Eagles Request Eric Bieniemy Interview

Shortly after firing a member of Andy Reid‘s coaching tree, the Eagles would like to interview another. They submitted a request to speak with Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, according to NFL.com’s Mike Garafolo (on Twitter).

Bieniemy has been a frequent interviewee since the 2019 hiring period but has not received a head coaching opportunity yet. The Eagles hired Doug Pederson off Reid’s staff in 2016, and the Bears poached Matt Nagy two years later. Bieniemy has been in place as Kansas City’s OC since Nagy’s departure.

The Eagles’ search is now in full swing. Bieniemy makes it nine candidates to receive interview requests. This news follows the report the Eagles will meet with Patriots OC Josh McDaniels. While the Eagles-McDaniels summit will occur Sunday, the team will not be able to speak with Bieniemy until the Chiefs’ season concludes.

As for Bieniemy, he has now received interview requests from all seven teams who were without a head coach this offseason. However, the Falcons, Jaguars and Jets have gone in different directions. The Lions are also expected to hire Dan Campbell, leaving just three jobs — the Eagles, Chargers and Texans — available. The Texans now have Bieniemy on their radar, though Houston has gone through a turbulent search process.

Here is how Philly’s search process stands as of Saturday afternoon, via PFR’s search tracker:

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15 comments on “Eagles Request Eric Bieniemy Interview

  1. DarkSide830

    a bit skeptical that either of these two arent a more a product of their QBs, but still worth a look and still fairly good candidates.

    • 13Morgs13

      It’s Joe Brady job to lose according to most but I like the idea of interviewing a lot of different backgrounds. Even so the front office is a mess right now.

  2. whosehighpitch

    They keep trying to hire And hire Andy Reid guys. Why didn’t they keep Andy in the first place?

    • Polish Hammer

      Even as a longtime Big Red supporter back then I knew his time was up in Philly, he needed to go and start a new chapter elsewhere.

  3. bumpy93

    my number one would be Lincoln Riley of course but the Eagles haven’t even requested an interview as far as we know yet and that’s not even guarantee he would take the interview or if he would accept a job if they offered most likely not my number two I would go after Joe Brady I’m a Brady fan I like what he’s done the last two seasons LSU what their offense did then it goes to Carolina with Teddy Bridgewater is the quarterback and puts up pretty decent numbers looks good he’s hot around NFL circles the only problem is people say he’s too young at 31 Sean McVay was hired and he was 30 by the Rams and that’s turned out pretty well for them I think the new NFL seems to be going in this direction

    • wagner13


      He transformed Robby Anderson into a 1,000 yard receiver and made journeyman Mike Davis look respectable. The Carolina offense finished 17th in DVOA despite featuring Teddy Bridgewater behind a bottom-tier offensive line. Not to mention, one shouldn’t forget his contribution in helping Burrow elevate from bottom-of-the-radar QB prospect to consensus number one pick. Justin Jefferson was amazing in his rookie season after Brady helped him develop at LSU. Chase looked outstanding as well and if Philly drafts him, the adjustment to the offensive scheme will be seamless.

      Would I rather have Bieniemy? Yeah, but Brady is definitely a promising alternative IMO

      • Itrainsontuesday

        I don’t want another Andy Reid guy. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

        • bumpy93

          if Jeffrey lurie really wants someone like Andy Reid to be the head coach of his team, he should have never fired Andy Reid in the first place. why get rid of someone to bring in the new hot sexy name only to fire them 3 years later, then turn around and start go hiring people that works for the guy that you previously fired trying to bring back the culture that you had from the early 2000s most likely the most successful 10-year run in Philadelphia Eagles history. granted they did not want a super bowl in that time with Andy. before anyone says well you do know they won a championship in 1960. I really don’t want to go back that far I’m really just trying to talk about from mid-90s until the day Andy Reid was fired. now if we do hire Mike Kafka, or eric bieniemy, that means two of our three head coaches hired since Lori fired Andy Reid would be someone from Andy Reid’s staff. in that situation to me it looks like Jeffrey Lori is trying to bring back the “gold standard” era of the Eagles

  4. Ak185

    Well, the advantage would be presumeably that the offense is theoretically already built for an Andy Reid-style scheme (that Bienemy would theoretically prefer). Of course, the Eagles have a truckload if issues to address, but the essential retainees on the roster would be familiar with many concepts that Bienemy would bring. Really, this makes it obvious that the Eagles have faith in the Reid offense, and did not have faith in Pederson as a coach. I have to say that I am inclined to agree.

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