Texans Request Interview With Eric Bieniemy

Well, they finally did it. The Texans have requested an interview with Eric Bieniemy for their vacant head coaching job, a source told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (Twitter link).

Houston’s interest in Bieniemy, or lack thereof, had become a point of major controversy over the past week, as it was reported that Deshaun Watson was very unhappy with the team over their handling of their coaching and GM searches. Watson had been assured by owner Cal McNair that he’d be involved in the process and kept in the loop, but then the team didn’t even interview any of the GM candidates he suggested and didn’t tell him they were hiring Nick Caserio.

The team had also to this point refused to even interview Bieniemy, unlike virtually every other team with an opening, who is reportedly a favorite of Watson. That had culminated in reports that Watson could eventually demand a trade. Clearly Caserio, and to some extent McNair, want to keep Watson happy, and this is a good step in the right direction toward mending the relationship.

It was reported that Watson had no problem with Caserio, only that he was left in the dark, so it’s entirely possible those two will have a good relationship moving forward. Bieniemy, of course, is currently the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator serving under Andy Reid.

He’s been a hot candidate this cycle, and Rapsheet also tweeted that the Texans are only now truly ramping up their search now that Caserio is in place. We heard yesterday they were going to speak with Ravens assistant head coach David Culley, and with Bills DC and former Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier.

They had already interviewed several candidates before Caserio’s hiring though, so their attempt to now cast this as the beginning of the search doesn’t ring entirely true. Either way they won’t be able to interview Bieniemy right away, as Tom Pelissero of NFL Network tweets that since the initial anti-tampering interview window has closed, the team will have to wait until either the Chiefs lose or after the Super Bowl, whichever comes first.

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15 comments on “Texans Request Interview With Eric Bieniemy

    • Missourifarmboy

      Since they are already interviewing Culley and Frazier this isn’t about the Rooney Rule this is about the Watson Rule.

      • paddyo875

        Bigun Or one of the top 3 or so. As the converse to what has been mentioned in previous comments…maybe the RRR

        Reverse Rooney Rule…if one is an uneducated white hillbilly, one is omitted from any future coaching considerations and put on a sinking ship into the Roaring 40s

  1. Yep it is

    Why would Bieniemy even discuss a job with them. He would be better off declining as this is an obvious attempt to appease your franchise QB. I also wonder why any coach would go to work for the Texans who have proved in the past they aren’t non white friendly?

    • I Beg To Differ

      Non white friendly? based on what?

      using an idoim thats commonly used to describe situations where the people least capable of running the show are now in charge?

      the horror.

      you saw what happened when players took control of the NBA. the NBA got worked into horrible situations where they have to overpay for mediocre players just to meet spending requirements (must spend minimum 90% of cap). that’s turned into a hot mess in many ways with horrible inflated contracts that have crippled many teams ability to contend all because the players dictated the cba.

    • I Beg To Differ

      LeBron James telling people they need to be “educated” on the situation after Moreys tweet about supporting freedom from Hong Kong was awesome

      LeBron response didn’t age well at all. As it turns out abuse of people overseas was happening in China. Chinese coaches were physically abusing people in the NBAs program and failed to provide the education that was promised to them……and Muslims were put in re-education camps in China.

      But good thing LeBron told people to educate themselves.

      They also dictated social justice causes this past year.

      also turned out great as it cost them a significant amount of viewers and really hurt the cash flow, you never touch the money. rule #1.


      Except that their best player is white. Ever heard of JJ Watt? The problem is that Watson isn’t their best player and never has been. Their two best players were Watt and DeAndre Hopkins. Watson is just another young punk POS trying to push his weight around to get his way.

      • andremets

        Watson is a top 5 player overall. Watt is an injury prone has-been. Jets would be willing to give the #2 pick overall and both Seattle #1s for Watson!

  2. whiplash

    Here is why I wouldn’t hire Eric Bieniemy. I’ve in the past said they need to go after him, but it’s obvious he’s not the man in KC making the offense happen. Just look at what he did, or didn’t do, while he was the OC for Colorado.

    Source: link to profootballnetwork.com

    In 2011, the Buffaloes ranked 109th in points scored (19.8), 92nd in total yards (346.3), and 78th in yards per play (5.3). One of the most concerning elements for the Buffaloes was their discipline. In 2011, they averaged 7.9 penalties per game (joint-second) and 66.6 yards per game (sixth).

    In Bieniemy’s second season things got worse for the offense. The Buffaloes ranked 120th in total points (17.8), 119th in total yards (302.8), and 120th in yards per play (4.4). One positive for the Colorado offense was the reduction in penalties per game (6.1) and penalty yards per game (57.8). However, an extremely concerning note was the increase in turnovers per game from 1.5 to 2.8.

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