Seahawks “Not Happy” With Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is frustrated with the Seahawks. Apparently, the feeling is mutual. Seahawks officials are “not happy” with Wilson taking his grievances public, sources tell radio host Dan Patrick (Twitter link via Rob Staton of BBC Sports). 

Earlier this week, Wilson went on Patrick’s show and expressed frustration with the Seahawks’ inability to protect him. Over the course of his career, Wilson has been sacked 394 times with 40+ sacks in each season since his rookie year.

I’ve definitely been hit. I’ve been sacked almost 400 times. We got to get better,” Wilson said. “I got to find ways to get better, too. Just continue to try and find that. As we continue to go along the process and I think about my career wand what I want to be able to do, it always starts up front, offensively and defensively.”

The Seahawks gave Wilson a brand new deal less than two years ago. With an average annual value of $35MM/year, he’s the third-highest paid player in the NFL. So far, the Seahawks have rejected trade inquiries and, unlike the Texans, they’ve included their franchise quarterback in staffing decisions.

It’s still hard to imagine the Seahawks parting ways with Wilson but, given this year’s quarterback carousel, anything is possible.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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111 comments on “Seahawks “Not Happy” With Russell Wilson

    • bumpy93

      didn’t the Patriots get a super bowl ring made for Russell Wilson? you know for super bowl 49 when Russ decided to throw a slant at the one yard line instead of using arguably the leagues best short yardage back? that interception was on 2nd & goal, so if I was calling the plays I’m running marshawn Lynch so I would have 3 chances to get 1 yd and a super bowl victory. I thought the Patriots mockingly offered Russell Wilson a super bowl ring through the media or social media.

        • Chief Two Hands

          I was thinking the same thing. That awful play call was on Carroll.

      • saluelthpops

        Did Wilson call that play? Honestly asking. Was a run play called followed by a Wilson audible?

        • 12thDan03

          He had a run and pass available to him as they knew there was no time to huddle. NE lined up in goal line with 9 in the box so pass was the right call. The personnel and execution were why that play failed…..not the concept.

        • j-nels

          As the story was told, Pete called the play because they thought it would surprise the Pats D.

          IMO, Pete was covering for OC (Bevell).

      • sportsgenius

        There was less than 30 seconds left and they had 1 timeout, passing on 2nd down gave them 3 opportunities to score, that slant is as safe of a play there is. Typically worse case is incomplete pass but pats practiced it and Butler was coached to pick the receiver to defend it

        • Daryl

          Even if seattle runs it and dont get the td, sea calls to, and would still have 2 plays to score a td with about 20 secs left….more than enough time for two more plays….still should have ran lynch on 2nd down imo

        • jjghost

          “Pats practiced it” or illegally recorded Seahawks running it in practice?

          • soxsam32

            Stfu. Butler practiced that play in preseason and got beat in a game on the same play. Practiced it all season until he was able to execute.

              • Patrick N.

                How does that settle it? It’s a quick slant flat. Literally everybody in the league uses that play.

    • Chief Two Hands

      That immediately came to my mind. What better way to show Wilson you are unhappy with his public whining than to send him to Texans purgatory. If Houston decides to move Watson, Wilson could be a solid starting point for a return package. Given the differences in their ages and contracts, more would have to be involved, of course.

      • gleybertorres25

        Wilson has a no trade clause so they can’t just send him to Houston out of spite

    • I Beg To Differ

      Seahawks don’t have the draft capital to acquire Watson after trading for Adams.

      Seahawks would have to give up 2 1sts, 3 2nds, and other draft capital.

      Wilson is an excellent QB but Texans need draft capital. Not a QB in his 30s already making 35+ mill a year. Wilson would be a throw in to offset Watsons salary for Houston and Seattle.

      They be better off trading Wilson somewhere in the AFC for draft capital to restock. Colts, Patriots, Broncos, Raiders, Cleveland, Jets, or Dolphins. Which ever team doesn’t get Watson (Jets Dolphins) they can pivot to Wilson.

