Latest On Eagles’ Coaching Search, Josh McDaniels ‘Prime’ Candidate?

With the Chargers hiring Brandon Staley and the Lions expected to agree to terms with Dan Campbell, the Eagles are one of two teams (along with the Texans) with a head coaching vacancy. They’re ramping up their search, and it sounds like Josh McDaniels is picking up some steam. 

We heard over the weekend that the longtime Patriots offensive coordinator would interview, and now multiple sources tell Jeremy Fowler of that McDaniels is a “prime candidate” for the job (Twitter link). That doesn’t mean he’s nearing an offer or anything, as Fowler also reports that former Jets coach Todd Bowles will interview today and has some “internal support” in the building. Bowles is currently the DC of the Bucs, and has done a great job with that young defense.

Fowler also writes that Eric Bieniemy does not have an interview planned despite Philly requesting one on Saturday, so maybe the Chiefs OC has no interest in the job. McDaniels, of course, was the Broncos’ head coach from 2009-10, and has been back as the Patriots’ coordinator since 2012.

He infamously almost accepted the Colts head coaching gig a few years ago before backing out at the last minute, but maybe now he’s finally ready to take the plunge. No matter who gets the job, it sounds like they could be walking into an awkward arrangement where the quarterback situation isn’t quite up to them.

Eagles brass has apparently told candidates that they want to bring Carson Wentz back, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports (Twitter video link). Not just that, Rapsheet even adds that the “priority with the new coach is to make sure Carson Wentz is as good as he was before.”

If that’s true, it sounds like the Wentz position is somewhat non-negotiable. What that means for Jalen Hurts is anyone’s guess, and the potential for a strained relationship with the front office could be what has kept some top candidates away from Philly.

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29 comments on “Latest On Eagles’ Coaching Search, Josh McDaniels ‘Prime’ Candidate?

  1. DarkSide830

    the “predicted” candidate has already changed so much that I cant take much stock in any reports making such assumptions.

  2. thebluemeanie

    McDaniels’ ‘highlights’ as a head coach are trading away Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, and drafting Tim Tebow.

    • Don’t forget to mention that he agreed to be the Colts coach before bailing at the last second.

        • dugdog83

          Also, he has more super bowl rings than everyone mentioned in this article combined.

          • wagner13

            Congrats. I’m thinking that might have something to do with Brady and Belichick

      • phillyphan81

        I wish I got here sooner because my first thought was I can’t wait for him to take the job and bail…

  3. kayjaygee626

    Bieniemy is best coach available but he can’t go Philliy ppl are already attaching him to Andy Reid and that fan base would manifest the resentment towards him

    • brave new world

      From all indications EB hadn’t interviewed well at all the last two cycles. So combine that with not call the plays, designing the scheme, or game plan it’s a tough sell with all those factors coming into play. I think he should really sharpen his interview skills and look for a gig next cycle.

    • wildboys

      I feel Daboll makes the most sense, of your goal is to restore Wentz to “greatness”
      Although I feel a trade is in everyone’s best interest. If you stick with Hurts, then Bienemy is the better choice.

  4. eagles1191

    Please no to the coach that F-things up by quoting on the Colts and costing us Reich. Not just that but what has McDaniel done in this league. He was the OC for arguably the best QB to ever play. This season he had to help rebuild Cam Newton, how did that work out. If they hire this clown Wentz career as an Eagle will be over.

    Brian Dabol should be 1st in line. His resume Alabama OC, also the last 2 seasons turning Josh Allen into a stud and helping Buffalo reach the AFC championship game. Allen and Wentz are very similar style QB, big, mobile, big arm, etc..Dabol has built an offense for Allen, he can do the same for Wentz, and as a bonus bring Dorsey with him as his OC. (Dorsey is the QB coach in Buffalo). If our QB and offense is top priority, then request an interview with Dabol, stop interviewing Clowns and requesting interviews with coaches that are taking jobs before talking to you.

    • DarkSide830

      its not like McDaniels said “hey, while I’m not going to stay, you should pick that Reich guy to screw the Eagles.” it was a matter of circumstance. and while you could just say you dont like that lack of commitment, my gut says the Reich thing is the main reason why said act bothered you.

  5. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Why don’t the Eagles go Old School?
    I am tired of these young whipper snappers!

  6. MileHighFan

    The Eagles need to re-tool. You can’t do that effectively with a guy that thought Tim Tebow was an NFL quarterback.

    • jay13

      Tebow actually was a NFL gimmick QB. Now a perrenial successful one when the league figured him out, you are correct in that assessment.

  7. jay13

    The Eagles should let McDaniels stay in his cozy OC spot in New England. I am shocked they haven’t took a look at Byron Leftwich. Although I would love to see Duce Staley get the job.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    McDaniels might ask some sense tbh.
    McDaniels could work with Wentz and build the offence around him. He also likes QB-TE play and if they bring back Ertz they will have a good receiving TE. McDaniels never really ran the ball to much and if he did he made the most of the RBs never really having a star similar to Philly.

    I’d rather McDaniels than Daboll

  9. BG99

    I’m gonna put my money on Todd Bowles.

    McDaniels spent the entire day with Lurie and other Eagles’ officials and didn’t close the deal. The Eagles aren’t quite sold and there is a reason.

  10. real_ttebow_

    I like Daboll in Philly over McDaniels and I hope for their sake Philly agrees. McDaniels walked into the room and had an all-time QB and HC waiting for him. Daboll took a physically gifted natural but raw QB and developed him into one of the best throwers in the league. Wentz may not have the ceiling that Allen has, but if Philly is serious about keeping Wentz they should hire a HC who can do that. I think Daboll is their man.

    • Regi Green

      Can’t say Wentz don’t have the ceiling Allen has,when Wentz has already shown a ceiling of playing at a MvP level.

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