Carson Wentz Fallout: Hurts, Patriots, Pederson

The Carson Wentz era in Philadelphia came to an end today, as the former second-overall pick was dealt to the Colts. However, just because Wentz was sent packing, that doesn’t necessarily mean Jalen Hurts will slide into the starting spot. Sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen that the Eagles intend to bring in “competition” at quarterback, and the “starting job is not expected to automatically go to Hurts.”

The Eagles made a significant commitment to Hurts when they selected him in the second round of last year’s draft, and the former Alabama/Oklahoma standout showed flashes of potential during the 2020 season. Hurts ultimately started four of his 15 appearances this past season, completing 52 percent of his passes for 1,061 yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions. He added another 354 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 63 carries.

It’s pretty clear that Hurts is the heir apparent at the quarterback spot, so this report is probably mostly lip service … teams don’t want their young players to rest on their laurels. Rather, the team is likely looking toward a veteran free agent who will provide some extra motivation to the young signal caller.

Let’s check out some more Wentz-centric notes:

  • The Colts ended up sending Philly a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick. According to Zak Keefer of The Athletic, Indy’s offer “hadn’t changed all that much across 10 days of negotiations.” The Colts front office ultimately believed the compensation was “fair,” and they never intended to “meet the Eagles’ initial demands of multiple first-round picks.” Per Keefer, the Colts understood that Wentz wasn’t their only option to replace Philip Rivers, and the front office was weighing other options while negotiating with Philadelphia.
  • We learned earlier today that the Bears had inquired on Wentz but never made a definitive offer. The same goes for the Patriots. According to Jeff Howe of the The Athletic, New England called the Eagles about the quarterback but lost interest when they heard the asking price. As the reporter notes, the Patriots are unlikely to “overpay for a veteran if it’s not a perfect fit,” especially at this point in the offseason.
  • How did it get to this point between Wentz and the Eagles? ESPN’s Tim McManus writes that the drafting of Hurts may have marked the “beginning of the end,” but there were plenty of additional factors that came into play during the 2020 season. As the Eagles losses and injuries continued to mount, (former) head coach Doug Pederson stripped Wentz of “much of his control over the offense.” As a result, Wentz vicariously lost faith in his head coach and the system.
  • Wentz didn’t just lose faith in Pederson. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes that Wentz “lost faith in [general manager Howie Roseman‘s] decision making. Wentz held a similar sentiment toward owner Jeffrey Lurie, who supported his GM and the front office’s decision to select Hurts in the second round.
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40 comments on “Carson Wentz Fallout: Hurts, Patriots, Pederson

  1. afsooner02

    I don’t think there’s a qb out there available that could out work Hurts.

    But that doesn’t mean he’s the best option either. However, it’s worth giving him a chance and seeing if you got anything. Worst case you tank and get your QB in 22

    • funkmasta198

      Except 2022 draft class is not looking great.. don’t be surprised if they draft a qb at 6 howie has made worse decisions

      • Michael Chaney

        If they tank, they can get Sam Howell. He’ll be a really good starter in the NFL, so it would be well worth it. Especially if the alternative this year is reaching for Trey Lance.

        If they want Fields or Wilson, they’ll probably have to move up. But if either of them would be available at 6, they should consider it.

        • Polish Hammer

          Better not get Lance, he will be a 1st round bust, especially not worth top 1/2 of draft.

          To draft Hurts with a 2nd and ignore holes was a horrible mistake. That pick could’ve given Wentz more help to succeed . Instead It meant first sign of adversity they’re calling for the new backup and not working to fix Wentz. To create a toxic situation and then dump but not hand the job over to Hurts is ineptitude at his finest.

      • afsooner02

        If Rattler at OU has a monster season as expected, he’ll be in the discussion for #1 as well.

    • Sherminator

      Seems like a perfect fit for Fitz this offseason. He is a hard worker and a great mentor, not to mention the backup you want on the bench.

    • ab3b29

      I like having a qb that only completes 52% of his passes in my teams division. Although the rushing yardage is a problem. However I do like the fact there is potential for a lot of picks.

  2. Sounds like they want a veteran, but one that’s not good enough to take the job from Hurts.
    Tim Tebow is now available …

  3. brandons-3

    I don’t get how Howie Roseman still has a job. Dude has had four head coaches since stepping into the GM role in 2010 …. lost and regained his power in the wake of the Chip Kelly era … has squandered many draft picks including two first rounders+ for Wentz … Has never found a long term starter much less a franchise QB.

    He presided over a Super Bowl championship and deserves a long leash for that. That Super Bowl was three seasons ago. And, honestly, it was just a magical season. You don’t win championships by luck and Roseman/Pederson deserve SO much credit for building and coaching that roster; it was just a mix of career years or hot stretches, health, and pushing all the right buttons rather than a sustainable core and program.

    He can be remembered fondly in Philly for Super Bowl LII, but they should’ve moved on from him with Pederson and Wentz.

  4. case7187

    The pats are looking for one guy and that’s Jimmy G and it has to be the stupidest thing they could do

    Personally I would like them to go after someone like D. Carr or Mariota because well all know BB is going after the big name if they did they should go after Rodger’s no matter the cost

    • I can’t see why the Packers would trade Rodgers at any price right in the middle of a Super Bowl window

      • case7187

        I was just saying it if the rumors are true that he wants out and is unhappy there but ur right it would be dumb for GB to do it

    • bostonbob

      Case, you are an idiot. Jimmy G is the perfect fit. Mariota and Carr have been rumored and one might happen. But, Rodgers is old and he sucks in playoffs. Jimmy is BB’s binkie and if made available he will be our QB.

