Bears, Colts Pursuing Carson Wentz; Trade Expected Soon

Carson Wentz is expected to have a new team soon. The disgruntled Eagles quarterback is on track to be traded within the next few days, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of report.

The Eagles are looking for a Matthew Stafford-type trade package, per the duo, who add the Bears and Colts have expressed interest in the five-year veteran. Other teams have inquired about Wentz as well; a trade has been brewing for a few days now.

It is not known what other teams have inquired here. Despite heading into his 13th season, Stafford brought a host of teams to the table. The Bears, Broncos, Colts, Panthers, Patriots, 49ers and Washington were in the mix for the new Rams starter. Of these teams, the Panthers and Broncos have been connected to Deshaun Watson. Wentz could prompt offers from some of these teams, but’s Jeremy Fowler tweets this market may not be as fierce.

The Stafford deal did well to accelerate Wentz dialogue around the league, per Schefter and Mortensen, who add that some around the league believe a Wentz trade could lay the foundation for more QB swaps — such as a Sam Darnold deal. Several passers have been loosely linked to trades in what has become one of the hottest QB trade markets in many years.

Wentz’s 2020 performance and injury history will certainly dissuade teams from putting together a Stafford-type package, though Fowler notes the Eagles are expected to collect a first-round pick for Wentz. The North Dakota State product was dominant in 2017 (first in Total QBR prior to a December 2017 knee injury) and played well despite a decimated receiving corps in 2019.

The Colts certainly add up as a logical destination, having seen Philip Rivers retire. Frank Reich served as Wentz’s OC in Philly for two seasons, and Wentz ally Press Taylor is expected to join Indianapolis’ staff. The Bears, however, have ex-Eagles QBs coach John DeFilippo on staff. The Colts are projected to hold the second-most cap space, while the Bears are much lower on this list. Chicago will need to make moves to get under the cap, though the franchise has been in need at quarterback for far longer than Indianapolis.

The Eagles continue to insist they would be happy to keep Wentz, per ESPN, but he has not backed down from his desire to leave Philadelphia. The 28-year-old passer’s contract runs through 2024, though an acquiring team could get out of the contract after the 2022 season. Wentz is owed $47.2MM guaranteed through the ’22 season. However, none of his cap hits through 2024 would exceed $27MM, Field Yates of tweets.

It would be the Eagles eating a sizable chunk of the former MVP candidate’s money. Philly would take on an NFL-record (by a considerable margin) $33.8MM in dead cap charges by trading Wentz. Any deal will certainly occur before the third day of the 2021 league year, when Wentz is due a $10MM roster bonus.

The Eagles have the No. 6 overall pick and appear set to have at least one other Round 1 selection and/or a Day 2 pick in this year’s draft, were they to seek an immediate upgrade on Jalen Hurts. The Eagles’ HC interviews centered around a coach who could revitalize Wentz, and a recent coaching staff meeting produced a consensus that Wentz could regain his Pro Bowl form in Philly, per Schefter and Mortensen. But it appears the Nick Sirianni hire will still precede a major quarterback change in Philadelphia.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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68 comments on “Bears, Colts Pursuing Carson Wentz; Trade Expected Soon

        • realsox

          Yep. Does anybody remember the last time the Bears traded for “franchise” quarterback that his team decided it could somehow do without? How’d that work out?

      • AstrosWS20

        We definitely will do it and we’ll have to suffer for years more of mediocrity.

      • Polish Hammer

        Exactly, draft picks mean nothing with when you have the same inept people picking.

        • DarkSide830

          so you want less draft picks then, because not punting the draft doesnt solve anything.

          • Polish Hammer

            Including a bonafide NFL player that fills a need coming back with some picks wouldn’t hurt. Can’t identify college kids that can play at this level, but getting one that has already had success would be nice.

  1. arty!

    Did Cutler finally set new passing records for the Bears or are they still held by that guy from the 50’s?