      Colts and Patriots need a QB

      Raiders, Browns, Broncos can offer a QB back in return as a short term replacement. Swapping Wilson for Carr and Picks from the Raiders wouldn’t be the worst deal I the world.

        • I Beg To Differ

          Which part?

          Seattle doesn’t have the draft capital? They don’t. They sent their 2021 and 2022 1st rounders to the Jets.

          Even if they did Seattle picks near the bottom of every round. Not as much value there for Watson. You’d need to send a haul of draft picks to make a bid

          Wilson being a throw in?
          Texans aren’t a QB away from competing. While Wilson would be an upgrade for many teams, Texans aren’t one of them. He has 0 value to the Texans who need draft picks more than a replacement QB. Trading Watson indicates they’re going to tank. Wilson wouldn’t help them tank.

          Seahawks would be better off trading Wilson to a QB needy team? Well, if he demands a trade you get the best value for him. Colts are a QB away. Jets and Dolphins are fighting over Watson. Watson comes to the AFC East I can see the lower in the Watson sweepstakes making a run at Wilson. Or if asking price is too high on Watson going for Wilson.

          Seahawks could do worse than Carr and draft picks?
          Carr is definitely a 2nd tier QB. He’s not a scrub. He’s not an elite arm, but with Lockett, metcalf, and money and draft picks from Wilson I think they could definitely be competitive.

          Browns, Broncos, and other teams?
          Browns could use an upgrade to Mayfield. Broncos for Lock. Again, theyd include draft capital to acquire Wilson but they have an NFL ready QB. Not a good one but on a rookie deal and they either turn in to something or Seattle winds up with good draft position next couple years.

          • I give no fox

            You miss the point and went down this weird rabbit hole. The OP was Swapping disgruntled Deshaun for Wilson. From a skill set, Russ is better than watson so they won’t need to “add draft capital” to acquire watson. If it is your belief that the Texans value picks over players, that’s one thing…but to say the Seahawks would have to add draft capital in a Wilson watson swap is asinine. Russ is less expensive AND the better qb, the only thing watson has on his side is age

            • I Beg To Differ

              Makes 0 sense for the Texans to swap Watson at 25 for Wilson at 33.

              Watson has more value than Wilson given his age.

              Watson is comimg off arguably a better season than Wilson with less talent around him.

              Watson – 70.2%, 4800 yards, 33 TDs, rushed 444 yards and 3TDs

              Wilson – 68.8%, 4200 yards, 40 TDs, rushed 512 yards, 2 TDs.

              Watson is 25. Wilson 33.

              Seahawks would have to include picks for 2 reasons
              1. Other teams can beat any offer they currently have. They don’t have a 1st til 2023. 2nd rounders and Wilson won’t get a deal done. Not when Jets and Dolphons can offer better draft picks and give the Texans 4 years and 5 years of cheap team control.
              2. Wilson is under contract for 3 years and his cap hits are 32, 37, 39. Hardly cheap when it’s close to 20% of the cap space…..which is why Seattle can’t pay people. Texans aren’t in a retooling position. No draft picks in 1st or 2nd round this year and defense needs an overhaul. They need picks, cheap controllable young players, and cap room. Wilson fits none of those criteria.

              • I give no fox

                How many times you going to regurgitate the same information? Russell Wilson is the superior qb, end of story. Cherry picking a covid season doesn’t change that fact. If they don’t want to trade watson for picks, Wilson is an amazing option. And it would most certainly not cost any type of high draft capital to make that trade. If the Texans want to win, then Wilson is easily better than any package available…see how easy it is to make that argument? You keep stating you need picks, what if the Texans don’t want picks. What if they want to continue to compete and not rebuild? You talk about Wilson’s salary like it’s some albatross….hello mcfly, watson just signed 4/160 which is MORE than Wilson’s deal. Bottom line, Wilson for watson would not require the Seahawks to add high picks, even if they owned every 1st round pick in the draft

                • greenbowlpacker

                  Wilson has no trade clause and no way he is agreeing to go to Houston. This is just the annual Russel Wilson crisis. Nothing is gonna change. And o line only change even possible is center. Simmons will take left guard and shell has another year.
                  Getting Lindley at center would be a huge improvement for Russ and Hawks

              • Chester Copperpot

                You are greatly discounting Wilson to a fault. Trade Watson for 4 or 5 1st rounders, it doesn’t matter, the chances that any one of those picks turns out to be a Wilson-caliber player is low.

