Jimmy Garoppolo Still To Be Available For Trade?

Every time it seems like the 49ers have put the Jimmy Garoppolo story to rest, it takes another twist. GM John Lynch recently made headlines by saying there was “no doubt” Garoppolo would be the team’s 2021 starter, but there apparently is some doubt after all. 

“Many around the league still expect Garoppolo to be available” in trade talks, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe writes. Garoppolo is one of only a handful of players around the league with a no-trade clause, so he’d have to give his approval for any potential destination. Lynch’s comments always rang a bit hollow considering the team reportedly inquired about Matthew Stafford before balking at the asking price.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has also waffled at various points about how committed to Garoppolo he is. Regardless of whether he’s good enough to be their long-term starter, there are also questions about Jimmy G’s health issues, which Lynch acknowledged recently.

He played all 16 games in San Francisco’s 2019 NFC Championship season, but played in only three in 2018 and just six this past year. Although his status as the 49ers’ starter is apparently not as set in stone as we may have believed earlier this week, Volin does say that he thinks the team “would have to be bowled over by a trade offer” to move Garoppolo.

In his latest ‘Football Morning in America’ column, Peter King of NBC Sports wrote that if the 49ers can convince Garoppolo to waive his no-trade clause he could see them being ‘all in’ on Deshaun Watson. Just for entertainment he floated a couple of hypothetical trade scenarios, including a fun one where the Vikings send Kirk Cousins to San Francisco and the 49ers send Garoppolo to Houston in a three-team deal that ends with Watson in Minnesota. Obviously Shanahan and Cousins have a long history dating back to their time in Washington together.

If Garoppolo were to be traded eventually, the Patriots would have to be considered as a potential suitor given that it was Bill Belichick who brought him into the league with a second-round pick back in 2014.

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26 comments on “Jimmy Garoppolo Still To Be Available For Trade?

  1. Well do one or the other, but STOP getting Peoples hopes up and then the Next day telling everyone, he isn’t going anywhere !! Or what’s going to happen is they will wait til the last possible moment, then trade him for a draft pick and then bring someone like Hoyer in, sigh !!

    • bravesfan88

      Right, fans need to be patient, I’m just saying be careful what you wish for guys!! Jimmy G could be moved, and the 49ers end up drafting Lance..

      Then, we would be forced to watch a full season of Mullens and Beathard crap the bed, while Kyle gets Lance ready and trained up, AND still even then, there is ZERO assurance that Lance will be better than Jimmy G.

      With Lance’s bulldog, tough mentality, and with how he likes to run the ball, there is a high probability he could just as easily become just as injury prone as Jimmy G is. Then, the 49ers will not only have wasted 2 years of their window, they will also be right back at square one!!!

      • dandan

        Mullens and Beathard are both gone. So the probability of this entire hypothetical scenario is slim.

  2. wildboys

    My first thought when I saw Watson’s trade demand was he’ll be traded to the 49ers and Jimmy G will be part of the return.
    He will subsequently be traded back to NE.
    Due to Houston GM Caseiro’s familiarity.

      • dan55

        “He will subsequently be traded back to NE.”

        I see that reading comprehension is a problem here.

        • arty!

          Busted! You got me. But truthfully, why would any team trade for Jimmy G? What has he proven other than to be a backup.

            • arty!

              On that D. Nothing but an ordinary O for the past 3 years. But keep dreaming that Kyle & Jimmy are the answers. I have never found another team fans that fights harder than the 9’ers on this site. No matter how bad they are, they’re still great.

              • Thronson5

                They made it because of their D? Are kidding me? Give me some of what you are smoking on because Jimmy and the pass game were depended on plenty of times that season and their run game was one of the best in the league so to say Kyle isn’t the answer and Jimmy did nothing to help them is ridiculous.he actually was the better QB for 3 quarters of the Super Bowl until the refs took over.

                • arty!

                  Like I said, 9’ers fans are fanatics. ‘Jimmy is awesome! He backed up Tom he has to be good!’ Any wonder why the 9’ers want to ditch him???????

            • arty!

              Why? What has Jimmy done to warrant such a pick, get injured? TB2 is twice his age and can still literately play.

      • bradthebluefish

        Houston wants 3 first round picks at minimal and for the 49ers to do that PLUS add a starting QB that can perform at a high level when healthy… that seals the deal IMO.

        • Texas Wants 3 1st rd Picks and at least 2 Starting Players. That’s just too high a Price. Yes, He’s a generational QB, B U T, he no different than any other player……one hit and your Career is over. THAT’s why “IF” we were to get him, you damn well better make sure you have the Best OL in the Game to Protect him.

  3. Thronson5

    As a 49er fan this is getting really old. He’s proven he can when he’s healthy so I don’t get the criticism of him. The only issue I had even before they signed him to that deal was his health. He plays all out and that’s usually how his injuries happen. If they fix that line and he learns to not take so many big hits just for a few extra yards he will be fine. I don’t see any option better than him. Watson isn’t realistic, Cousins isn’t better and won’t, Wilson won’t be dealt to SF. Darnold isn’t better either. Their best bet is to draft a QB and if Jimmy struggles with injuries this year then next year move on, if he plays good then you got a better backup then you did the last couple seasons and once the draftee proves they are ready to take over they can. All the trade rumors are just ridiculous and I don’t see any of them being realistic at all. They won’t move him for someone who isn’t as good and they won’t move him just to move him for a pick if they aren’t getting better. Should just restructure his deal to free up cap and fix that O Line so he doesn’t take a beating. No matter who’s at QB they will end up hurt if they done get better at pass protection.

    • bradthebluefish

      Fully agree. Jimmy G is a capable starter. Keep him and draft a QB (which the 49ers need to do regardless of who’s the starting QB).

      • DarkSide830

        or just draft someone who can actually help the team now and worry about getting a new QB you need to.

    • KEY WORDS – When Healthy, but he has NOT Proven yet that he can STAY Healthy for an Entire Season. Even during the SB Season, he even admitted that he was NOT 100%, but more around 90% and found himself babying that bad knee all year long.

    • tedtheodorelogan

      This is the correct take. I do think they need to use their 1st rounder to draft a QB if there is someone with talent still available at 12 because they need a better backup/future starter.

  4. fanman49

    I didn’t see the niners having a winning season with anyone else at QB but JimmyG in the years after Kap ! So why would you want to get rid of a guy who helped take you to the dance. Sac Pat M on a 3 and 18 or run the dang ball down their throats and we could talking trophy 6.

    • venom

      Can’t sack mahomes when the refs allow blatant holding on your best pass rusher. Bosa was being bear hugged and no flags. In fact no flags for holding that entire game but they threw plenty of flags for Tom Brady this year

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