Panthers Offered 8th Pick For Matthew Stafford, Details On Other Offers

As the fallout continues to pour in from the blockbuster Matthew Stafford/Jared Goff trade, we’ve got some new details on the talks the Lions had leading up to it. Most notably, the Panthers had offered the eighth overall pick in this year’s draft as well as a later pick, Albert Breer of reports. Many would argue that’s a better offer than what Detroit took from the Rams, two future first-round picks (which could be late ones), a third-rounder, and Goff’s bloated contract. 

Taking that deal would’ve given the Lions the seventh and eighth picks this April, giving them a ton of ammo if they wanted to move up for one of the top couple of quarterbacks. Clearly, they didn’t view Goff and his contract as a huge negative like many others do, and this offer from Matt Rhule will likely be the one looked back on most when we reflect on this trade in the years to come. If nothing else this just goes to show how serious Carolina is about upgrading from Teddy Bridgewater, and we’ve heard they’re gearing up for an aggressive run at Deshaun Watson.

Washington offered the 19th pick this April as well as a third-round selection, Breer writes. The Colts discussed packages of picks but never made an offer that included their first-rounder this year, the 21st pick. Although the 49ers did show some interest, they never made a formal offer, which tracks with them being content to run it back with Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Broncos also showed interest but Breer says it became clear early on the price was rising well beyond what new GM George Paton was willing to pay. The Patriots were willing to package a second-rounder with a defensive player although obviously that wasn’t going to cut it and Stafford apparently had no interest in going to New England and reuniting with Matt Patricia anyway.

Interestingly, Breer notes that the Jets checked in over the weekend. All those other teams had been heavily linked to Stafford, but New York would’ve been something of a wild card. Obviously the talks went nowhere, but it’s notable to learn the Jets are at least considering rolling with a veteran passer instead of Sam Darnold or a rookie with their second overall pick.

So, what do you think? Are the Lions foolish for not taking the eighth pick and running with it, or will Goff prove some people wrong?

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23 comments on “Panthers Offered 8th Pick For Matthew Stafford, Details On Other Offers

  1. tigersfan1320

    Wonder if the panthers would have given up 8th pick and bridgewater for Stafford. I’m guessing the lions would have had to give up more than just Stafford though

  2. Tatsumaki

    It just really depends what the older picks were, if it was another 1st then that would have substantially better. Think the lions view goff as a guy that can be turned around and still have massive value in another organization and if that’s the case and he returns to the 2018 version that’s a huge get for lions in addition to 3 picks

    • JT19

      Agreed. I think some people are completely overlooking Goff’s inclusion in this deal. While I don’t think Goff is all that great, there’s a lot of potential for his inclusion here.

      Imo, at his best he’s probably marginally better than Bridgewater (and two years younger) so Goff should be slightly more valuable than Teddy. If he pans out, Detroit either has a half-decent QB for the next couple of years or a trade chip if they take a QB in this draft. Likely scenario is that he is some sort of bridge QB for the next 2-3 years which means Detroit doesn’t have to take a QB with a high pick this year if they don’t love any of the expected to be available ones (and less pressure to trade up for one). And if Goff completely flames out or they just want to move on from him, he has no dead cap in 2023 so Detroit can make a clean getaway after two seasons.

  3. phillyballers

    The Rams picks could be turned into multiple picks for teams trying to trade up too.

  4. JayHeck2158

    In comparing these other offers I agree with what the Lions did by taking the Rams offer. They end up with a bridge QB in Goff, who may turn out to be more than that, and are no longer forced into having to draft the leftover QB between Wilson, Lance and Fields, plus additional # 1’s the next 2 years. In addition, they’ve opened up their options at # 7, where they can trade down, take defense or a WR. I’d like to see a trade down to grab another pick and focus on defense. Overall they’re in a way better spot then they were last week at this time.

    • BG99

      I absolutely believe that they are taking Chase/Smith at 8 if they’re still on the board.

