Broncos On Radar For Carson Wentz?

Involved in the Matthew Stafford trade talks and rumored to be on Deshaun Watson‘s destination list, the Broncos may also soon be linked to quarterbacks with their No. 9 overall pick. They may also be on the radar for another high-profile passer, in what has become an increasingly complex offseason at this position.

The Broncos are a team to monitor for Carson Wentz, Adam Caplan of notes. The Eagles have been connected to a Wentz deal for over a week now, but teams have clearly not met their asking price. Philadelphia initially sought a Stafford-type haul for Wentz. It does not appear teams are obliging.

Thus far, the Colts and Bears have been mentioned as the leading Wentz suitors. But other teams have discussed the former MVP candidate with the Eagles. While it is unclear if the Broncos are one of them, the team has a new GM (George Paton) and has toiled in quarterback uncertainty since Peyton Manning‘s 2016 retirement. Wentz (11th in QBR in 2019) would stand to provide an upgrade on Drew Lock, but the former No. 2 overall pick regressed considerably in 2020 and has $47.2MM guaranteed left on his deal through the 2022 season. Both factors have surely contributed to Wentz’s market not taking off like Stafford’s did.

It would make sense for the Broncos to see how the Watson saga plays out before making a move for another veteran, but the Texans have not shown any indication they will trade their franchise quarterback. This would force other teams to move to lower-cost solutions, and Wentz is fully expected to be moved before he collects a $10MM bonus on March 19.

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30 comments on “Broncos On Radar For Carson Wentz?

  1. bumpy93

    there’s absolutely zero way that the Eagles could wrestle the #9 pick away from the broncos for Wentz. how about the broncos 2nd rd pick and Wr- Jerry Jeudy?

    • mhsaltz1963

      As an Eagles fan, I only hope that Denver could be that stupid. Wentz was brutal last year and I don’t understand why any team believes he can be fixed. Sometimes, players simply lose their abilities. Great QBs don’t have a fifth season like Wentz did. Hopefully, Denver thinks they can fix him.

      • matteste187

        The only team I truly feel would benefit from trading for wentz would be IND. with frank reich in place, some nice skills pieces and a good OL wentz will return to what he was, esp under frank reich. Now it al depends on it IND meets the asking price.

    • wesside7

      Wentz won’t be a Bronco. They’re either trade for Watson or bring someone in to compete with Lock. Those are the only two options.

    • frank858

      Denver Bronco is not stupid. Wentz will end up going to the Colts. It’s the only move that makes sense for Wentz.

    • Koreadogs

      Hahahaha, Denver was not willing to give up Jeudy for Stafford, there’s no way they are giving up last year’s 15 overall pick for a QB that got benched and has a history of not being able to stay health. Wentz’s trade value crashed when he played like garbage, the Eagles benched him and he publicly demanded a trade.

  2. Mav87

    According to Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright, the Broncos called, laughed, and then hung up. Philly is trying to drum up noise to get more compensation from the bears or colts. Denver hasn’t made an offer

  3. arty!

    If you’re going to throw in the 9’th pick, might as well call Seattle first. Wilson is slightly better than Wentz can ever dream of being.

    • dan55

      Huh? There’s no way Seattle would trade Wilson, especially not for the ninth pick. Also, Wilson is not “slightly better” than Wentz, he is light years ahead of Wentz.

      • arty!

        The ‘slightly better’ remark is sarcasm. And since teams are calling about Wilson, Denver should as well.

        I think it’s insane that both Houston and Seattle have allowed their franchise QB’s to get this upset, but I understand their (QB’s) positions. And I believe, in trade terms, Wilson would be cheaper than Wilson.

    • Arnold Ziffel

      Denver is a destination franchise bigg tank. Let Wenta go elsewhere, work on the 2 W guys.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Wentz to the Colts for their first round pick and a future third round pick.
    Or Wentz to the Broncos for their second round and third round pick this year

    Wentz should prefer Indy, cause the coach, protection, cap flexibility and history. However Denever has the young weapons.

