Lynch: No Doubt Jimmy Garoppolo Will Be 49ers’ 2021 Starter

In the mix for Matthew Stafford and potentially residing atop Deshaun Watson‘s trade destination list, the 49ers have not exactly been out of the mix in this all-action quarterback offseason. But publicly, their plan remains Jimmy Garoppolo-centric.

John Lynch said, during an appearance on Clark Judge’s Eye Test for Two podcast (via, he has no doubt “at all” Garoppolo will be under center for the 49ers in Week 1 if he is healthy. This has been the 49ers’ party line for months, but Lynch tripling down amid a frenzied QB trade market is certainly notable.

Kyle Shanahan went from projecting Garoppolo as his 2021 starter to providing a “you can’t say anything with certainty” caveat to that projection in December. The 49ers discussed Stafford with the Lions but are not believed to have submitted an offer, adding some fuel to the plans for a fourth season with Garoppolo as their Week 1 starter being genuine. The 29-year-old passer is signed through 2022 on what is now a year-to-year contract.

Unless the 49ers can land a major upgrade — which Watson would certainly be — the expectation is they will run it back with Garoppolo. But Lynch indicated the team does plan to pursue a backup. Garoppolo has missed 23 games since his September 2018 ACL tear.

When he’s healthy, he’s played at a high level,” Lynch said of Garoppolo. “But we probably have to add someone. We probably need to improve ourselves, so if he’s not there we’re all right … we can win games.”

Nick Mullens is a restricted free agent, but San Francisco’s backup is recovering from elbow surgery that could sideline him until training camp. Since trading for Garoppolo in 2017, the 49ers are 24-9 when Garoppolo starts and 7-19 under Mullens or C.J. Beathard. The latter is a free agent. Non-Dak Prescott free agency this year, as of now, stands to include the likes of Jacoby Brissett, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor and Mitchell Trubisky.

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11 comments on “Lynch: No Doubt Jimmy Garoppolo Will Be 49ers’ 2021 Starter

    • You say this on every article about Garoppolo. If he’s healthy, the 49ers are a great team. Once again:

      2017-2020 seasons, 49ers record:

      With Garoppolo – 22-8
      Without Garoppolo – 7-27

      He’s a good QB who has had injury issues. A 49ers with a healthy Garoppolo should scare the NFC West.

      • arty!

        Easy to write. In his 3 starting seasons, 2 ended under 500. Since November, there has been constant reporting from sports media that the 49’ers may move on this offseason. In fact, until this statement, the 9’ers have been linked to multiple QB’s in the league and predictions where Jimmy will end up.

        As for his injures, he has a list of them. If he can’t stay healthy, what good is he?

  1. crosseyedlemon

    Looks like it’s just a matter of time until they sign Tom Savage again.

  2. driftcat28

    Why does this feel like damage control? I would imagine Jimmy’s camp is not all that happy with the team after months of not 100% committing to Jimmy. No one wants to hear from their employer that they are open to a replacement if it came along.

    • mrshyguy99

      But hasn’t it happen before they say he their guy then trade them. So what the point of saying it

  3. dandan

    Would love to see Brandon Allen in Kyle Shanahan’s offensive scheme. I don’t believe he’s a starter, but certainly a serviceable backup and definitely an upgrade from Mullen’s and Beathard. He’s exactly the type of QB KS likes under center.

  4. The biggest deal is , ” I F ” he can stay healthy, ” I F “, and he has Not proven he can stay healthy enough to Play an Entire Season w/o going on the IR. The SB season he even admitted he was Only at 90% and was subconsciously babying his knee and was afraid to take a hit. I don’t care if you put Montana back there in his Prime, the OL was allowing Sacks and the QB being Rushed all year Long. That is where the Priority should Lay ” I F ” they decide to keep JG. The OG and C, then after that CB, ILB, SS, FS and DE. Even ” I F ” they do decide to move on from JG and Trade Him or Draft one, the OL still has to be Improved to better protect the QB, otherwise that QB will just end up the same way as JG has.

    • Buzz Saw

      Sacks galore but Trent Williams didn’t allow a single one. They HAVE to resign him

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