Former Chargers, Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson Dies

Former NFL wide receiver Vincent Jackson was found dead in a hotel room Monday in Brandon, Florida, Josh Benson of WFLA reports (on Twitter). He was 38.

Jackson checked into the hotel Jan. 11 and had stayed there for weeks, but WFLA adds he was reported missing on Feb. 10. Authorities spoke with Jackson on Saturday. A housekeeper at the hotel found him dead around 11:30am ET Monday. No cause of death has been reported. Deputies did not discover any signs of trauma, according to WFLA.

A former Chargers second-round pick, Jackson starred in the NFL for over a decade. He played 12 seasons with the Bolts and Buccaneers. In six of those, the 6-foot-5 wideout surpassed 1,000 receiving yards. Despite being a Division I-FCS product, Jackson made three Pro Bowls and was one of the league’s better receivers for most of his career.

Jackson’s career ran from 2005-16. In 2018, he was said to be “very happily retired” after a decorated career. For four straight years, Jackson won the Bucs’ Man of the Year award. He signed with Tampa Bay in 2012 and played five seasons with the team.

The Bolts drafted Jackson out of Northern Colorado in 2005. They did not use him much as a rookie, but the small-school product stepped into a key role for the contending Chargers a year later and joined Antonio Gates as the team’s top pass catchers for the next several seasons. Jackson was a key player for the Charger teams that won four straight AFC West titles from 2006-09. Jackson held out in 2010 but reported in-season to preserve an accrued year toward free agency. Ten years ago today, the Chargers franchise-tagged him. A year later, Jackson signed a five-year, $55.5MM deal with the Bucs. Jackson played out that contract.

Jackson posted his final three 1,000-yard campaigns as a member of the Bucs, doing so despite lacking the quarterback stability he enjoyed with Philip Rivers. Jackson wrapped his run as a pro by forming one of the more physically imposing receiving duos in NFL history, with Mike Evans joining him in Tampa in 2014. Both Jackson and Evans eclipsed 1,000 yards that year. For his career, Jackson finished with 540 catches for 9,080 yards and 57 touchdowns.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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42 comments on “Former Chargers, Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson Dies

    • letmeclearmythroat74

      What’s with the Hahaha? That’s terrible. Karma … someone’s always watching Timmy11

            • ahale224

              No, if it doesn’t bother you when anybody tragically dies way too young, you are a D-Bag.

              • forwhomjoshbelltolled

                Expressing human decency is too close to “Virtue Signaling” for some, so they respond with “I Have No Virtue Signaling” instead.

                It’s how they feel like big tough men.

                Don’t judge them for it or they will never stop crying about it. Ever.

              • floridagators

                Someone just died from a United States drone strike. Do you care? Thought so.

                • forwhomjoshbelltolled

                  You’ll find the corresponding condolences on DroneStrikeTradeRumors.

                  This thread was about Vincent Jackson.

                  If it fills your miserable life with some tiny amount of joy to pee on his grave, so be it.

                  I bet you’d like playing in traffic even more, though. Never know until you try.

            • letmeclearmythroat74

              No you’re not right. Was he related and I’m deeply hurt and it’s going to change my dad kind of care? No , but do care about the the general grief his family will go through that we don’t wish on anyone ? Yes. Timmy and gator —you both need to do some serious soul searching if you can publicly say these things.. It’s a shame. It will catch up with you some day.

              • floridagators

                Do you care about every family that has perished from death by a drone? No. Thought so.

                • sn33

                  Do you just say the same thing over and over while just changing it slightly therefore making you look like a douche? Thought so.

                  • floridagators

                    Does me changing the same thing slightly over change the fact that I’m wrong? No it doesn’t. Don’t act like you actually care about these people and “say a prayer.”

                • tigersfan1320

                  Of course I care if people die of anything, whether it is murder, or cancer, or a drone strike… but I did not know them or know anything about them so I cannot feel the same emotional sympathy for their death as I can for either someone I know personally, or a celebrity, such as Vincent Jackson. For athletes, fans get emotionally invested in watching these guys, and they cheer on them for years. Then when they suddenly die it is a very appropriate response to be sad and upset. Seems like you’re upset about it floridagators but you’re just trying to suppress those emotions by being a jerk on a comment thread.

  1. dan55

    That’s sad. I remember watching him from his Chargers days. He was always our best receiver.

  2. ruckus727

    Vjax was my one of my favs of his era. Beloved figure here in the Bay Area. RIP brother. Just terrible news. Super bummed.

  3. mstrblstr2

    VJax was a good guy and played well for the Bucs. VJax suffered plenty of concussions and I would think anything other the the CTE Creeper got him one way or another. RIP brother, too young to go and def didn’t deserve to go alone in a hotel room. Your legacy will live on in Tampa!

  4. fredziffel78

    I must be easily confused by article. “The Bolts drafted Jackson out of Northern Colorado in 2005. They did not use him much as a rookie, but the small-school product stepped into a key role for the contending Chargers a year later and joined Vincent Jackson as the team’s top pass catchers for the next several seasons.”

    So Vincent Jackson “joined Vincent Jackson as the team’s top pass catchers”?

  5. dodgersvictoryagain

    Unbelievable the disrespect in an article outlining his death. Fans like you are what ruins sports. You should be ashamed

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