Deshaun Watson Wasn’t Promised GM Search Input

Deshaun Watson has been frustrated with the Texans for a number of reasons. Among those reasons: His lack of input in the team’s GM search. However, the quarterback was never promised that he’d be included in that decision, according to a league source who spoke with Ben Volin of The Boston Globe.

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The Texans did tell Watson that he could be involved in the head coaching search. Reportedly, Watson had a strong preference for Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Ultimately, they went with David Culley, a veteran assistant who wasn’t on the radar for most teams. Eventually, the Texans, interviewed Bieniemy, but he wasn’t seriously considered for the role. On the GM side, the Texans went with Nick Caserio, their longtime target for the job.

At last check, Watson has yet to communicate with Culley or Caserio. Meanwhile, his personal coach Quincy Avery is passing along notes via social media.

What’s the criteria for a quarterback asking to get traded, then actually getting traded?,” Avery tweeted recently. “Asking for a friend.”

Avery’s friend has been heavily linked to the Panthers, who have recently carved out significant cap space. The Dolphins continue to circle around him, too, which means that a blockbuster trade involving Tua Tagovailoa could be on the table. Other potential suitors include the Jets, Broncos, and 49ers, but the Texans continue to say that he’s staying put.

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57 comments on “Deshaun Watson Wasn’t Promised GM Search Input

  1. ruckus727

    They should try to move him to the NFC and initiate talks with SF involving Bosa, Jimmy G, and picks.

      • myaccount

        dandan- if SF understandably digs their heels in over Bosa, Houston could do the same. Maybe they send him elsewhere then.

      • ruckus727

        If SF wants him, they’ll have to include Bosa. They don’t have the picks to compete with offers from Miami and NYJ. It would shock me at all to see a deal like that happen. I personally wouldn’t trade Watson without getting a known proven elite player back plus the high picks.

        • dandan

          Until he refuses to play and that price tag goes down, which is a strong possibility. I believe he’ll bring back a massive haul, but I guarantee you Bosa wouldn’t be included in any deal. Which, in my opinion, would mean even more picks and/or another high caliber player.

  2. tank62

    This isn’t new news, John McClain from the Houston paper said this a month ago.

    • elscorcho the marlin

      Was news to me. I’m not from Houston, so don’t know their papers.

      • tank62

        The internet can be a help. I’m not from Houston either but these things can be looked up now.

        • just-a-fan

          well congrats tank62 you read about something online which means everyone else should too right. perhaps you’re a bigger fan than elsorcho is or have more free time.

          this was news to me too but guess we should ask tank62 next time we don’t know something.

          • tank62

            You snowflakes crack me up. Point was for trade rumors acting like this is new when it’s been out there. So you two have a great night with your soy lattes.

            • elscorcho the marlin

              Default insult that makes zero sense. Hope you have a decent night.

              Also, I’m not interested in looking up Houston news.I read the rumors here, because I have a busy schedule.

              • tank62

                Again the point was to trade rumors they could have posted this before. You replied to me. So

              • forwhomjoshbelltolled

                You are only confused because you are a soy latte enjoying snowflake.

                Real men hang on every word of John McClain of the “Houston paper” about every minor thing and get bizarrely upset when everyone else doesn’t.

                If you ate a steak everyone one in a while, you’d know that. Or something.

                • compassrose

                  I eat steak every morning and night and my arm pit hair has hair. I use tree bark for my cologne. I am a manly man and I didn’t know this. Mainly because I don’t give a gosh darn about it.

                  Tired of how pampered the new players are. I didn’t get put into the loop of the guy who holds the down marker I want a trade. Shut up and do your job.

                  How many get a choice of the guy who works two cubicles down from you? Heck I was the welding foreman and didn’t get to interview guys working under me. Boss was a control freak and the owner. Lol

                  It is life in the real world. Have the assistant to your assistant in charge of bringing you the plate of food your chef made you make a smooth with lavender to calm you down.

  3. doug.daniel243

    Out of curiosity, does anyone think the Panthers will actually get Deshaun?