              • Buffalo Smitty 2

                You can’t say Watson had an arguable better season than Wilson when their number are almost identical. That is the dumbest point I’ve seen someone try to make!

                If anything, Watson may be slightly more valuable because of his youth, but not by much.

          • It’s definitely the Wilson being a throw-in part, dude. That is insanity, and I say this as a huge Watson fan. Two firsts (and THREE 2nds) *and* Wilson is a massive overpay. And even if it were not, Wilson would be the main asset (especially when you consider where Seattle would be drafting), not the firsts.

            He’s one of the best QBs in the league, and that’s with a terrible offensive line and running game, and you’re acting like he’s a salary balancer and a throw-in. Bonkers. Asking if you are trolling is a legitimate question.

            If Seattle offered Wilson and two firsts, without the seconds, that would still be a massive overpay. You don’t seem to have any idea of what Russell Wilson is worth.

      • Brownsbacker9

        Cleveland? Why would Cleveland make that trade? Mayfield had a good year and got better as he got more comfortable in the new system. He’s younger and doesn’t need the big contract for 2 more years.

        • I Beg To Differ

          Wilson- 68.8%, 4212 yards, 40 TDs.

          Mayfield- 62.8%, 3563 yards, 26 TDs

          Why would Browns make that trade? Simple. AFC North is wide open.

          Baltimore and Steelers have a lot of guys up for contracts.

          Bengals are still young and Burrow is recovering from ACL.

          Steelers- Juju, Conner, Dupree, Villanueva, Hilton, Sutton, Alualu, Davis. Theyve got alot of free agents on defense and two key cogs on offense.

          Ravens- same with Ravens and defense. Judon, Wolfe, Ngakoue, Ward, Ellis plus their center Skura.

          You make the trade cause Wilson is better than Mayfield. They have guys under contract. And it’s a go for gold move.

          • Brownsbacker9

            The Browns didn’t not make the super bowl this year because of Mayfield rather because of their poor defense. If you get Wilson, you have no cap money to better the defense. I’m not arguing Mayfield is better than Wilson but acquiring Wilson still doesn’t get the Browns any closer with that defense

          • I beg –
            One thing you are overlooking here. The Browns would have to cut several players or avoid signing anyone to improve the team further if they wish to accommodate “Mr. Unlimited’s” bloated salary. And obviously Wilson will demand to be involved with personnel decisions (that they won’t be able to make anyways), again because of his bloated contract.

            Next you have to consider the team chemistry once he starts whining about the offensive line, even though 1/3 of the sacks he takes are his own fault.

            Wilson is also considerably older, and by his own words “taken SO MANY hits” already. He may be better right now, but for how much longer? Thanks, but I’ll uber pass on Wilson. Give me Mayfield any day

    • I Beg To Differ

      Dolphins could offer Tua, #3, and #35 for Wilson and Metcalf.

      Fills two holes for the Dolphins. QB and #1 receiver.

      Seahawks get immediate draft capital ( #3 and a 2nd) which #3 is way better than the 1st sent to the Jets.

      Dolphins already invested heavily in oline and have draft capital to fill needs elsewhere.

      Their own 1st and 2nd in this year’s draft.

      • mcmillankmm

        Maybe if you take Metcalf out of that trade and add Miami’s second 1st round pick they may consider it.

        • I Beg To Differ

          #18 can be on the table, but it will include Metcalf in the deal.

          Stafford got 2 1sts cause the Lions took back a bad contract in Goff.

          Panthers offered #8 but Lions would have had to take back Bridgewater contract.

          Tua, #3, #18, #35 is a fair deal Wilson and Metcalf.

