Chiefs’ LDT, Damien Williams Likely To Return

The Chiefs found their way back to the Super Bowl, despite losing guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and running back Damien Williams to COVID-19 opt-outs. However, both players are expected to return for the 2021 season, according to’s Tom Pelissero (on Twitter).

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Duvernay-Tardif, a medical school graduate, was the first NFL player to exercise his right to opt out. Since then, he’s been volunteering at a long-term care facility in Quebec. Duvernay-Tardif was set to play on his five-year, $42.36MM deal. Instead, his contract has tolled, meaning that his deal will resume in 2021 and extend through the 2022 season. The Chiefs surely wish they could have him back today, given that they’re down multiple starters on the front five.

Williams, 29 in April, was inconsistent in the 2019 regular season, but he came up big in the playoffs. Williams scored six touchdowns in the postseason and could have won the Super Bowl LIV MVP award if not for Patrick Mahomes‘ performance. In that game, “Playoff Damien” managed133 scrimmage yards and two touchdowns en route to his first ring.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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17 comments on “Chiefs’ LDT, Damien Williams Likely To Return

  1. arty!

    The Duvernay-Tardif story needs a 30 for 30 episode. Dude opts out of a SB winning team to fight COVID because he’s a doctor first. Meanwhile working for free rather than collecting a portion of that $42m deal.

    It’s up there with Pat Tillman. Completely unexpected yet 100% awesome.

      • RoyalRedskin402

        Comparing a hero who left his sports career to fight in Iraq after 9/11… just another doctor fighting a virus with 99% survival rate is frankly disrespectful.

        • petersdylan36

          I hate that argument of downplaying how many people have died from the virus. Even if only 1% die, that’s still significant. If someone said that it isn’t significant to mourn and acknowledge the death of soldiers because only X amount die, that’s disrespectful. People are dying and it’s admirable that LDT took the year to focus on the greater good and health of others

        • myaccount

          Trash opinion, “royal” redskin. More people have died from COVID than the War in Iraq. Both are huge sacrifices and both men are heroes. You must be another science denier.

          • I Beg To Differ

            And here’s the breakdown.

            Majority of deaths had underlying health conditions

            Majority of deaths were advanced in age.

            Cuomo lied about how many deaths his nursing home policies caused

            And you had 5 govenors put covid positive patients into nursing homes/care facilities.

            You know, when you need to use false positives, increase deaths by exposing the most vulnerable, and deny actual treatments for the disease its a manufactured pandemic.

            Is covid real? yeah about as real as the cold or flu.

            But man they lied to you and fooled you so many times and yuppies ate it up lmao.

            It’s not safe to enter restaurants without a mask…but same to sit down for 1-2 hours without a mask at a restaurant.

            Covid doesn’t happen at blm/antifa riots. Only right wing stuff.

            Lmao. A study was done that linked covid spread to George Floyd protests…..after months of the TV telling you it didn’t.

            • CamFrost

              Jesus. This world lacks any sort of empathy these days. The guy left a job in the NFL to help fight a fight he didn’t have to. No matter the survival rate. Not matter any of that political nonsense some of y’all wanna spew. He took a harder job at a time normal people like us needed it.

              • Ak185

                I wouldn’t have invoked the Pat Tillman reference, but it’s still pretty admirable what Laurent Duvernay-Tardif did. There’s no real need or gain from a comparative risk analysis other than some possible minor (and ultimately immaterial) personal satisfaction. Recognition in this case is not competitive. The relative danger here is not the sticking point (at least it shouldn’t be), it’s the dedication to give up the ultimate in career achievement in a major sport for something that is more important. Tillman did it, Divernay-Tardif did it. In that sense, they are similar, no matter the degrees of relative danger each one faced.

                They gave up something lucrative, beloved, and relatively safe for something that certainly was not. They each exceeded the standard. The comparative argument really should not be the big concern. I agree that Tillman’s example was more personally dangerous, but really…so what? We should know that arguing that point defeats the entire purpose of lauding the individual motivation to act selflessly for a higher sense of duty. They both sacrificed for the greater good. That’s what’s more important than squabbling about who deserves it more.

    • arty!

      My point was there are football players that know there are other important things in life than the NFL. And I think their stories should be told.

  2. hobie004

    I admire the guy but it’s not anywhere close to Pat Tillman in my opinion. Guy knew he was putting his life on the line and then lost it.

    • myaccount

      Lots of frontline doctors have died, too. LDT could have died. Both he and Tillman are heroes.

    • CamFrost

      No one brought up Tilman. You made it a comparison. And it was completely unnecessary.

    • Ak185

      Recent developments in the Chiefs organization have suggested that personal evaluations are not their strength.

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