More Teams Contacting Seahawks On Russell Wilson

Amid a complex quarterback trade landscape, the Seahawks continue to receive calls on a player who was not expected to be part of it coming into the offseason.

As Russell Wilson continues to voice dissatisfaction about his situation, more teams have called the Seahawks about their quarterback’s trade availability, Tom Pelissero of notes (video link). Thus far, the Seahawks continue to rebuff teams’ interest in the perennial Pro Bowl passer.

Despite the QB trade market including Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson (and others, like Sam Darnold and Marcus Mariota, on the fringes), Wilson has become the biggest-name player to be linked to a prospective trade. However, the Seahawks have shut down inquiries at each turn. That said, they are not exactly thrilled about their nine-year quarterback’s recent run of comments centering around the state of his offensive line.

Wilson has wanted a bigger say in personnel matters for years, per Pelissero. The Seahawks included Wilson in their offensive coordinator search, which ended with Rams assistant Shane Waldron coming north to replace Brian Schottenheimer, and have him under contract on a $35MM-per-year deal through 2023. That contract contains a no-trade clause.

The Colts and Bears have been the teams primarily linked to Wentz; both were in on the Stafford sweepstakes. The Jets, Dolphins and Panthers have been the teams in the center of a potential Watson derby, and Washington, Denver, New England and San Francisco were also in on Stafford. (Though, the 49ers can safely be ruled out of any Wilson discussion, should this developing saga progress to the point of offers.) Other teams would likely come to the table for Wilson. At 32, Wilson is only a few months younger than Stafford, despite entering the league three years later. But the Seattle QB1 would certainly drive more interest given his accomplishments and consistency.

While Wilson has not requested a trade like Watson has, this long-stable situation certainly qualifies as one to monitor in a busy offseason at the game’s premier position.

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20 comments on “More Teams Contacting Seahawks On Russell Wilson

  1. Greg M

    All of these young QB’s want more input on personnel matters. It make’s me wonder why they don’t negotiate that into their contract. It’s probably because they wouldn’t get the lucrative contract they are seeking. So they sign the big deal and then start complaining almost immediately.

    I swear, QB’s are becoming more diva then WR’s ever have been…

    • DarkSide830

      Wilson isn’t exactly “young” in the sense of a Watson type. he’s 32, has 7 pro bowls, and was a hair away from winning back to back rings.

    • Tatsumaki

      They saw how brady did it in Tampa. Bring in hof talent and turn a team with a handful of wins to a Super Bowl winner. Sadly none of these qbs are close to brady in terms of talent.

      • Ak185

        Wilson is definitely on Brady’s level talent wise. The Bucs bought every available Pro Bowler they could-this was hardly Brady’s show in Tampa.

        The Bucs also were a game under .500 last year. It’s not like they were bereft of talent entirely.

        • I Beg To Differ

          Jameis Winston throwing 30 ints is why the Bucs were not a good team. Bucs fans probably know how many fumbles he had and what their turnover/take away ratio was, but Winston was a turnover machine.

        • carlos15

          Wilson is light years from Brady in talent. Brady hasn’t had receivers at the level that Wilson has had for years in NE until he got to Tampa. Brady has 7 rings for a reason. Wilson, Rodgers, Brees all have one for a reason. Brady is better and he’s better at doing with less skill players do they can build a line and he doesn’t gobble up all of the cap and then complain why they don’t have money to surround him with bette players. He’s the better player and wants to win more and puts his money up to prove it.

          • Ak185

            Brady has had good receivers, elite defenses, and elite coaching throughout his career. Despite ill-informed attempts to claim otherwise, he has not been neglected his entire career.

            What exactly does Russell Wilson have career wise that Brady never did? Stack up the Seahawks’ receivers and tight ends and compare them to the Patriots’ over the years. Do the same with the Packers. This myth that Brady has never had any help is ridiculous and flawed-and the fact of the matter is that Brady currently doesn’t even have to be that good for Tampa to win games. Wilson, on the other hand, cannot afford to not be. Same with Rodgers. Both quarterbacks are better than Tom Brady right now and have had to shoulder a much greater responsibility for leading their teams to wins than Brady has throughout most of his career.

  2. louwhitakerisahofer

    Trade him to Da Bears. They’ve been known to have a fantastic O-Line. Lol.

  3. radzyfsu

    Has a QB ever won a super bowl making more than 25 million a year? I don’t think so.

  4. M Haworth

    Can we just stop with this already? RW has a full no trade clause and $40M in dead money if traded. There is zero chance he’s getting moved. He’s just trying to get them to add to the roster which will take some maneuvering of the roster

    • ksmurray

      CBS Sports is reporting that the dead money drops to 7 million post June 1. Still, I agree that he isn’t going anywhere. Pete Carroll isn’t starting over at his age. This will get smoothed over.

      • M Haworth

        CBS Sports isn’t correct. The signing bonus is still on the Seahawks regardless. It may push to future season after June 1st but it’s still there. Also, who’s gonna make a move like that after the draft. I get that you agree he’s not being traded this year…some just don’t get it.

    • crosseyedlemon

      90% of storylines result in the NFL having to engage in some sort of damage control. I don’t think Goodell is looking forward to the off season which generally is the peak time for player arrests.

  5. rparker68

    I would trade him to the jets. You take all of the money then complain about your O line?

  6. 12ManFan

    I think we should trade him for Deshawn, and give up all of our first round picks so we don’t have to worry about them in the future.

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