          Seattle isn’t taking back a bad contract like the Lions did and would have had to.

          Wilson is 33, contract runs through 36, and his cap hit is pretty large – 32, 37, 39.

          • greenbowlpacker

            Hawks not trading metcalf on rookie contract. Where u get this stuff?

        • beerncheese

          As long as Feb 11, 2021 is goofy pretend GM day, tell me what a Packers Seahawks QB exchange looks like.

          This should be good!

      • Tatsumaki

        Raiders receive: russell wilson
        Seahawks receive : deshawn watson
        Texans receive: Derek carr, raiders 1st and Seahawks 1st 2023 and a 2nd

        • I Beg To Differ

          Won’t happen.

          Jets and Dolphins can beat that package with ease.

          Seahawks want Watson theyll have to pony up.

          They could trade Wilson to the Raiders for Carr and picks and then turn around and ship Carr and a load of future picks to Houston for Watson.

          But at 25 and Jets offering #2 and another 1st and Dolphins offering #3 and another first will be hard to beat unless Seahawks give up a kings ransom larger than what Dolphins and Jets can offer.

          • Tatsumaki

            To you, thankfully your not a gm. Carr > fields plus picks is better than fields and 1 other player

            • I Beg To Differ

              Thankfully you’re* not a gm and America is thankful you’re* not an English teacher.

              You were wrong about Darvish costing more than Snell and you are wrong about this as well.

              Carr is only under contract for 2 more years.

              You’re assuming Texans want to retool not rebuild.

              They need draft picks and cap space. They need money and picks to fix the offense and defense. Wilson and Carr make 0 sense for the Texans.

              I entertained your horrible proposal and proved it to be asinine with ease.

              #2, #3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Carr.

              Houston trading out of the #2 or #3 to acquire more draft assets outweighs acquiring Carr.

              • Tatsumaki

                Usually those that resort to grammar have little to no come back. Not asinine, just something you don’t agree with. Fortunately you aren’t a gm and as shown by your history are often wrong. You should take a class in civility it’s something you clearly lack

                • I Beg To Differ

                  Coming from the dude that swore up and down about Darvish costing more prospects than Snell, that’s rich. Back to liking your own comment I see.

                  You don’t know jack and you never will know jack. You toss insults and cry when someone tosses them back. Don’t be hypocritical.

      • If Miami offered Tua (whose value is extremely low right now, and I say this as a fan of his), #3, and #35 for Wilson AND Metcalf, the Seahawks hang up immediately and block your number.

        That’s not even a big enough package to get Wilson alone, much less adding Metcalf. Not to be insulting, but you are proposing some of the worst trades I’ve ever seen on this site, and that is really saying something.

  1. bobsnoot

    seahwaks should trade into the first round and attempt to get Sam cosmi or alex Letherwood. They would solidify the oline even though seahawks may have to give up 2021 2nd rounder, a future 2nd, and a pair of later round picks.

  2. cland1494

    How can the Seahawks possibly be mad at Wilson over his comments? They have NEVER built a line around him, and he has consistently carried the offense on his back his entire career. If the Hawks spent some money on a line, this wouldn’t be an issue and Wilson wouldn’t be disgruntled.

    • Chief Two Hands

      It sounds like they are unhappy that he went public with the comments, rather than his opinions in general.

      • cland1494

        I mean, it sort of seems like the elephant in the room that everyone has known about for years. I’m sure Russ himself has went to management and told them that he’d like more line help well before he went public with it.

    • mcmillankmm

      They gave Russell a monster contract, doesn’t leave a ton of $$ to go around

    • Chester Copperpot

      Wilson is not wrong about what he said… he is monumentally wrong in the way he did it. I say this as a HUGE fan of RW3. He didn’t just say Pete and John need to do better, he unwittingly told every offensive lineman he’s ever played with (including Duane Brown) you’re no good at your job. Every future OL that plays for him will know they are one misstep away from possibly being publicly outed by the one they are trying to protect. He also opens himself up to his own criticism if he is going to start talking about others. I doubt he wants to publicly air all the missed WRs or bad throws he’s made, but it is fair game now that he has pointed the finger at others.

