap02

    I’d trade Rodgers.. his value on the trade market is at the ceiling now, only thing that may hurt his trade value is the fact that Stafford and probably Wentz are going to be on the move also. Get picks to start building around Love.

    • sidewinder11

      No way to trade Rodgers at this point. The cap hit would be significant at this point and Love hasn’t even taken a snap to prove he’s ready for a chance yet

      • balloonknots

        Love will have a 20mm plus option to be exercised after 2022. Trading Rodgers today is only moving time line up 1 year. It makes sense if you plan on moving from him – this season he will yield better best package back. Why make those high capital draft picks last year then?

    • martevious

      Stanford and Wentz hurting Rodgers trade value!!?? If Aaron Rodgers were to be traded, there is no way those two QB’s, or any other QB on the market, would hurt his trade value.

  6. sidewinder11

    This should actually be a win-win. Rodgers wants a new deal, which should help spread out his cap hit and give the team more room to resign players like Jones and Linsley, or add in free agency. They still likely need to make a few cuts elsewhere but I can see Rodgers possible taking a page out of Brady’s book by taking less money overall so that the team can build better around him. You can’t expect the team to build an elite roster long term and also pay the QB $35MM+

    • sidewinder11

      They can figure out what to do with Jordan Love later. He’s not ready yet anyways so I would run with him as the backup until a team is interested enough to trade for him (see J.Garopollo).

    • balloonknots

      They already spent on post Rodgers at draft last year with a round 1 pick that has a beating investment of $20mm plus by end of 2022. So u want to pay Rodgers more for two more years and vest a rookie at 20+ without looking at him in games? That’s a lot a mula for a board to sign off on IMO

  7. jyosuckas

    I mean instead of drafting another weapon for him to utilize in the 1st they took a QB, I think he has a legitimate gripe

  8. GoLandCrabs

    Thank goodness they drafted Jordan Love and not a player that could have helped the defense in the 1st round. What on earth would they have done without his clipboard holding skills?

  9. Yep it is

    Rodgers has one you 1 Super Bowl in 10 years. Always whining and crying about something. Trading him would probably help the team in terms of picks and his attitude. Amazing how many Brady won with equal or less talent and I am no way a Brady fan. Brady has earned my respect. Rodgers is a cancer and cry baby. He will never win another Super Bowl.

    • GoLandCrabs

      Brady has a better playoff winning % in games he threw 2 INTs than Rodgers when he throws 3 TDs. Brady clearly has insane luck on his side and caught huge breaks in 4/6 rings while the Packers have lost playoff games in freaky ways. Rodgers with that kind of luck has multiple rings easily.

      • Greg M

        Rodgers doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Tom Brady. No one does. What TB has done in this league will likely never be matched. It’s not quite Cy Youngs 511 wins but it’s pretty damn close.

        • GoLandCrabs

          Oh please, Brady is a great QB but the idea he is a God because of his rings is comical. It’s a team game and his teams have gotten more than a few crazy breaks to win those rings.

  10. jfive

    So Rodgers is “irked” by the Packers selecting Love with their 26th pick….Remind me again who they had at QB when they selected Rodgers with 24th pick in 2005

    • GoChargers

      Someone not nearly as good as Aaron Rodgers who was constantly whining and going back and forth on retirement. That’s who they had before drafting Rodgers.

      • Greg M

        How many Super Bowls did Favre have compared to Rodgers? To say he’s not even “nearly” as good Rodgers is a bit absurd.

  11. dirkg

    AR leveraging Tom Brady’s post Patriots success by threatening to leave. He signed the most lucrative contract at the time. I don’t understand why we don’t hold our athletes to the same contractual obligations that we do our business partners. AR signed a huge contract and he’s living up to it. Turn the page.

    • GoChargers

      If the player can’t hold the team completely accountable for the contract then why can the team hold the player entirely accountable?

  12. Greg M

    “Rodgers was reportedly irked by the Packers’ selection of Jordan Love last April.”

    I’ll never understand this attitude. Is a team supposed to wait for the diva QB to retire, decline or get injured before trying to insure the future of the franchise? Rodgers is apparently more concerned about having his ego stroked then the long term health of an organization that has done nothing but good by him.

    • Ak185

      They might draft a weapon or two for him (and them) to win a championship, instead of trading up for a highly questionable prospect.

      Pretty easy to understand, I think.

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