      • afsooner02

        Rodgers has a super bowl….the other QBs you listed have barely sniffed the playoffs and usually have losing records… yeah….let’s go on THAT track record

      • fathead0507

        Rodgers doesn’t suck in the playoffs his defense does.. he’s been eliminated 3 separate times in games his defense gave up over 40pts

        • burtgummer

          Rodgers has been to five NFC championship games and lost 4 but yeah it’s not his fault

  5. Wentz really sounds like an entitled little bit**. How dare they even consider another QB? I’m Carson Wentz! Apparently he got his feelings hurt because other peoples opinions of him weren’t as high as his own. This kid must’ve been coddled, had everything handed to him, and had his ass kissed at every stage of his life. The Eagles will be a better team without his toxic personality…hopefully the Colts are able find a way to work around it.

    • mumsy01

      I disagree. First, Roseman. Besides the Saints and Packers they
      have been consistently good except year here or there. I can’t remember a year they weren’t in it until end except the year before they took Lane Johnson.

      Pedersen talked himself out of town. Chip Kelly wasn’t his hire, and it was time for Reid to go.

      Wentz played behind a horrible O line due to injuries and had no WR’s.
      The reason Wentz and Rodgers get pissed off using high picks on players who aren’t going to start is they want to fill holes and win. Not because they are afraid of competition. Wentz will be good with Colts.

      Eagles haven’t really gone through rebuild in a LONG time.

      Blaming Wentz for a hurt or non-talented roster is like blaming Daniel Jones. Can’t throw the ball from your ass.

      • sn33

        Don’t try to find logic with KCJ. He literally just goes to every article about quarterbacks and blasts them for being selfish and entitled. He refuses to have any kind of perspective whatsoever. He’s an angry little boy who wasn’t hugged enough as a child.

      • htbnm57

        The blame is with The Eagles and Wentz. The Eagles didn’t handle things well ( especially Roseman) by not having depth on the OL or WR by a series of bad contracts and drafts. You can hardly blame them for drafting a QB after several years of injury shortened seasons by Wentz.But in the NFL you need to be able withstand competition and Wentz folded last year.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    Philly should take a vet back up to help Hurts develop, not someone young as competition cause if you didn’t know I doubt someone out works him and shows more potential.
    I’d take Fitzmagic in FA as a back up that’s really good and they can share playing time like he did with Tua this year. Fitz has loads of experience in the NFL, is still a capable player and shows great leadership.

    If I’m Philly I’d then look to try move on a offensive linemen or two for picks to also try save cap space too. You have Dillard and Maitala as young possible starters as replacements already on the roster.
    I’d probably send away Ertz just to clear the locker room negativity and again you already have Goedert as a replacement on the roster.

    I’d put some faith in Hurts and if it doesn’t work out you will have a good pick in 2022 and if it works out your not going to need a huge rebuild

  7. Sports fan

    Give Hurts the same chance/real opportunity you gave Wentz(you gave blindly) guaranteed tour have a better result….

    • petersdylan36

      I just don’t see that.
      Whether you like wentz or not, he led the eagles to the playoffs 3 out of 5 years and a super Bowl win
      Yes yes, I know he never really was the QB for the playoffs but without him, the eagles wouldn’t have been in the position to win the Super Bowl (first round bye and home field advantage).
      I just don’t see similar results out of hurts.
      It would be great if he was but I just don’t see that happening

  8. petersdylan36

    I’m shocked that Roseman still has a job. The last two years he picked Whiteside and Raegor directly ahead of Metcalf and Justin Jefferson. If he didn’t tank those picks, they wouldn’t be looking for a WR in the first round again.
    What concerns me is if the eagles don’t play well this year, how long is Rosemans leash? If they fire him after this year, will the new GM want to bring in his own head coach?
    It just seems like the eagles are going to get worse before they get better again.
    I saw many people project them to go 13-3 last year and be a Super Bowl contender. Now look at them. Have you seen a teams expectations change so quickly before?

  9. MileHighFan

    It will be interesting to see if Belichick is willing to repeat his mistake of 2020 by waiting until the last minute to pick up some roadkill to start at QB.

  10. bradthebluefish

    Pederson + Hurts was a winning combo, literally. Should have kept them together.

    • Polish Hammer

      Winning combination? They were 1-3 and after the fast starts he struggled the rest of the way each game. His last game was horrible and should’ve been pulled even if not already predetermined.

    • beastdog

      Nick can be a good mentor for Hurts. As far as pick 6,I dont see Chase getting past the Bengals at 5 to reunite with Burrow,and Devonta could be Tyreek Hill or he could be Todd Pinkston. I like the Florida TE Pitts. Compares to Waller and teamed with Goeddert could be a great combo. The Colts had great success with TEs in the system Sirrianni is bringing here.

  11. driftcat28

    “Patriots won’t over pay for a better ab if it’s not a perfect fit”. Certainly sounds like Jimmy G is the target then. He knows the system, gets along with the coaches, and is still younger. Bill wants his guy and I think they’ll make an offer for him at some point. Whether the 49ers trade him who knows. The 49ers are looking for an upgrade, and I find it difficult to believe they keep Jimmy at his current rate if they can’t find the upgrade. Jimmy shouldn’t take the pay cut either if that’s the case. I think the Pats will wait it out another season with a journeyman QB if they can’t get Jimmy.

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