      Yes, the Hawks absolutely need better protection, but this was about the worst possible way to go about it.

  3. letmeclearmythroat74

    QBs need to shut their mouth snd be QBS. Being paid millions of dollars to play a child’s game and can’t stop complaining. Just shut up and play. Don’t like it?? Go get a job in the real world. For that kind of money I’d take 400 sacks with a smile. Sick of this mess …

    • petersdylan36

      Maybe, just maybe, he also cares about winning and when you get sacked that many times, it does not put you in a position to win

    • sn33

      Who is the bigger complainer. The QB “playing a kids game” who literally is just talking about things they want the team to improve on. Or the clown on a message board complaining about people “playing a kids game needing to shut their mouth” out of jealousy because they have no talent and are tired of living their own pathetic life?

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        Interesting take SN33 … you wrote that reply as if you know who I am and can judge my motive? While sure we all would like to make millions of dollars “playing”. You can frame it as jealously if you want to, it’s you’re right as much as it is mine. I can tell you I am grateful for every day and every breath I take and believe it or not I make a pretty darn good living. We can agree to disagree ( as if you have any knowledge of me ) of my pathetic life … that’s just it , I wouldn’t say jealous , I would characterize it more as disgusted with people that overlook the blessings they do have. What I have is a blessing and I look that in the eye every day. I just don’t get caught up in the new wave of chronic complaining and taking for granted their talent position in life. I will say, that you appear rather ignorant to spout off personal things about people on a message board with fake names, but it’s you’re right … have at it. All the best!

        • sn33

          You are right. I don’t know anything about you. It was just my assumption based on your weak and hypocritical take about people complaining. It’s strange that someone with such a fulfilling life would take the time to complain about someone doing an interview and talking about how they hope to improve their team. It’s such a weak and tired take that is repeated so often. Most do it out of jealousy. Sorry to group you in if that’s not the case. But realistically that’s how you will come across to most. You may think he needs to “shut his mouth” but most people who actually heard the interview would know your take makes you sound quite hypocritical. Why is it ok for you to complain about him but it’s not ok for him to say he hopes they improve the offensive line?? That’s so ridiculous.

          • letmeclearmythroat74

            That’s a fair question … my answer to that is i am not being paid by the company I am talking about. If the tables were turned he could do the same to me . So, if I felt that way about my employer I would give them the common courtesy to discuss the issues internally, not go public. I probably came off harsh and probably sound like everyone else but it’s true how I feel about it. I guess I’m different In that way. I would never bite the hand that feeds me. He certainly could have called a meeting and discussed in house. Another fair question as to why I take the time to complain , and I really don’t know … I get aggravated with the selfish ways of athletes sometimes and off I go… lol. I’m really pretty busy believe it or not , not sure why I make time for this. I guess I need to refocus lol thanks for the feedback!

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        Also SN33…. if you think that “ talent “ only exists on the field of play/ sports … you’re seriously mistaken. While I love sports , mostly baseball and football, they are a long long way from the most important talents in this world. I’ll spare you but I could list 100 talents of much greater importance, however they are not in the public eye so to speak.

        • sn33

          Did I ever say that his talents are the most important in the world? Or are you just making stuff up now and trying to twist my words? He has a rare talent that due to supply and demand can make him a whole lot of money. I never said he was more important than anyone. I said your take sounded like possible jealousy and it with 100% certainty made you sound like a hypocrite. Again a repeated and tired take of “its my right to say what I want so I’m going to complain about someone exercising that same right because I don’t agree.” Hypocrisy 101. Hopefully you will get it at some point but I’m doubtful. Best of luck.

          • letmeclearmythroat74

            I won’t ever get that line of thinking ….. there’s one thing to complain about your employer privately to try and make things better … it’s another thing all together to publicly air opportunities between you and you’re employer. To me there’s nothing to “get”. I have zero desire to think that way because it’s wrong in any walk of life.