    • Hannibal8us

      Cutler owns all of the Bears passing records. He’s the greatest Bear’s QB of all time.

      • Ak185

        Easy on the second sentence there. Luckman and McMahon want words with you.

        • jimmyduz0523

          yeah really… Luckman and McMahon would punch you in the mouth if u said that to them. Cutler… Lmaoooo

        • Hannibal8us

          Statistically Cutler’s the best. McMahon was mediocre at best and Luckman played in another era.

        • Superbear29

          Trubisky is a better QB then Jimbo the bimbo. Jimbo was the reason those Bears only won 1 SB.

          • Hannibal8us

            I would put more blame on Ditka than Mcmahon but I agree Superbear29. Buddy Ryan and the defense carried Mcmahon to that Superbowl.

            • Superbear29

              Ditka wasn’t a particularly great coach either. Both are overrated by Bears fans. Buddy’s defense won that SB. Ditkas offense wasn’t great or consistent and McMahon never could stay healthy.

              • Lou Evil Slugger

                “McMahon never could stay healthy.”-

                Did you see the hits that guy took? It was a much different era than now where the QB’s get a distinct advantage. Did you ever see Green Bay’s Charles Martin body slam him into the turf well after the play was over? The NFL changed the rules because of it. McMahon was a tough dude.

                • Superbear29

                  He was hurt way before Martin body slammed him. He played 16 games once in his career. He might have been tough, he wan never much more than an average QB. They changed the rules in 84. Right before Marino put up those numbers. He was a tough dude not a good QB even when healthy.

                  • Ak185

                    He was alright. He did end up accomplishing more than Cutler, who still is second to Sid Luckman in the scenario that he was a better Bear than the only Superbowl winner.

                    • Superbear29

                      The only thing that McMahon did better then Jay was ride the defense for a SB win. Not saying much. Using that logic then David Woodley is better then Marino and Dilfer is better then L Jackson.

              • Superbear29

                McMahon had a hurt shoulder before that hit. He was hurt every year in his career except for his rookie year.

  2. fathead0507

    Colts didn’t offer first for Stafford much less offer up that kind of package for Wentz AND that horrible contract ..

    • brian214

      Serious question: do you have actual insight or knowledge of what Indy is offering or are you just blowing hot air?

      • nsideindy

        Would it make you feel better if he said “per reports”? Serious question.

    • realfootballfan

      The owners would have to sign off on it before the trade happens, so don’t just blame him if he does something this stupid.

      • Superbear29

        The owners don’t know anything about football which is part of the problem. The team president knows even less.

        • realfootballfan

          Point taken, but maybe they should since they own the team, lol. Even casual fans know this is a bad idea, and I would hope you would have a casual interest in something you have millions invested in.

  3. Brad

    I keep seeing him as “disgruntled” and “wanting out” yet he hasn’t spoke up. I definitely think he does but everyone keeps saying he says this and that but every link has no quote. Just the ESPN “duo”.

    • DarkSide830

      he has said nothing at all besides being benched. when the news came out about the trade demand he didnt even make a quick post on twitter denying it. didnt congratulate Siriani. nothing.

  4. arty!

    I’m really interested in people’s positions with this question. Did Watson, who openly asked to be traded & other ‘slights’ towards the Texans handle is business better or worse than Wentz who, as Darkside830 pointed out, hasn’t said a word.

    The good news for both QB’s is they get to keep their contracts in tact!

    • adkuchan

      I’m not sure Wentz needed to say anything to get traded. His team already has a QB they seem to like better.
      Watson is the unquestioned leader of his team. His complaining may not even be enough to get him out of Houston.

    • mcmillankmm

      Kind of different scenarios….hard to know what’s really true with Wentz since he’s right there hasn’t been much actually quoted from him

    • realfootballfan

      Watson hasn’t said anything publicly either but cryptic Tweets. They both have requested trades with their FOs according to the press.

