Eagles To Interview Robert Saleh

The Eagles are a bit behind the curve after their late firing of Doug Pederson, so they don’t have any time to waste as they move forward in their unexpected coaching search. We’ve already heard they’re interested in luring Lincoln Riley from the college ranks, they’ve requested interviews with Todd Bowles and Arthur Smith, and now we’ve got another candidate on their radar.

Philadelphia has requested an interview with 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets. After going through a second Jets interview Wednesday, Saleh is on his way to Philly and will begin interviewing with the team tonight, Ian Rapoport and Peter Schrager of the NFL Network note (Twitter links).

Saleh has been a hot name, getting linked to pretty much every open job. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie indicated at his press conference Monday that he usually prefers a quarterback guru as head coach, but he clearly isn’t married to that idea.

To that end, we also have some additional details on what a potential Saleh coaching staff would look like, via this tweet from Peter Schrager of NFL Network. Schrager writes that the belief around the league is that Saleh would bring a 49ers offensive assistant with him to be his OC wherever he goes, and that they would seek to implement a “Shanahan”-style offense.

That would mean a heavy run and play-action scheme. Schrager specifically highlights Mike LaFleur and Mike McDaniel as names to watch on that front. McDaniel is the 49ers’ run game coordinator who has coached under Kyle Shanahan for most of the past decade, while LaFleur is the passing game coordinator who has been with Shanahan since 2014 with the Browns when he was an offensive intern. He’s also the younger brother of Packers head coach Matt LaFleur.

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14 comments on “Eagles To Interview Robert Saleh

  1. rtr1redrockets

    definitely ok with this…an guru doesnt always transfer to a good coach. I think Saleh would be a good fit. would like to see a defensive coach instead of all these offensive ones we’ve had

  2. Yep it is

    Average defensive coach yes he would be the right hire trying to fix a bad QB situation. Bahahaha are you kidding me.

    • dandan

      Arguably the best defense in the league last year and top 5 defense in the league this year missing their entire pass rush and secondary. Robert Saleh is anything but an average defensive mind.

    • DarkSide830

      the coach’s job is to coach. it should be more on the OC and QBC to fix the QB to be honest. last year is an example of how lacking an OC helps here.

      • BG99

        Yes. HC needs to be well organized. He/she has alot of responsibility for team culture. As is, the culture in So Philly is pretty bad.

        I new HC will also need to be heard by the front office, and not be subjugated by Howie Roseman. Doug allowed himself to be controlled by the GM early on. New HC cannot allow that to happen.

    • MoneyBallJustWorks

      your qb coach and offensive coordinator (and in the eagles case the O-Line coach fixes your qb situation.

  3. arty!

    I’m not sold on a “Shanahan”-style offense. I mean he’s (season wise) 1-4. What’s great about that? But keep believing he’s mastermind.

    • ioh2710

      In other words, there’s a reason he’s in the NFL and you’re not.

  4. arty!

    29-35 .453% winning percentage. He’s in the NFL because of his dad, not his accomplishments.

  5. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Robert Saleh might be okay, but now that Brian Schottenheimer, I would take a look at him too

    Eric Bieniemy would be stylish as well

    There are plenty of available and capable coaches, pick one

    • Jcool90

      Facts, wished One of the college Coaches would turn pro. Or Baltimore would get rid of Greg Roman. Done with him, lol we been killing but this season has been up and down for them. But playing amazingly now Ravens Lamar and Company just gotta keep it going.

  6. htbnm57

    He just signed with the Jets. Top candidates aren’t going to be too thrilled with the Eagles
    and their meddling owner and incompetent GM . The Eagles will end up with either a retread or an inexperienced reach as HC.

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