        • Letmeclearmythroat74 –
          100% on the mark. Some people just don’t get it. Athletes, actors, and music stars ARE NOT the most important people on the planet who need to be worshiped and granted every desire their overblown egos request. Most of them are actually very insecure, arrogant jerks who are given their sense of worth by people just like SN33. I only hope that someday life smacks him in the face and he can see the reality of the world and quit bowing to the stars

          • sn33

            Please reference where I said that athletes or actors are the most important people in the world? Let me save you the time because I never once said that. So keep living in fantasy land and making up lies to try to benefit your point, whatever that may be. Also I never once said I worshipped anyone. Again making stuff up. I just thought the original poster sounded a little ridiculous when he said Wilson should “shut his mouth” when he literally didn’t say anything wrong or call anyone out. He wasn’t even complaining. Just answered a question in an interview that was requested of him because well people are interested in what he has to say about that Football team. This isn’t a new trend. I’m sorry that nobody cares enough about your opinion to schedule an interview with you. Maybe you guys aren’t jealous I don’t know. But you certainly come across as hypocritical and ridiculous. If you don’t care about what he has to say then why are you even commenting on here?! That is even dumber than someone “worshipping” athletes. It is remarkable how many delusional people there are on this earth.

      • SN33 –
        Third option –
        The guy who can’t understand that the other 99% of us have no respect for whiny prima donnas and are not jealous at all. Just normal, logical human beings who are calling a guy who’s acting like a fool.

        To me, option #3 is the biggest complainer, is arrogant, and lacks common sense. Everyone has talent in their own way, and most of us don’t give a crap about not being able to play in the NFL. But go ahead and assume that anyone who doesn’t think like your narrow-minded a** is jealous and that we all have pathetic lives.

  4. halofaninmn

    I believe he has a no trade clause. If so, he could choose where he goes.

  5. M Haworth

    Fake news. Not one thing in this is anything but fabricated speculation

  6. DarkSide830

    what gives them the right to make their grievances public as well? its not like Wilson is some bum – he’s darn good.

  7. have you seen my baseball

    He holds the ball to long, a lot of those sacks are on him.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    And in other late breaking news, informed sources have just announced that 6 of the dwarfs are in favor of impeaching “Happy” and replacing him with “Greedy”.

  9. arty!

    I think Dallas should do a sign & trade w/ Seattle. Dak for Wilson, straight up. Obviously both QB’s would have to agree to be dealt, but it fixes 2 QB problems w/ 1 trade.

  10. antsmith7

    He’s not going anywhere this year. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded next year

  11. amk1920

    Seahawks are a sinking ship. Mediocre roster around Wilson, GM can’t draft and somehow traded more for Jamal Adams than the Rams did for Ramsey. They will be lucky to finish above .500 next season.

  12. Tatsumaki

    Raiders receive: russell wilson

    Seahawks receive : deshawn watson

    Texans receive: Derek carr, raiders 1st and Seahawks 1st 2023 and a 2nd

      • phillyballers

        Sounds like an NBA trade. Idk how the cap works with these NFL trades if that’s even doable.

        • Tatsumaki

          Or if raiders just wanted Watson they could do carr and 2 1sts. Idk how this would improve there team much seeing as they need picks to build out affordable roster but I digress.

  13. Brownsbacker9

    Cleveland? Why would Cleveland make that trade? Mayfield had a good year and got better as he got more comfortable in the new system. He’s younger and doesn’t need the big contract for 2 more years.

  14. Hawktattoo

    The Hawks approach to the line has been a draft and develop idea versus free agency or trades. They have invested the draft picks but have basically swung and missed on most of them. They are in a tough position now, lack of draft picks to trade and cap room.

  15. bigdaddyhacks

    I think if John Schinder could speak candidly, he’d probably admit that the scouts where right about Wilson. Don’t get me wrong he’s a top 5 QB, but he’s deficient in ways that cripple an offense. He can’t see, he’s lost his mobility. I really hope they deal him. It’s time. The fan base here is beyond dumb anyway and like Wilson because he comes down off the cloud every now and then and pays for someone’s Starbucks. I’ve gone from hating Tom Brady to admiring his focus. I want a guy like that. If Russ really wanted to win here, really wanted protection he’d restructure his deal, but HALF and allow them to go get tackles that can let him stand in the pocket for 20 mins while he takes in the scenery.