    • DarkSide830

      personally Watson has more legs to stand on after the mess of the past year+ with BOB and McNair’s descent into lunacy. Wentz just played bad and was angry people were criticizing him for it for once. no way he could have handled it would have given me any sympathy.

      • Ak185

        I don’t know, they each got betrayed in some sense by their team-either through terrible coaching or terrible roster moves (one could argue both). I do agree that Watson has a better because he played better, but with the caveat that Watson did have more support than Wentz. Watson was more clearly lied to than Wentz was as well, so I agree that he has a better case. I do think that the situations are more similar than one would initially think, though.

      • Superbear29

        Can’t possibly being worse then having Foles start all 16 games this coming year.

        • rondon

          It was worse when Pace traded up to make sure he got Trubisky and completely whiffed on Watson (and the other guy). Maybe near the top blunder in franchise history.

      • kroeg49

        Reminds me of when the Bears traded picks for Rich Mier and Michael Phipps. Those turned out disastrous. Fire Pace before he can trade for another overrated loser like Wentz, who has very similar to Trubisky.

        I would rather the Bears resign Mitch, who will command a hell of a lot less money. Then take the money saved by not absorbing Wentz’s contract to sign Robinson.

        But then, this is the Bears and that’s too damn logical.

  5. phillyoakman

    This guy isn’t done being a good quarterback. However, not super happy with his immature attitude when the Eagles drafted Hurts. Good luck to the next team he plays with.

    • rocky7

      Immature attitudes seems to be contagious….look at the hissy fit, pouting and twitter war Rodgers is throwing back in Green Bay supposedly over the same thing!

    • dcahen

      Simmons; absolutely no way the Colts give up 2 firsts & a 3rd. I’m not sure they’ll even give up one first. At best, one draft pick, probably a 3rd; & a player, possibly CB Rock Ya-Sin, a early 2nd just 2 years ago. Eagles need CB help.

  6. bencole

    If the Bears give up more than a 5th rounder for that loser Wentz I’m no longer a Bears fan after 35 years. Absolute minimum expectation for the next Bears QB is 3 Super Bowl wins and Hall of Fame. They’ve got 35 years of total and utter failure to make up for.

    • All the garbage you’ve gone through as a Bears fan but you’d quit if they sent a 4th rounder for Wentz?

      • bencole

        Yeah kind of a last straw for me. Next Bears QB needs to win 3 Super Bowls and go to the Hall of Fame. If that doesn’t happen I’m quitting the Bears. However, if they were to give up a 5th, it would mean they likely intend to use Wentz as a backup, which is fine. But I’m not ok with giving up more than a 5th for a backup.

  7. MileHighFan

    It makes sense that the Bears would make a move like this, as their recent history shows they have no idea what they are doing.

  8. parkers

    Wentz has said next to nothing, all the reports of him having a bad attitude are media driven. No run game before Sanders, receivers hurt or under performing, offensive line, especially left side sub par, his favorite Tight end hurt. Yes injuries took away his running weapon. All the gossip started with some unnamed teammates supposedly critical of him a couple of years ago. Hope Colts get him, with their balanced offensive attack.

    • Polish Hammer

      Exactly, all these talking heads generating click bait on what they think he would want but has never actually said or done.

  9. htbnm57

    Just saw on ESPN where the Eagles are predicted to be the 7th worst team next year. And yet Howie is still here and in charge.

  10. duhawk83

    Note to the Bears….Just say no.

    Keep your draft picks and get Offensive line help

  11. Gman 33

    Howie Roseman has created a complete failure of our football team! He MUST be fired so we can rebuild! He has turned a championship team into a last place team in record time! Lurie, do the right thing for your fans terminate his employment NOW!

  12. thebare54

    Don’t give a package again like Kalia Mack please if you do say by Philly loves are back up trade him in the deal maybe 2 seconds rd picks

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