      • CamFrost

        If I were the Texans I wouldn’t even want CMC included. His contract is massive and paying premium $ on a RB (even one of CMC’s caliber) isn’t worth an elite QB. Plus, getting the 8th pick won’t allow you to draft one of the top QB’s. Unless they want to take a chance on Lance. Would have to hope Fields falls to them.

        • Aaron Johnson

          I agree. If I was the Texans, I’d rather have picks instead of McCaffrey. If you’re going to trade for a player, trade for a stud still on a rookie contract, not one that’s been paid record RB money and coming off an injury, as good as McCaffrey is.

          • dugdog83

            Picks all day, as awesome as CMC is we’ve seen his prime and he’s on the fast decline just like every other RB before him.

            • myaccount

              Fast decline? CMC isn’t worth accepting in a return for Watson, but he isn’t declining, he was hurt.

      • DonOsbourne

        @ whiplash:

        Could you please explain your position here? I tend to agree with the other comments saying they wouldn’t want CMC. I’m interested to hear your take. No criticism intended.

    • compassrose

      I would guess NY. Give up 2 firsts this year the lower of their firsts next year probably Seattle’s. Then Darnold and a player to be named later. I know that is not a thing in the NFL. Just not sure who they would target. They need help all over. Or thru could drop PTBNL for the highest of next years 1st.

      I wouldn’t make that trade if I was NY though. They could use one of the firsts to add 4 to 5 more picks and take a QB with their pick. They could maybe swap spots with the Jags and give them the other 3 1st round picks. I would take Lawrence over Watson.

  4. bestno5

    Anyone else think it’s childish to have a friend be posting messages? If his friend is doing it on his behalf.

    Not sure what it would hurt if he decided to talk with Caserio and Culley. At least show them some respect since they weren’t present when all this went down. Perhaps he may like them and the direction they go in. If not his trade demand will still stand.

    • Rocket32

      bestno5 Refusing to speak with the new HC and GM is probably just him sending a message to the Texans that he’s serious about this and has no intentions of backing down. He’s not giving them any hope that he’ll change his mind or be talked into staying. I doubt it’s personal with Culley and Caserio.

    • KCJ

      I’ve been following sports for 40+ years now, and I can honestly say that I have never seen an organization so poorly run and mismanaged by complete idiots like the Houston Texans have been. Hiring Bill O’Brien and allowing him to consistently make some of the worst trades I’ve ever seen was just the tip of the iceberg with this group of clowns. I think Watson has come to realize that it doesn’t really matter who the Coach or GM is, as long as McNair is in charge of things. It’s similar to a crazy ex who promises “Oh I’ve changed, I promise. Things will be different from now on. That will never happen again”. Sooner or later you get wise to it and you’ve had all you can take, no matter how bad the ex wants you to stay/come back.

  5. saluelthpops

    “Asking for a friend?” My teenage daughter says stuff like that. And this guy is advising an NFL QB?

    • KCJ

      I’m relatively certain it was merely a poor attempt at some tongue-in-cheek comedy. Your teenage daughter says stuff like that because she’s a teenager

  6. DarkSide830

    i can understand a key player having an influence on picking a HC, but NEVER a GM.

    • padam

      I can’t even understand input on the coach. Watson takes money out/from the team. The owner puts money into the team. Why the hell would Watson get to partake in any decision making baffles me. He could recommend his best friend and not have any skin in the game. If he wants to pout, time to shuffle on.

      I’m a big fan of his ability and talent – he’s one of the best in my opinion, but his stance with team management is disappointing. Even if they’re idiots, he has/had the option to move on. He certainly didn’t hesitate to put ink on that contract when the same management placed it in front of him.

    • DonOsbourne

      In a vacuum, I think it’s a bad idea to let a player pick the coach. However, Houston has done so many inexplicable things over the last couple years including the awkward, passive-aggressive handling of this situation, that Watson(or anyone else) probably couldn’t do any worse than the people actually making the decision.

  7. papabearmi

    Looking at the situation, no team owner in their right mind would allow a team player to dictate how they run their team. A little input would be oaky, but if Watson doesn’t want to play for the team that owns his rights I would let him sit at home until his contract runs out and not pay him a dime. You can relate this to Elway and any other player, Eli Manning comes to mind. Screw em all.