  16. Wilson is such a whiny bit**, which I hate to say because I used to be a fan of his. Just stfu already, “Mr. Unlimited” (and how incredibly stupid was that whole thing…you should be beyond embarassed about that ridiculous crap, Wilson). Way to throw your offensive line under the bus. You have one of the top 10 or so offensive lines in the league. Oh, and a third of the sacks you take are YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. Get a clue.

    When is all this “I deserve to have input” crap going to end. WTF. Should the Seahawks also consult Jamal Adams about all of their defensive coaching hires and player acquisitions? How about T.K. Metcalf for his feelings on the offensive line and offensive acquisitions? What if they develop a star RB who wants his voice heard because he “deserves” to have his voice heard? And of course I guess the TE should be involved, too.

    I guess every team should interview every single member of the organization to keep people from whining about what they deserve, huh, and keep their enormous overblown egos in check?

    How would something like this work at your job? Or if an actor decided he needed to have his input into who the producer or as to what other actors would be hired?

    Wilson is just the latest of a recent string of prima donna’s who should just shut up and do the freaking job he’s being paid $35-$40 MILLION dollars to do, and let everyone else take care of the jobs they’ve been hired to do. I just don’t understand where this feeling of “Mr. Unlimited” entitlement is coming from or who the hell these guys think they are. You never heard this crap from any football player until the last 3-4 years, but not it’s getting out of control.

    If you’re not happy Russ, let them rip up your contract and quit playing the game. Maybe somebody will hire you to be a GM, and then you can listen to the next whiny prima donna run his mouth about he wants to do YOUR job.

    Pathetic that this clown is the Walter Payton “Man of the Year”. What a massive disrespect to Sweetness

    • ksmurray

      Amen. Unless it is written into his contract, he shouldn’t have any more right to have input than any other player. But that isn’t even the problem. It is his going public. That is probably going to cause team chemistry issues. What are his OL mates going to think of these comments? Russ us supposed to be the leader. This isn’t how to lead. He is getting input. He should feel privileged to be able to be at the table. This was a betrayal to management and the coaches. He should publicly apologize to them and his teammates.

    • sn33

      7 paragraphs complaining about someone being a whiny b*tch. Haha the hilarious irony just doesn’t stop with you. I’m sure Russell is losing a lot of sleep knowing that KCJ isn’t a fan of his anymore and thinks he should refuse to answer questions when he is requested for an interview. What a joke.

    • Currency 480

      Hate to tell you this bud but you can’t compare a wr, te, db, hb, c, cb, or any other position as valuable as a star qb who’s already won your franchise a superbowl and taken them to the playoffs on a consistent basis. Therefore if he wants some sort of input on what areas should get upgraded and improved he is absolutely entitled to having that involvement. He’s the face of the franchise, the best player on the field, he’s your star and deserve that respect.

  17. brianbcash

    I’m leaning toward the idea of trading Wilson to LA for Herbert and a first round pick. Wilson will be happy to be in LA (or Ciara for that matter, she’s obviously clouding his thoughts) and as a hawks fan I would be okay with Herbert.

  18. martevious

    The Seahawks aren’t trading Wilson. Any suggestion of that is fake news.
    He should restructure his contract, though, so they can get some good linemen.
    And Carrol needs to let him throw the ball…

  19. Miklo916

    I heard he wants to go to cowboys if Dak doesn’t get signed that just what I heard I don’t know how real it is

  20. Currency 480

    Wouldn’t recommend playing for the has been Pats or Washed up Cowboys.

  21. Currency 480

    KCJ is writing novels about Russ complaint about not having any protection yet this man complaining more than a innocent man in court. Jesus Christ you need to get your hipicritical a@$ together and quick. Stop hating on the next man and work on fixing yourself

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