  5. msobadger

    Am I the only one who is tired of sports writers’ incessant use of “run it back”?

    • BG99

      The use of cliches in such pieces is juvenile. I bet the only athletic this writer has ever done is play Madden with his frat bro’s.

  6. balloonknots

    Can’t blame lions as they got a great haul and see them trading back from 7 to add even more picks. This will put them in a great cap situation down the line. Deep wr class they can get quality wr option well into round 3/4 this year. What the worse that can happen when ur reshaping your roster that you end up with another high pick next year? Great position to be in.

  7. Missing Michigan

    This could be the result of Detroit trying to treat Stafford well. I doubt he would have picked the Panthers over the Rams.
    Perhaps the new front office is trying to treat people well. That would be a change from their franchise history.

  8. SportsFan0000

    Lions did well in this deal.
    Goff is still young, could be “coached up” and play even better. Lions received 2 1st rounders and a 3rd rounder. Goff can either be kept for 2 years and/or flipped for more young players and picks at that time. OR Goff could be kept long term if he raises his game.
    Also, the Lions wanted to send Stafford to a team where Stafford wanted to play and with coaches he wanted to play for. Rams and 49ers were high on Stafford’s list of teams to be traded to. It was classy move for Lions to honor Stafford’s wishes after Stafford was the good soldier and face of the Lions franchise for 12 years.

    • fba0017

      If Goff continues downward spiral he won’t be flipped for picks. Well maybe late rounder but that’s in questions. Next season will tell if Mcvay was right and saw his demise coming.

      • mookiesboy

        if he continues to spiral the Lions will have a top five pick again next year and can draft their QB

    • compassrose

      Honoring the wishes of a player with a no trade clause is a given. NE could have offered their first round picks the next 3 years and if Stafford said no there is nothing they could do. He ended up where he wanted left what used to be the black and blue div to end up in the new black and blue div. We will see how he holds up.

  9. kevin

    I think the deal they took was smart n more of a gamble. they r gambling that with stafford’s age n rams willingness to win now that they will go downhill and they will end up with a high 1st rd pick next yr . plus they get a qb that is ok which will help them till they get a long-term qb plus I think they hopefully Goff will improve next season. with the Panthers off they would essentially be trading for another qb only as they would have to trade up to get a qb or wait till next yr but they would have to get a qb soon . the goff deal allows them to develop a qb if need be as well as evaluate more qbs over a few yrs span while building up the team

  10. stug14

    When they say the Pats would have given a “Defensive player,” who wants to bet it was Gilmore?

  11. Hairy Callous

    Not a Detroit fan or hater, but I’m really liking their moves so far. They put together a hell of a coaching staff imo. Nice upside with Goff and they can cut bait if he doesn’t work out.

    • jessethegreat

      Agree with you 100%. Though the panthers #8 overall was higher on the trade chart, I think it serves the lions better long term having more picks spread out.

      It also cannot be discounted that this is a brand new staff. Likely new scouts as well?

      My thinking: this gives the a lions more time to sort out their scouting department and allows for HOPEFULLY full traditional seasons of scouting after we make it through this plague.

  12. wu tang killa beez

    Getting 2 x 1st round picks in any trade can never be a bad trade, good job by the Lions.

    The Rams basically paid more picks to get rid of Goff’s contract

  13. Stat_head

    All those comments on articles leading up to the trade that insisted Stafford would only net a 3rd round pick didn’t age very well at all. I do like the Rams deal best but the other offers are equally impressive.

  14. DarkSide830

    the team wolnt be any better as Stafford is a better QB, but they get some nice draft capital, and as was mentioned by some, they don’t force themselves into drafting a QB as soon as they might have had to. Goff is no superstar and I doubt he’ll even win anything, but maybe a new coaching philosophy could make him a little better and maybe he becomes an asset you can flip for more picks.

  15. Buster79

    Andrew Luck is actually younger than Stafford if the Colts can coax him out of retirement.

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