    • Pokeli

      Colts aren’t giving up their first round pick and while I think wentz could have a resurgence in Indy, no one can make the case that he’s worth a first right now. A 2021 2nd, a 2022 2nd, and maybe a 2022 4th or 5th but that’s about it

      • Simmons>Russ

        Why it just makes so much sense. When it comes to the draft, What is their biggest need?

        It’s a starting quality QB and Wentz up until last year was a top 10 QB, he’s not even 30 years old and it was just a bad year.

        Let’s not act like he had a perfect situation either, he was missing Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks two of the leagues best linemen. Jason Peters and Andre Dillard both missed time. That’s 4 of their starting linemen out. Zach Ertz his best receiver also had a terrible year again, no revivers had over 600 yards and only two went for over 500 yards. Ofcourse it going to be hard without any protection and no good receivers.
        Whereas Indy had the best protection and without Paris Campbell and Marlon Mack were still good on offence, 10th in the league for yards per game and 10th in points per game.

        So really your giving up a decent asset to fill your biggest need and with your other picks you can get the depth you want.

        I think Wentz in Indy goes back to pro bowl level, 4K yards, 25 TDs+ and less than 10 INTs. He’s establishes a good combination with their young attacking weapons and linemen and they can build a winning culture. They could even possibly get a signing in FA like Ertz who wants to stay with Wentz and rejoin Reich.

  5. phillyballers

    If Denver moved back from #9 on draft night bc their guy wasn’t there and picked up additional picks… maybe I can see them getting in on Wentz.

  6. Thronson5

    I hear they are asking for a lot which is why nothing has gotten done. Don’t see how they think they have the upper hand. He’s struggled to stay healthy, has been inconsistent, has had howbown teammates complain about his attitude and he came out not denying it, basically saying he is who is and won’t change and he wants to be traded. Hurts seemed to have better chemistry with the offense, played better and is cheaper. They can definitely get something for him but not as much as they think unless a team is desperate. Just don’t see how they think they can demand as much as they are rumored to be demanding. They could end up stuck with the guy on the bench and paying all that money. I know he hasn’t had a lot of talent around him and theyve suffered from a lot of injuries but I’m still shocked they fired their coach, the GM is the one who put that team together. Need to get rid of rbe injury prone players and get rid of Wentz. Start the rebuild with a cheap QB who clearly has talent and get whatever you can get for him to help the rebuild.

  7. saluelthpops

    The very team who moved up in the draft to take him AND gave him a massive contract extension decided he wasn’t even the best QB on their team. Why would any team give up anything of significant value for him?

  8. jessethegreat

    Why bother? At this point Drew Lock has a higher potential than Wentz. And Lock is on a rookie contract

    • Ak185

      I’m not sure that you can make the case that Lock definitively has more potential than Wentz. We have seen Wentz be good-recently, at that. Lock has yet to show that.

  9. CubTN

    I’m not sure Howie Roseman has ever worked harder than he has this offseason in making up fake news to feed to the media to drive up the 1-2 offers he has. Give up, Howie. It’s…not…working!

  10. MileHighFan

    You’d have to be an idiot to take on the Wentz contract given his Blake Bortles-like play over the last couple of years, but Elway is getting desperate after going 23-41 record over the last four years and may roll the dice.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think Elway waved the white flag on decision making when he hired Paton. He knows he’s not going to be in the picture once Brittany assumes control and is probably looking forward to spending more time on golf courses.

  11. bradthebluefish

    When will the Broncos ever have a solid replacement for Manning? It’s been ridiculous carousel of players at QB. Even to the point where a non-QB practice squad member became the starter for a game.

  12. bradthebluefish

    Still upset that the Broncos didn’t stick with Case Keenum or Joe Flacco.

  13. beastdog

    Jaworski said the Colts offered 2 #2s. Throw in Ertz and they might get the 2s and a 3? And drop some more salary.

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