    • martevious

      The only problem with this is that the Texans would be the biggest losers. They are stupid for not trying to get a bidding war going on Watson.
      And why shouldn’t your best players have some imput? They generally know a lot more about football than the owners know.

      • rocky7

        The moment you allow a player to have definitive input on management personnel, you open the floodgates to constant issues both on and off the field…they get paid to play football not manage the team.

    • frank858

      Except the fact they’d be wasting a year of rebuilding. Being that 20 MM would be wasted on him doing nothing and that he’s still guaranteed about 75MM

    • badco44

      It does hurt the team more, the WFT went thru it with there all pro left tackle. And it finally got settled but they had to settle for a much smaller return

    • DonOsbourne

      As I said in my previous comment, in many aspects I agree with you. The problem is at least half of NFL teams are run by people who have no idea what they’re doing. It’s hard to tell a player to stay in his lane when you see teams hiring Matt Patricia, Adam Gase(twice), etc, etc, etc. The track record of owners and upper management types picking coaches is abysmal. Letting the players chose the coach may not be better, but the owners need to get better before they can act insulted over a player wanting to have input.

    • great one

      Problem is Watson can “report” and then oops…. I just “a hurt my back” and that mystery injury gets him paid while he doesn’t play. Ultimately, Watson has the most power in this situation.

      • I Beg To Differ

        “Mysterious Injury” has to be signed off by team doctor.

        Team doctor isn’t going to sign off on an injury and risk their career.

      • Ak185

        I suppose it could go either way and have the same meaning, given the statement.

  8. WSnotAstros2017

    Watson not happy with ownership and more. I do not blame him with people he has to work with after fiasco with O’Brien or such when was running team. If has issues with Easterby too. I can see wanting a little input but to be the one that has final say. I just do not think great ownership with Cal running things. I just think they are trying to make it show they care but do not. I had respect more for Bob McNair but health and his recent passing. Do not know if others were telling him what to do. He kept Bill for so long then finally pulled his plug. But does not seem like good management here. Wonder who will be QB. Watson needs to be dealt. Myself keeping him to sit home is not worth it. I think he is done. With JJ gone and saw Fuller leaving as a free agent. What will the Texans team look like in 2021. I want a team can watch. Rockets cannot this season. If Astros who knows.

  9. MileHighFan

    One more year in Houston and people will realize that Watson is a fraud – as Hopkins was clearly the reason the Texans were a playoff team.

    • I Beg To Differ

      What? This is a really bad take

      Defense is why Texans were awful last year. Wasn’t Watson.

      70.2% comp rate, 4800 yards without Hopkins.

      Lock may be the reason the broncos were awful but Watson wasn’t the reason the Texans were.

      • MileHighFan

        Since stats are important to you, how about these:

        Third down conversions: 43% (12th in league)
        Game Winning Drives in 2020: None
        QBR: 12th in league

        • I Beg To Differ

          3rd down conversion.

          1. What was the average distance on those plays?

          2. How many of those 3rd down plays were running plays? Lmao so the running back failing to get a 1st is watsona fault?

          3. Game winning drives…..
          How many opportunities?
          How many leads did the defense blow and gave up a game winning drive?

          Dude your facts need more context. They’re just lazy counterpoints.

  10. bradthebluefish

    Houston didn’t promise input about the GM position. but they certainly did about the head coaching position and totally failed him. Didn’t take Bienemy seriously and only took an interview with him at the tail end just to appease Watson. Sad. Very sad.

  11. bradthebluefish

    Watson needs to go on record as to what happened in Houston and why he’s doing this.

  12. Matt Tasler

    Next time my company is looking for a CEO or President, I’m going to demand they hire who I want. See how that works out for me.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I dunno, man. What was your quarterback rating last year??

  13. crosseyedlemon

    It’s abundantly clear this situation is going to end in ugly divorce, so whether promises were broken or not is a moot point now. Remaining in a defensive state of denial is not going to benefit the Texans one bit, so they need to start looking at what offers can best help them move forward.

    • Ak185

      Agreed. The situation is what it is now-making the “right” person gets the blame hardly matters at this point.

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